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S31 Rookie Class

37 Pine Tar rookies, who are making an impact on their team and on the league, are noted below.  Each rookie has their current statistics and method of entry into the league listed.

-The Season 31 rookie class is not nearly as strong as Season 30's, where rookies Wendell Werth and Felipe Osorio were nominated as MVP finalists.  Click on the following link for last season's rookie blog: Season 30 Rookie Class Blog.
-27 of the 37 rookies were acquired in the Amateur Draft, while only 10 were signed as International Free Agents.  
-Of the 27 rookies selected in the Amateur Draft, nine were top-10 picks and eight were chosen in the second round or later.  While there were no #1 picks, starting pitchers Michael Boyer (Indianapolis) and Collin Pavano (Iowa City) were #2 picks in Season 28 and 26, respectively.  The latest selection was Jackson relief pitcher Rick Cooper (#238 pick in Season 26).  
-Of the 10 rookies who were signed as IFAs, five were paid $10 million or more, while two were signed for less than $2 million.  SP Esteban Mujica (Indianapolis) was paid the most at $33 million and CF Jamie Dong (Cincinnati) was a steal at only $890K.
-Louisville RP Tyreace Green was acquired as far back as Season 23, while RF Neifi Gil (Houston) was signed this season in the IFA market.
-Horvie's front-runners for the AL Rookie-of-the-Year award are Abraham Logan (Nashville) and Esteban Mujica (Indianapolis).  
-Horvie's front-runners for the NL Rookie-of-the-Year award are Collin Pavano (Iowa City), Neifi Gil (Houston), and Russell Castillo (Minnesota).

Position Players
*You can click on each player's name to view their HBD profile.

C - Tony Anderson (Indianapolis)
Draft/IFA: #98 Pick - S26
Stats: .288 BA, .362 OBP, 23 RBI, 28% CS

C - Wallace Duffy (St. Louis)
Draft/IFA: #26 Pick - S29
Stats: .324 OBP, 17 HR, 47 RBI

C - Shouta Wang (Huntington)
Draft/IFA: $1.9M IFA - S24
Stats: .285 BA, .348 OBP, 19 HR, 76 RBI

1B - Angel De La Rosa (Nashville)
Draft/IFA: $13.2 IFA - S26
Stats: .256 BA, 30 HR, 79 RBI

1B - Harley Rose (Durham)
Draft/IFA: #36 Pick - S25
Stats: .258 BA, 31 HR, 88 RBI

1B - Brian Woolf (Salem)

Draft/IFA: #22 Pick - S27
Stats: .316 OBP, 19 HR, 55 RBI, 18 SB, 8 Plus Plays

2B - Russell Castillo (Minnesota)
Draft/IFA: #21 Pick - S28
Stats: .306 BA, .354 OBP, 13 HR, 58 RBI, 21 SB

2B - Nate Harrison (St. Louis)

Draft/IFA: #43 Pick - S28
Stats: .281 BA, 13 HR, 40 RBI, 13 SB, 11 Plus Plays

2B - Abraham Logan (Nashville)
Draft/IFA: #2 Pick - S27
Stats: .317 BA, .933 OPS, 22 HR, 75 RBI, 12 SB

2B - John Nix (Dover)
Draft/IFA: #90 Pick - S27
Stats: .270 BA, 29 RBI, 27 SB, 14 Plus Plays

2B - Raul Quintero (Jacksonville)
Draft/IFA: $16M IFA - S28
Stats: 21 HR, 53 RBI

CF - Jamie Dong (Cincinnati)
Draft/IFA: $890K IFA - S25
Stats: .327 OBP, 32 SB, 11 Plus Plays

CF - Louis Fitzgerald (Houston)
Draft/IFA: #5 Pick - S28
Stats: .287 BA, .377 OBP, 44 RBI, 12 SB

CF - Shane Pose (Colorado Springs)

Draft/IFA: #33 Pick - S26
Stats: .337 OBP, 17 HR, 52 RBI, 5 Plus Plays

CF - Russell Rucker (Oklahoma City)

