Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Colorado surely looked destined to go to the World Series last season.  They had a dominating season going and just got caught up in the Helena phenomenon.    This Colorado team is becoming quite the staple in the NL West.  They have won the division 3 of the last 4 seasons and have not finished in the bottom half of the division for 7 seasons.   ABQ managed to sqeek out 73 wins last season.  A improvement over the previous 3 seasons.  I think they need an attitude adjustment in ABQ as they haven't had a winning season in 11 seasons now.  OKC finished third last season with a losing record.  OKC hasn't had a winning season in the last 12 seasons..  Seattle finishes in last place.  The marked the second year in a row that they didn't make the playoffs.  It also marked only the 3rd time in the last 16 seasons, that they didn't make the playoffs.

Colorado Springs Night Watchmen
Owner: Toe64(27th season)
Last Season-102-60(1st place)
Last 5 seasons-470-340(.580)

Probably the weakest defense in the league.  Not much for speed and baserunning.    One of the best hitting teams in the league, with real good power.  Pitching is below average.  Probably the weakest in the division.

Albuquerque Komodo Dragons
Owner: Csudak(8th season)
Last Season-73-89(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-346-464(.427)
Draft- 11th

ABQ has cut back a bit on payroll over last season.  Perhaps they just missed in Free Agency.  Defense is average.  One of the fastest teams in the league with good baserunning.   Team really lacks hitting.  They have decent power, but the team will see a lot of strikeouts this season.    Pitching staff is below average.

Oklahoma City Prarie Dogs
Owner: brentcnb((15th season)
Last Season-67-95(3rd season)
Last 5 seasons-361-449(.446)

One of the best defenses in the league.  I don't think I have ever seen a team of such good defensive arms.    Above average speed and baserunning.  Very bad hitting team with below average power.  Pitching staff is the best in a division of weak pitching.  About average for the league.

Seattle Strikers
Owner: Ghutton9(21st season)
Last Season- 64-98(4th place)
Last 5 seasons-426-384(.526)

This team was obviously embarrassed over last season's performance as they dumped an additional $30 million into team salary this season.    Unfortunately, I'm not sure it was enough to show much of an improvement.  Defense is below average.  Speed and baserunning is below average.  Hitting is really bad and below average power.  Defense is below average.

I think Colorado is going to have a down year.and ABQ may have improved enough to make it close.  I think ABQ will need a little bit of luck for that to happen.  I would still say Colorado takes by about 5 games.  I'm not sure Colorado has enough to battle for the NL this season.  Oklahoma City and Seattle should battle for the bottom spot.  Probably with wins in the 60's again.

1. Colorado Springs
2. ABQ
3. Oklahoma City
4. Seattle


NL South
Last season Louisville ran away with this division.  This was the first division title since Arfy came on board at Louisville.  It was also their 8th season in a row with a winning record.  Jackson finished second at 82-80.  This was the third straight season that they didn't make the playoffs.  Houston finished 3rd, ending their streak of four straight division titles.  It also snapped their streak of 6 winning seasons.  Texas rounded out the bottom by finishing in last place for the 5th time in the last 7 seasons.

Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
Owner: Arfy(12th season)
Last Season-95-67(1st)
Last 5 seasons- 449-361(.554) 

An aging team that is cutting back in payroll for the 2nd straight season.  Above average defense.  Speed and baserunning is about average.  Above average hitting with average power.  One of the best pitching staffs in the entire league.  Especially their starters.  

Jackson Juggernauts
Owner: Boobyj7(15th season)
Last Season- 82-80(2nd)
Last 5 seasons-408-402(504)

A team in the process of rebuilding.   They have cut payroll for the fourth straight season.  Average defense.  Above average speed and baserunning.  Hitting is average with slightly  below average power..   Pitching staff is average as well.  

