Saturday, December 20, 2014

Season 29 Award Winners

American League Most Valuable Player: Roger Byrne (Indianapolis – qtip32)
Byrne won the AL MVP in only his second big-league season.  He led the AL with an impressive 1.070 OPS, finished second in homeruns at 44, fifth in batting with an average of .318, and tenth in RBIs with 116.  He also added speed to the lineup as he successfully swiped 40 bases in only 44 attempts. 

American League Cy Young: Yoshinori Zhou (Vancouver – skplayer07)
At only 23-years-old, Zhou took home the AL Cy Young award by finishing with an impressive 21-8 record.  Zhou was a workhorse, pitching 224 innings.  He led the AL in wins and strikeouts (199), finished seventh in OAV at .237, and eighth with a 1.24 WHIP.  Zhou helped 6th-seed Vancouver advance to the World Series by going 6-2 with 3 complete games and a 2.39 ERA in the playoffs.

American League Rookie of the Year: John Martin (Milwaukee – horvie78)
23-year-old Martin used a combination of hitting and speed to earn the AL ROY honors.  He batted .312 with a .387 on-base percentage, while adding 15 homeruns, 71 RBIs, and 40 stolen bases.  Martin also took home the AL Silver Slugger award at LF and helped Milwaukee win their first division title in franchise history.

American League Fireman of the Year: Esteban Mesa (Rochester – wylie715)
Mesa won his second career Fireman of the Year award, as he led the AL in saves with 44.  He finished the season with a 3.25 ERA, 1.14 WHIP, and opponents batted .251 against him. 

National League Most Valuable Player: Benito Rodriguez (Toronto – sgmedia)
Rodriguez won his first career MVP by leading the NL in batting average (.337) and OPS (1.101).  Rodriguez finished third in runs scored by crossing the plate 117 times and ninth in homeruns with 40.  He added 87 RBIs, 21 stolen bases, and had 9 plus plays at 1B.

National League Cy Young: Tim Daubach (Seattle – ghutton9)
Daubach was a run-away winner for his second career Cy Young award.  He has now captured the Cy Young in both the American and National League.  Daubach impressively led the NL in wins (21), ERA (1.98), WHIP (0.87), and OAV (.177).  He not only led the NL, but set the all-time Pine Tar single season records for WHIP and OAV.

National League Rookie of the Year: Neal Hartzell (Albuquerque – csudak)
24-year-old Hartzell, 4th overall pick in the Season 26 draft, won the NL ROY after an impressive offensive season.  He finished fifth overall in the NL with 121 RBIs, and first among NL rookies in runs scored (106), homeruns (37), and slugging percentage (.527). 

National League Fireman of the Year: Juan Sierra (Seattle – ghutton9)
Sierra won his fourth consecutive Fireman of the Year award, and fifth overall.  He led the league with 52 saves, which were only two shy of his own Pine Tar single season record, and helped Seattle earn the National League’s #1 seed.  Sierra now has 367 career saves at only 29-years-old.

Silver Slugger Award:
-1B Armando Mota (Dov) and 2B Benny Navarro (Vanc) both won their 9th Silver Slugger award.  3B Raymond Petrov (Sea) won his 7th, and C Bengie Trajano won his 5th.
-Wichita had 3 first-time Silver Slugger winners: P Rondell Collins, C Alving Torrealba, CF Bartolo Ortiz.
-Additional first-time Silver Slugger winners: Rafael Vincente (Vanc), Buddy Berry (NY), John Martin (Milw), Mendy Lee (Dur), Roger Byrne (Ind), Benito Rodriguez (Tor), F.P. Gentry (Scra), Rickie Halama (Iowa).