Draft/IFA: #8 Pick - S26
Stats: .335 OBP, 15 HR, 45 RBI, 27 SB, 8 Plus Plays

CF - Roberto Valdivia (Milwaukee)

Draft/IFA: #47 Pick - S27
Stats: .297 BA, .359 OBP, 15 RBI, 13 SB, 5 Plus Plays

CF - Eswalin Zorrilla (Scranton)

Draft/IFA: #72 Pick - S26
Stats: .287 BA, .359 OBP, 17 RBI, 21 SB, 3 Plus Plays

RF - Vin Chavez (Boston)
Draft/IFA: #62 Pick - S29
Stats: .325 BA, .387 OBP, 16 HR, 45 RBI

RF - Neifi Gil (Houston)
Draft/IFA: $29M IFA - S31
Stats: .274 BA, 26 HR, 67 RBI

RF - Andres Rivera (Houston)
Draft/IFA: $21M IFA - S29
Stats: .270 BA, 12 HR, 37 RBI, 16 SB, 6 Plus Plays


SP - Enrique Aparicio (Jackson)
Draft/IFA: #57 Pick - S25
Stats: 9-12, 4.32 ERA, 1.31 WHIP, .255 OAV

SP - Michael Boyer (Indianapolis)
Draft/IFA: #2 Pick - S28
Stats: 6-10, 4.83 ERA, 1.43 ERA, .248 OAV

SP - Stewart Hall (Houston)
Draft/IFA: #14 Pick - S27
Stats: 6-5, 4.22 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, .275 OAV

SP - Travis Morris (Iowa City)
Draft/IFA: #4 Pick - S28
Stats: 6-9, 4.79 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, .251 OAV

SP - Esteban Mujica (Indianapolis)
Draft/IFA: $33M IFA - S29
Stats: 11-6, 2.60 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, .197 OAV

SP - Collin Pavano (Iowa City)

Draft/IFA: #2 Pick - S26
Stats: 8-5, 2.97 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, .240 OAV

RP - Dillon Abbott (Fresno)
Draft/IFA: #6 Pick - S28
Stats: 16 Saves, 2.83 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, .240 OAV

RP - Rick Cooper (Jackson)
Draft/IFA: #238 Pick - S26
Stats: 3.75 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, .258 OAV

RP - Tyreace Green (Louisville)
Draft/IFA: #138 Pick - S23
Stats: 6-0, 4.03 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, .205 OAV

RP - Randall Hundley (Scranton)
Draft/IFA: #9 Pick - S27
Stats: 3.47 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, .229 OAV

RP - Buddy Kirby (Iowa City)
Draft/IFA: #117 Pick - S24
Stats: 6-6, 11 Saves, 3.21 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, .208 OAV

RP - Junior Martin (Iowa City)
Draft/IFA: $9.3M IFA - S27
Stats: 1.71 ERA, 0.85 WHIP, .195 OAV

RP - Everth Martinez (Texas)
Draft/IFA: $1.4M IFA - S25
Stats: 8 Saves, 2.64 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, .213 OAV

RP - Domingo Mendoza (Vancouver)
Draft/IFA: $14M IFA - S27
Stats: 10-3, 3.84 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, .274 OAV

RP - Edinson Terrero (Helena)
Draft/IFA: #38 Pick - S27
Stats: 6-6, 4.19 ERA, 1.37 WHIP, .260 OAV

RP - Jared Witt (Louisville)
Draft/IFA: #73 Pick - S25
Stats: 5 Saves, 3.19 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, .246 OAV

RP - Erik Zaun (Oklahoma City)
Draft/IFA: #7 Pick - S27
Stats: 6-5, 14 Saves, 2.65 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, .214 OAV

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S31 Midseason Blog: All-Stars & Playoff Picture

Season 31 All-Stars
Link to View Season 30's All-Star Blog

Pine Tar's Season 31 All-Star game took place yesterday with the American League defeating the National League by the score of 8-5.  Durham's Bengie Trajano was named the Most-Valuable Player, as his 3-run homer helped lead the AL to a 5-run first inning.  Jose Marquez (Salem) was the winning pitcher, while Babe Conroy (Scranton) took the defeat.  Homeruns were hit by Trajano, Matt Jaha (Boston), and Eugenio Canseco (Scranton).  Nashville's Wendell Werth had an outstanding game with 3 hits and 2 runs.  