Houston Roughnecks
Owner: Bagwellbluff"The professor"(6th season)
Last Season-80-82(3rd)
Last 5 seasons-486-324(.600)

This team appears to be scaling back over previous seasons.  The weakest defense in the division(below average).  Surprising since defense is usually one of Houston's specialties.  Average speed and baserunning.     Hitting is average with average power..  Pitching staff is average

Texas GalvestonWave
Owner: erichanville(3rd season)
Last season-63-99(4th)
Last 5 seasons-379-431(.468)

One of the strongest defenses in the league.    Average speed and baserunning.    Hitting is average and power is average.  This team has really improved it's pitching staff.  One of the strongest in the NL.

Louisville should run away with the division again.  Their pitching staff should carry them.    As far as hitting goes, I think you could switch around the hitters for Houston, Texas, and Jackson and would probably finish with the exact  record.  With that being said, Texas has a stronger pitching staff than the other two teams. They should be able to take a wildcard spot.   Houston and Jackson is a real tossup.  Either team could finish 3rd.  Both team most likely will finish with wins in the 70's.

1. Louisville
2. Texas
3. Houston
4.  Jackson

Friday, April 11, 2014


This is one of my favorite divisions to watch, because almost every season it is decided within 5 games.  Greygoose and Jacksonville usually end up coming out on top.  But they have been surprised from time to time.  Jacksonville has won the division 14 of the last 17 seasons, and last season was no different winning the division by 5 games.  Unfortunately, that' s where it ended losing in the NLCS for the 2nd straight season.  Philadelphia had to be happy about last season's 87 wins.  It was their first playoff appearance in 6 seasons.  Wichita took 3rd last season, which broke a 5 season streak of taking dead last.  But unfortunately that franchise hasn't made a playoff appearance in 16 straight seasons.   Cincinnati finished on the bottom of the division for the first time in 13 seasons and jbburners lowest win total in 15 seasons.

Jacksonville Juice
Owner: Greygoose123(27th season)
Last Season-92-70(1st place)
Last 5 seasons- 421-389(.520)
Draft Pick-51st

This team appears to be commited to winning now.  They upped their payroll by $10 million this season.  Probably the best defensive team in the league.  They are near the top in speed and baserunning.  They have plenty of hitters with good power.  They should score alot of runs this season.  Pitching staff is slightly below average.  Probably won't win 92 games again.

Philadelphia Moneymakers
Owner: Phillies26(27th season)
Last Season-87-75(2nd place)
Last 5 seasons- 380-430(.469)
Draft Pick-27th

Above average defense.    Good speed and basrunning.    One of the best hitting teams in the league, but they lack power.  Probably the deepest pitching staff in the division.

Wichita DwArf'y Mojados
Owner: Jibe(4th season)
Last Season-74-88(3rd Place)
Last 5 seasons-340-470(.420)
Draft Pick- 12th

I am told this team is in rebuilding mode.  I guess it should be obvious with their $11.7 million payroll.  (Half of that is from a player he traded to Louisville).  This team is going to be a huge threat in the future.  So the rest of the division has now been warned.  Unfortunately, this season is going to be a different.  Wichita is going to look like a $11.7 million franchise.  Their defense looks average.    Speed and baserunning are average.  Now we are done with that word, average.  This team really lacks hitters.  One of the worse in the league.  And they have no power.  Pitching staff is by far far the weakest league as well.   Can you say #1 draft pick?

Cincinnati Firestorm
Owner:jbburner(27th season)
Last Season-74-88(4th Place)
Last 5 seasons-387-423(.478)
Draft Pick-13th

This team has an awesome shortstop.  But after that it kinda falls on it's face as one of the weaker one's in the league.  Average speed and baserunning.  They have a few good hitters, but really lack any power.  Pitching staff is below average as well.    I would say they will probably win less games than last season.