Gold Glove Award:
-CF Brent Summers (Dov) won his 7th Gold Glove award.  P Rock Randall (Stl) and SS Miguel Garces (Bos) each won their 5th award.  LF Saul Trevino took home his 4th award.
-First-time Gold Glove winners from the AL: Charles Zhang (NY), Kris Everidge (Ind), Ed Darnell (NO), Yamid Lee (Fla), Marvin Rose (Nash).
-Of the nine NL Gold Glove winners, 7 won the award for the first time.  Louisville’s Clay Vernon (P) and Ben Tate (CF) each won their second Gold Glove.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pine Tar Championship Series Season 29

Pine Tar Championship Series Season 29

Four teams remain, let's take a look at them:

Salem Volcanoes(Jkenned) 106-56.   1st Place
Last Season's Pine Tar Champion
JKenned has already won 4 WS titles in all worlds.

Vancouver Canucks(skplayer07) 91-71 2nd Place
This franchise has never won a Pine Tar title.
In Season 26 Vancouver made their only Pine Tar World Series Appearance.  They lost 4 games to 1, to a then Helena team.
Skplayer07 has already won 1 WS title in another world.

Wichita DwArf'y Mojados(Jibe) 86-76 1st Place
This franchise has never won a Pine Tar title.
This franchise has never made a Pine Tar World Series appearance.
This is the first NL Championship Series that this franchise has ever participated in.
Jibe has won 7 WS titles in other worlds.

Scranton Red Barons(Reggie988) 91-71 1st Place
This franchise has never won a Pine Tar title.
This franchise has made 2 Pine Tar World Series Appearances.  They were last season's NL champion.  They also went to the Pine Tar World Series back in Season 17 under a different owner.
Reggie988 has never won a WS title.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Down the Stretch - Season 29:

Top Playoff Races:

National League: NL South

Team Owner Record Remaining Opp Record Remaining Home Games
Louisville Arfy 89-60 0.493 4
Texas erichanville 88-61 0.473 10
Season Series Tied 5-5

National League: #6 Seed
Team Owner Record *Remaining Opp Record Remaining Home Games
Jackson bobbyj7 78-71 0.482 10
Iowa City tk21775 76-73 0.491 3
Toronto sgmedia 75-74 0.549 3
 *Calculated with 14 games remaining

Magic Number to Clinch Division
The Magic Number represents the total of additional wins by the front-running team or additional losses by the second-place team after which it is mathematically impossible for the second-place team to capture the title in the remaining games

AL North: Milwaukee - 7
AL East: Boston - 0
AL South: Nashville - 1
AL West: Salem - 2
NL North: Scranton - 6
NL East: Wichita - 4
NL South: Louisville - 13
NL South: Texas - 15
NL West: Seattle - 0

Magic Number to Clinch Wild Card Birth
AL: Vancouver - 2
AL: Durham - 4
NL: Texas - 2

Individual Accolades

Batting Average: Fred Inge (Dur) - .375
Inge’s .375 BA would rank him 5th for a single season in Pine Tar history.  The record is .398.

Earned Run Average:  Tim Daubach (Sea) – 1.95
Daubach’s 1.95 ERA would rank 2nd for a single season in Pine Tar history.  The record is 1.79.

Catcher Earned Run Average:  Rickie Lawrence (Sea) – 2.79
Lawrence’s 2.79 CERA would rank 4th all-time for a single season in Pine Tar.  The record is 2.39.

Saves: Juan Sierra (Sea) – 48
The Pine-Tar record is 54.

Pitchers who already have, or have a shot at reaching 20 wins:
Tim Daubach (Sea): 21-3
Yoshinori Zhou (Vanc): 21-6
Eddie Plant (Wich): 19-7
Lonny Gonzalez (Sal): 18-6

Homerun Race:
Keith Williamson (CSP): 47
Phil Yamamoto (Nash): 46
Dicky Stanley (Tex): 44

Longest Hitting Streak:
Julio Silva (OK): 23

Most Plus Plays:
Alex Alomar (Hou): 27
Lefty Twitchell (Sal): 26

Stolen Base Runs – Top 5 Teams:
A sabermetric statistic that estimates the number of runs generated from stolen bases.  Formula = (.3 x SB) - (.6 x CS)

Team Owner SB CS Stolen Base Runs
Boston kjmulli 172 35 30.6
Fresno dlmose 215 66 24.9
New York skuff730 214 75 19.2
Seattle ghutton9 160 49 18.6
Wichita jibe 194 67 18

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Playoff Droughts & All-Stars

Playoff Droughts:

The postseason could contain some unfamiliar faces, as the following franchises are on the verge of ending long playoff droughts. 