Teams with the most All-Star selections:
Seattle Strikers - 7 (ghutton9)
Albuquerque Komodo Dragons - 5 (csudak)
Salem Volcanoes - 5 (jkenned)
Scranton Red Barons - 5 (reggie988)
Wichita DwArf'y Mojados - 4 (jibe)
Huntington Drunkin' BArfys - 3 (nyaggie98)
St. Louis Arch Angels - 3 (Flucie)
Tampa Bay Thunder - 3 (rxw1)
Texas Galveston Wave - 3 (erichanville)

Teams with zero All-Star selections:
Dover Dinklebergs
Rochester ArfArfys
El Paso Arfydillos
Helena Copper Kings
Philadelphia Moneymakers
Jacksonville Juice
Cincinnati Firestorm
Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
Houston Roughnecks
Oklahoma City Prairie Dogs

All-Stars by Division
NL West - 13
AL West - 11
AL South - 8
NL North - 8
AL East - 6
AL North - 5
NL South - 5
NL East - 4

*Links are posted - click on an individual player's name to open their HBD profile

First Time All-Stars – American League
P - Matty Bennett (Doormats)
P - Jose Marquez (Volcanoes)
P - Benito Pizzaro (Arch Angels)
C - Harry Gibson (Volcanoes)
SS - Jesus Esposito (Thunder)
SS - Mark Millwood (Drunkin' BArfys)
LF - Albert Rosa (Thunder)
CF - Howie Osborne (Drunkin' BArfys)

First Time All-Stars – National League
P - Vin Baker (Juggernauts)
P - Mitch Mota (Red Barons)
P - Babe Conroy (Red Barons)
P - Alfonso Puig (Red Barons)
P - Emil Martin (Huskies)
P - Taylor Ross (Hawkeyes)
P - Junior Martin (Hawkeyes)
1B - Eli Cruz (DwArf'y Mojados)
CF - Cliff Gray (Juggernauts)

All-Stars Making Their 5th Appearance or Greater
1B - Sam Slotnick (Drunkin' BArfys) - 10th Appearance
P - Brandon Taylor (Strikers) - 9th Appearance
P - Sticky Farquhar (Yardbirds) - 8th Appearance
P - Juan Sierra (DwArf'y Mojados) - 8th Appearance
C - Bengie Trajano (Doormats) - 7th Appearance
P - Rock Randall (Canucks) - 5th Appearance
2B - Zip Sullivan (Magnitude) - 5th Appearance
1B - Gus Justice (Strikers) - 5th Appearance
3B - Keith Williamson (Night Watchmen) - 5th Appearance
LF - Tony Caballero (DwArf'y Mojados) - 5th Appearance

Season 31 Playoff Picture (if the season ended today)

By Current Record (after 91 games):
AL North Champ: Milwaukee (52-39)
AL East Champ: Boston (57-34)
AL South Champ: Nashville (53-38)
AL West Champ: Salem (60-31)
AL Wildcard 1: Durham (53-38)
AL Wildcard 2: Huntington or Vancouver (52-39)
NL North Champ: Scranton (57-34)
NL East Champ: Wichita (50-41)
NL South Champ: Texas (57-34)
NL West Champ: Seattle (55-36)
NL Wildcard 1: Minnesota (52-39)
NL Wildcard 2: Albuquerque (48-43)