 Between Jacksonville's defense and their good power, it should be enough to hold off Philadelphia.  It should be close again though.  Both teams should have wins in the upper 80's.    Cincinnati has too many weaknesses.  I think they are going to finish in the 60's range for wins.  And Wichita will probably have wins in the 50's.  Anything more than that would shocking. 
2. Philadelphia
3. Cincinnati
4. Wichita


NL North
Iowa City won the division again last season, making it the 5th time in 6 seasons that they have done so.  Last season Helena shocked the world when he won the World Series as a wildcard  team.  They did it in dramatic fashion taking Louisville, Iowa City, and Jacksonville to the final game in each series.  Fargo took third place last season.  It just goes to show how competitive this division has become.  Starbuck won the division title the first 13 seasons in this world existence, but has only won twice in the 13 seasons since.   Scranton finished in 4th place last season for the fourth straight season.  Hopefully this a sign that they are stock piling talent in the minors for a push in the next season or two.

Iowa City Hawkeyes
Owner: tk21775(12th Season)
Last Season- 95-67(1st Place)
Last 5 seasons-464-346(.573)
Draft pick-23rd

Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed or baserunning.  Their hitting looks to be one of the weaker teams in the league with very little power.  We'll have to see how much it hurts the team over the season.  Their pitching is again, one of the tops in the league.  They might have the two best relievers in the game on their team.  Keep an eye out to see how much their low medical budget hurts them.

Helena Copper Kings
Owner-Pinetaar(2nd Season)
Last Season-86-76(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-403-407 (.498)
Draft pick-19th

Defense is one of the tops in the league.    Average speed and baserunning.  Above average hitting with good power.  Their pitching might be one of the deepest in the league.  Their 5 best pitchers are all relievers.  I think their bullpen had a bad season last year and had they performed to their potential,  would have won the team more games.  

Fargo Wood Chippers
Owner- Starbuckdc(27th Season)
Last Season-83-79(3rd place)
Last 5 seasons-420-390(.519)
Draft pick-17th

Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed and baserunning.  Probably the best hitting team in the division.  Average power.    Pitching staff looks about average. 

Scranton Red Barons
Owner-Reggie988(5th season)
Last Season-70-92(4th place)
Last 5 seasons- 331-479(.409)
Draft pick-9th

Scranton appears to be in full rebuilding mode.  They trimmed about $8mil off of their payroll from last season.  Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed and baserunning.    Hitting isn't bad, and they have alot of good power.  Pitching staff looks about average.  I think they'll do better than last season's 70 wins.

 Like I said before, I think Helena's bullpen didn't perform very well in the regular season and think they will post a better record than last season.  Iowa is going to get hit with a devastating injury or two, and I think their hitting will be too weak to take the division.   Fargo should hover around the .500 mark again for third place, and Scranton will probably finish just a couple games below that for fourth.
1. Helena
2. Iowa City
3. Fargo
4. Scranton

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Vancouver won this division last season.  It was their first World Series appearance in franchise history.  Making it more dramatic they had to fight their way through every round of the playoffs to get there.  Rochester and Boston both forced them to a game 5.  Despit winning 87 games last season, Fresno missed out on the playoffs.  Again. That is the second straight season they have won 87 games and been denied.  It makes you start to wonder if there is some kind of curse in Fresno.  They also have not been to the playoffs in 11 seasons now.  St. Louis kept their usual on again, off again thing going.  They tend to make the playoffs every other season.  They have made the playoffs 4 out of the last 8 seasons.  So if the trend continues, they should be a shoe in for the playoffs.  Salem rounded out the bottom of the division for the third time in four seasons.

Vancouver Canucks
Owner: skplayer07(10th season)
Last Season-92-70(First Place)
Last 5 seasons-435-375(.537)
Draft Pick-29th

Defense is below average.  Speed and baserunning is about average.  This team has a ton of power on it.  They are going to hit alot of home runs this season. However they aren't going to hit for average.    Pitching staff appears to be about average or slightly above.    I don't really see this team winning 92 games again.  I'm not even sure I see this team making the playoffs this season.