The AL North is up for grabs with Dover (7 consecutive division titles) currently sitting 14 games behind first place.  New York was picked as the pre-season favorite and currently holds a 2 game lead.  Milwaukee used a 15 game winning streak to propel themselves back into the race, and Kansas City has been quietly lurking a few games behind. 

Three teams with loads of young talent are in contention for the postseason, probably earlier than expected.  Nashville and Wichita are currently leading their respective divisions, and Indianapolis is sitting a few games back in the wild card race.  Wichita has the longest drought of these teams, as they haven’t made the playoffs in 18 seasons.

Jackson is still in contention for the NL South title, in what many thought would be a two team race between Texas and Louisville.   They have an 8-2 record in division play.

New York Damage Controllers (skuff730)
AL North – 2 game lead
Playoff Drought: 11 seasons

Milwaukee Magnitude (horvie78)
AL North – 2 games behind
Playoff Drought: 10 seasons

Kansas City Yardbirds (holleybard)
AL North – 5 games behind
Playoff Drought: 6 seasons

Indianapolis Valhalla Varauders (qtip32)
AL East – 2 games behind in wild card race
Playoff Drought: 8 seasons

Nashville Merchants (blapo21)
AL South – 8 game lead
Playoff Drought: 7 seasons

Wichita Dwarf’y Mojados (jibe)
NL East – 3 game lead
Playoff Drought: 18 seasons

Jackson Juggernauts (bobbyj7)
NL South – 5 games behind, 4 games behind in wild card race
Playoff Drought: 5 seasons


Teams with the most All-Star selections:
Boston Pilgrims (kjmulli) – 7
Seattle Strikers (ghutton9) – 7
Salem Volcanoes (jkenned) – 4
Scranton Red Barons (reggie988) – 3
Colorado Springs Night Watchman (toe64) – 3
Rochester Retards (wylie715) – 3
Dover Dinklebergs (tmfran) – 3
Vancouver Canucks (skplayer07) – 3

Teams with zero All-Star selections:
Fargo Wood Chippers (starbuckdc)
Cincinnati Firestorm (jbburner)
Milwaukee Magnitude (horvie78)
Florida Retirees (soxfan_9)
Tampa Bay Thunder (rxw1)
Fresno Grizzlies (dlmose)

First Time All-Stars – American League
P – Alex James (Merchants)
P – Phil Linton (Canucks)
P – Yoshinori Zhou (Canucks)
P – Lonny Gonzalez (Volcanoes)
P – Heinie Green (Pilgrims)
P – Hipolito Owen (Pilgrims)
P – Esmerling Gil (Valhalla Varauders)
3B – Cristobal Izquierdo (Volcanoes)
3B – Thom Blair (Dinklebergs)
SS – Lefty Twitchell (Volcanoes)
CF – Lyle Rapp (Merchants)
RF – Vicente Feliz (Canucks)
RF – Roger Byrne (Valhalla Varauders)
DH – Calvin Pecina (Arch Angels)

First Time All-Stars – National League
P – Howard Tartabull (Juggernauts)
P – Ralph Young (Juggernauts)
C – Rickie Lawrence (Strikers)
C – Alan Pierce (Phantoms)
2B – F.P. Gentry (Red Barons)
2B – Scooter Leslie (Juice)
3B – Neal Hartzell (Komodo Dragons)
SS – Rafael Santana (DwArf’y Mojados)
LF – Eugenio Canseco (Red Barons)

Highest Number of All-Star Appearances (current All-Stars only)
P – Alex Martis (Dinklebergs): 9th appearance
1B – Armando Mota (Dinklebergs): 8th appearance
P – Brandon Taylor (Strikers): 8th appearance
P – Dusty Lindsey (Pilgrims): 7th appearance
2B – Fred Inge (Doormats): 7th appearance
P – Sticky Farquhar (Yardbirds): 6th appearance
P – Juan Sierra (Strikers): 6th appearance