AL Matchups:
(4) Milwaukee vs. (5) Durham
Winner faces (1) Salem

(3) Nashville vs. (6) Huntington/Vancouver
Winner faces (2) Boston

NL Matchups:
(4) Wichita vs. (5) Minnesota
Winner faces (1) Scranton/Texas

(3) Seattle vs. (6) Albuquerque
Winner faces (2) Scranton/Texas

-Six of the 8 division leaders are the same as Season 30.  Texas and Wichita did not win their divisions last season.
-Salem would be the #1 seed in the American League, after winning 2 of the past 3 World Series titles.
-Huntington and Minnesota are this season's surprise teams, after winning 66 and 73 games last year, respectively.
-Seattle vs. Albuquerque would be a rematch of last season's Division Championship Series, where Albuquerque upset Seattle and made a run to the World Series.
-Additional teams still in the playoff hunt include Tampa Bay (47-44), St. Louis (46-45), New York (46-45), Louisville (47-44), and Oklahoma City (47-44).

By Exp PCT (Expected Winning Percentage) – determined by run differential:
AL North Champ: Milwaukee (.586)
AL East Champ: Boston (.652)
AL South Champ: Nashville (.600)
AL West Champ: Salem (.678)
AL Wildcard 1: Vancouver (.569)
AL Wildcard 2: Huntington (.515)
NL North Champ: Scranton (.624)
NL East Champ: Wichita (.549)
NL South Champ: Texas (.659)
NL West Champ: Seattle (.711)
NL Wildcard 1: Albuquerque (.570)
NL Wildcard 2: Oklahoma City (.522)

AL Matchups:
(4) Milwaukee vs. (5) Vancouver
Winner faces (1) Salem

(3) Nashville vs. (6) Huntington
Winner faces (2) Boston

NL Matchups:
(4) Wichita vs. (5) Albuquerque
Winner faces (1) Seattle

(3) Scranton vs. (6) Oklahoma City
Winner faces (2) Texas

-Vancouver and Huntington would clinch the AL wild-cards, knocking out Durham (.504).  Fresno (.503), St. Louis (.497), and Tampa Bay (.485) would also be on the outside looking in.
-Seattle would move from the #3-seed to having a home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  They would receive a first round bye along with Texas, leaving Scranton with a division play-in match-up.  Albuquerque and Oklahoma City would win the NL wild-card spots, giving the NL West three playoff teams.  Minnesota (.506) would drop from the #5-seed to watching the playoffs from home.  Louisville (.499) would also fall short of the postseason.

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Arfy's Ramblings

Where I just point out stuff I noticed when I look more in depth at Pinetar.   I usually avoid the obvious stuff like best batting average or most home runs, because everyone always looks at that.   I like to point out negative stuff that you may not have realized about your team.  That way you fix it and make competition better for this league.

Best record- Texas Galveston Wave 40-19 .678     PACE-109-53
Tanker award- Helena Copperkings   18-41 .305     PACE- 49-113

Tony Tatis Houston, 30 SB, 0 CS
Longest hitting streak this season- Rafael Unamano Vancouver 24
Worst baserunner-Eugenio Canseco Scranton 2SB, 9 CS
Best pinch hitter-Shouhei Uehara Scranton 12-28 .429
Most GIDP as a hitter-Phil Shibata, TB  20
Most intentional walks by a hitter- Carlos Zorilla OKC
Most strikeouts batting- Texas 488
1 team has not had anyone intentionally walked this season- Durham
Most Complete games pitching-  Vancouver 6
Most solid bullpen-Milwaukee Magnitude 21 for 22 save opportunities.

Top 5-  You probably didn't even know that these players made the list for top 5 single season records in the last couple of seasons
Rubby Prieto- Salem  home runs in a season  #3 with 64 homers  season 30
Cliff Gray - Jackson   infield hits in a season  #2 with 66 infield hits season 29
Cliff Gray- Jackson infield hits in a season #5 with 58 infield hits season 30
Vinny Hill- Boston hitting strikeouts in a season #1 with 28 SO's season 29(min 502 ab's)
Tim Daubach- Seattle ERA in a season #3 with 1.98 ERA season 29(min 162 ip)
Brendan Taylor Seattle ERA in a season #4 with 2.00 ERA season 29

Why are these players on a major league roster??? Plugging ANY other player in should give you same results.