Fresno Regulators 
Owner:Bobswagger91(13th season)
Last Season-87-75(Second Place)
Last 5 seasons-393-417(.485)
Draft Pick-24th

This team appears to be going all out this season.  They boosted their payroll budget by $20 million over last season.  Probably the strongest defense in the division.  Above average league wide.  Below average speed and baserunning on this team.  These guys are going to get on base ALOT.  Probably the best pure hitting team in the American League.  I guess we will see how much a lack of power hurts this team.  The pitching on this team is very impressive as well.  Not many weak links at all.  Expect this team to go far.

St. Louis Arch Angels 
Owner: Flucie(13th season)
Last Season-86-76
Last 5 seasons-415-395(.512)
Draft Pick- 20th
One of the weakest defensive teams in the American League.  Speed and baserunning is below average.  Alot of power hitters on this team.   Should land about in the middle for batting average.  Pitching on this team is very impressive as well.  Probably the 2nd best staff in the AL,  right behind Fresno.

Salem Volcanoes
Owner: jkenned(5th season)
Last Season-71-91
Last 5 seasons-370-440(.457)
Draft Pick-10th

Defense is below average.    Speed and baserunning is about average.  They have a fair amount of power hitters, but this team is going to strike out alot or hit home runs with no one on base.  Pitching is about average.

I think this division should be the best race in the American League.  I think in the end, Fresno will come out on top.  I predict the AL pennant runs through the AL WEST.  Top 3 finish within 5 games of each other and Salem will round out the bottom finishing around the .500 mark.
2. St. Louis
3. Vancouver
4. Salem


AL South
Last season Fantasy Frea vaulted New Orleans to their first division title in 22 seasons.  That also snapped Tampa Bay's 4 season streak of division titles.   Although Tampa was still right in the thick of things winning 90 games.  San Juan won 87 games last season and still missed the playoffs.  Heartbreaking I am sure.  Meanwhile Nashville remained in rebuilding mode and marked their 5th consecutive losing season.

New Orlean Zephyrs
Owner-Fantasy Frea(6th season)
Last Season- 95-67(1st Place)
Last 5 Seasons- 438-372(.541)
Draft Pick-30th

New Orlean's defense is about average.  While they have better speed and baserunning than most, I think their hitting is really going to suffer this season.  They also are really lacking on power hitters.   Their pitching is slightly better than average.  Probably the deepest staff in the division.  I don't think they are going to be close to 95 wins again this season.  I think they might struggle to even hit the .500 mark this season.

Tampa Bay Thunder
Owner-rxw1(26th season)
Last Season-90-72(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons- 455-355(.562)
Draft Pick-81st

Defense is about average.   Baserunning and speed looks pretty strong.    One of the stronger hitting teams in the league with plenty of power.  Pitching is slightly better than average.  I'm sure this team will be in the thick of things, like they always are.

San Juan Polos Hermanos
Owner-Soxfan_9(11th season)
Last Season- 87-75(3rd Place)
Last 5 seasons-420-390(.519)
Draft Pick-16th

One of the strongest defensive teams in the league.  Good speed and baserunning.  Their hitting looks about average this season.  Power is about average, maybe slightly below.  While the top of their pitching staff looks pretty darn good, the bottom is really lacking.  Slightly better than average depth. 

Nashville Nalas
Owner-bnags22nd season)
Last Season-57-105(4th Place)
Last 5 Seasons=322-488(.398)
Draft Pick-2nd

This team despite their tiny payroll might be much better than you would expect.  Defense is pretty weak.  Probably the worst in the American League by far.  Little to no speed and baserunning.  Also one of the weaker pitching staffs in the league.  They are going to give up a ton of runs this season.  But then I look at the bats in this lineup, and I am quite impressed.  Most certainly one of the best hitting teams in the league with a ton of power hitters.