Al Galvez  Helena P  Career #'s:  Whip: 2.09; ERA: 7.65; OBP: .430
Alex Flores Indy P  Career #'s:  Whip:1.89; ERA: 6.81: OBP: .404

Minor league teams that probably need your immediate attention

AAA       Boston 7-51
AAA       Vancouver 12-46
HI A        Kansas City 12-46
HI A       Boston 7-51
LOW A  Texas  8-50
LOW A   Boston 16-42
LOW  A   Vancouver 16-42

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NL South Season 31 preview

NL South

Season 30 Standings
Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's 96-66
Texas GalvestonWave 83-79
Houston Roughnecks 70-92
Jackson Juggernauts 63-99

Louisville took the South for the third straight season and 4 out of the last 5 now. Once again though, they came up short in the post season. Their 96 wins were a franchise record. They also reached the post season for the 8th time in the past 12 seasons. Texas fell short in their quest for a post season berth. It was the 8th time in 11 seasons that they failed to make the playoffs. They have had 4 consecutive winning seasons. Third place Houston missed the playoffs for the fifth time in a row. That is the longest drought for the franchise since seasons 1 through 5. Jackson missed the post season for the seventh straight time.

Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
owner-Arfy(16th season)
Last 5 seasons- 454-356
Payroll- $87.9

The ARF's were one of the best offensive teams in the NL last season. They had speed, power and the ability to get on base and score runs. Russell Powell, and Brendan Latham are the top batters in the lineup when it comes to getting on base. Art Niemann and Rafael Hernandez aren't guys that will hit a lot, but they have some good power. Ben Tate can hit and steal a base, but the guy rarely takes a walk. In the off season they added a high obp guy in Sammy Ramirez that should make the offense even better. The offense should be just as good or maybe even better than last season.

The Louisville defense was above average last season. The loss of Eduardo Ortiz is a blow to the defense, but the promotion of Eduardo Tabata will make up for that a bit. Hank Herndon is the shortstop on this team and he's got an average glove with decent range and a good arm. Tabata is a reserve that can play anywhere and be solid. Ben Tate is the centerfielder and he's got an average glove with good range. Brendan Latham is the second baseman and he's got decent range and a solid glove. The team even has a little depth which is why they likely finished above average last season. This is a close to average defense.

Louisville had a slightly below average pitching staff last season. Most of their off season moves were directed at pitching. None of those were impact players though and the trade of Geronimo Estrada is going to hurt. Clay Vernon and Felipe Ramos at the top of the rotation are a good 1 and 2 but neither is an ace. The rest of the rotation is below average though. In the bullpen Darren Banks is really good. Adding Tyreace Green through trade will help the bullpen out. Javy Amaro and Jared Witt are average arms. The bullpen is solid but not enough to make up for the rotation. This will be a below average pitching staff.

Texas Galveston Wave
owner-erichanville(7th season)
Last 5 seasons-422-388
Payroll- $100.8

Texas was a slightly above average offense last season. They traded for Bubbles Conger, and only lost PT Rosa. That should be a solid improvement for them. Alan Wilson is the guy that sets the tone for this offense. He's a great on base guy that should continue to bat a .300 plus while getting on base at a .400 clip. Dick Stanley will strike out a lot, but he makes up for it with his great power. He's another guy that can get on base a lot. Conger will add some power to the lineup as well. Alfonso Salinas is a guy that can get on base and when he does, he's a threat to steal. The offense really has some nice pieces to it, but I think they are just above average.

The Galveston Wave defense was just about average last season. Stephen Salmon is the shortstop and he's got a good glove and arm, but lacks good range. Don Hughes will also play the position, but he's just average. Jake Ashley is a really good third baseman. This team really is lacking a centerfielder and second baseman. They have a few gloves that can play those spots, but they are mostly just backup players. This defense is below average.

The pitching for Texas was just above average last season. They added Al Manto and Kiko Hanrahan through free agency, but they are both back end of the rotation starters. As a matter of fact, most of their rotation is filled with mid to back end guys. They don't really have any bad starters though. In the bullpen is Mike Clinton leading the way. He's good, but not great and this team really lacks anybody else that can help out. The pitching staff should end up in the bottom half of the league.

Houston Roughnecks
owner-bagwellbuff(10th season)
Last 5 seasons- 368-442
Payroll- $18.9

Houston had a below average offense last season. They were below average in a lot of categories, but they were pretty good at stealing a base with 161 steals and only 52 times being caught. They traded for Gorkys Gonzales and he should add some good pop and the ability to get on base. They got a steal in the Rule 5 draft with the addition of Donne Benard. The promotion of Francisco Cervantes adds a dynamic offensive threat that can hit, get on base by walk, and knock the ball out of the park. Other promotion of Andres Rivera, and Louis Fitzgerald will also help this lineup and signals a youth movement that is going to make this offense pretty good. I think they are above average and could end up better than that.

This team had one of the best defenses in the NL last season. They also had really good range. Sam Bryant has a great glove and arm at shortstop, but his range is just slightly above average. Vic Bennett is a really good backup to have. Fitzgerald has gold glove abilities in centerfield. The same could be said for Nigel Martin in rightfield. The team really lacks a second baseman with good range and a solid glove. That is the only thing holding them back from the designation of best defense in the NL. They should be a top 5 defense though.

Houston finished in the bottom half of the league in pitching. The promoted Stewart Hall, who is a mid to back end of the rotation starter. Timo Lee was added in free agency, but he has control issues. Albert Olivo is a legit top of the rotation starter. His stamina is a bit of an issue, but he's so good that the stamina shouldn't hold him back. The rotation altogether is solid. The bullpen looks good. The have Rodrigo Andujar, and Khiry Clark and both of them are good at getting batters out. The rest of the bullpen is just average though. This staff looks about average to me.

Jackson Juggernauts
owner-bobbyj7(19th season)
Last 5 seasons- 363-447
Payroll- $39.8

The Juggernauts offense was anything but that last season. They finished near the bottom of the league in scoring runs. They were around league average in hitting though and led the league in steals. They did finish last in homers though. Looking at the lineup, the only impact hitter they have is Vic Romero. I like Rule 5 addition Jose Arencibia, who can hit for power and hits left handers especially well. The promotion of Rick Backe adds a solid young hitter. Cliff Gray can really hit the ball, but he needs to get on base more. He is a real steal threat though. This team still has an offense that will finish in the bottom half of the league.

Jackson was below average in fielding, but they did have some good range. Chuck Hissey has really good range and arm for shortstop, but he's only about average with the glove. Josh Kirkland could be a gold glove second baseman if he played full time. Tony Franco is the second baseman and he's a former gold glover himself. Cliff Gray won a gold glove in centerfield mostly due to his amazing range. His glove is below average. This team only has average gloves in the field, but the range that they possess allows them to get to balls most teams won't. That's why I think they are above average.

Jackson was one of the better pitching teams last season and part of that is a credit to the defense. The rotation isn't very good. Joakim Alvarez is the best starter they have and he has control issues. The rest of the rotation is back end starters at best. The bullpen is pretty solid though. DT Cromer is really good coming on in relief. Earl Magill and Vin Baker are solid. Greg Webster and Shane Perez are average relievers. This team has a below average pitching staff and the only thing saving them is the bullpen.

Louisville is the returning champ, but they've announced they are willing to trade players for prospects. The offense looks really good, the defense is OK, but the pitching staff really hurts them. At this point they look like a team that should win about 85 games, but due to their willingness to move players, I'm not placing them that high. The Texas offense is solid but the rest of the team is not. I know they are off to a good start on the season, but there is a long way to go and I just can't see them keeping it up. Houston is a much improved team. The offense looks good and the defense is really good. The pitching could go either way. Right now though I think they are going to be tough this season and should make a post season appearance with a division title. Jackson just doesn't have the team to compete this season. They look like a 70 win team to me.

1. Houston
2. Texas
3. Louisville
4. Jackson