Let's face it.  Tampa Bay knows how to win, and that team is much more consistent across the board.  I don't know if they have enough to win the AL pennant, but should easily win the division.  I think San Juan is going to hover around the upper 80's in wins again.  If they over perform, I think they can get a wildcard.   New Orleans lack of hitting should be overbearing.  But their pitching will keep them out of the cellar.  And Nashville is just going to give up to many runs to win consistently.  I see many 12-10 losses in their  season.

1.Tampa Bay
2. San Juan
3. New Orleans
4. Nashville

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Season 27 AL EAST Preview

AL East
Rochester came out of nowhere last season going from 78 wins to 98 wins and winning the division. It was their first division title in 16 seasons.  Boston finished  2nd last season.  It was their 5th straight winning season.  Although they took a step back last season, I'm sure ownership is pressuring to get them back to the World Series again.  Durham finished with 90 wins last season and still finished 3rd.  Shows you how tough this division is.  Durham has had 8 straight winning seasons and have been to the playoffs every single season. With $123 mil in payroll, Durham looks to be making another World Series push.  Let face it.  The condition Indianapolis inherited a few seasons ago was a mess I'm sure.  It was on auto pilot for 4 seasons.  Indianapolis is rebuilding and I'm sure will be a force in the near future.

Boston Pilgrims
Owner-kjmulli(13th Season)
Last Season-91-71(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-481-329(.594)
Draft Pick-27th

Boston appears to be scaling back a bit as they trimmed $24 million off the payroll from last season.  Defense looks really strong.  They have a couple of the top hitting players in the league, but after that it really falls off.    I see this offense falling right in the middle of the stats.  Their pitching  also seems about average.  I don't think this team is going to win 91 games again.

Durham Doormats
Owner-Alogman1(18th Season)
Last Season-90-72(3rd Place)
Last 5 seasons- 500-310(.617)
Draft Pick-82nd

Another all in season for Durham.  Defense looks really strong.  And their offense might be the best one in the division.  A very slow team.  Don't expect anyone to stretch a double into a triple.  And their pitching looks really strong this season as well.  Is this finally going to be the season Durham gets over the hump and wins the American League?

Indianapolis Valhalla Varauders
Owner-qtip32 (3rd Season)
Last Season-59-103(4th)
Last 5 seasons-280-530(.346)
Draft Pick-3rd

A franchise that has struggled under previous management.    Defense is middle of the road.  Their offense really lacks pizazz(Not Pizza, silly!).  A real lack of power on the team.   The pitching staff is really gonna hurt this season as well.  Hopefully they can get out of those bad contracts that they inherited and get some good draft picks for the future.

Rochester Retards
Owner-Wylie725(7th Season)
Last Season-98-64(1st Place)
Last 5 seasons- 417-393(.515)
Draft pick- 34th

Is this team even PC?  I can't imagine even seeing that team jersey.    Anywho!  Rochester got really ambitious after 98 wins last season, pouring an additional $12 million into payroll.  Defense looks middle of the road.  Their offense is really not very impressive.  I'd put them in the bottom half of the American League.  Speed and basrunning about average.  Their pitching looks pretty darn good this season.  Is it 98 wins good?  I don't think so.

I see Durham winning this division pretty easily.  Maybe even winning 100 games.  Boston and Rochester should have a good battle for second.  Probably one of those teams will get a wildcard with wins in the high 80's.  I think Indianapolis is going to have another rough season and be competing with Milwaukee and Kansas City for next seasons first pick.

1. Durham
2. Boston
3. Rochester
4. Indianapolis

Season 27 AL North Preview

AL North
Dover has owned this division over the years.  They have won 5 straight division titles and taken their team to the ALCS for 3 of the last 4 seasons.  What is maybe even more impressive is that tmfran has taken Dover to the playoffs all 9 seasons in Dover.   Kansas City is under new ownership.    The fans of Kansas City are happy to keep a team in town and welcome the new ownership.  Now they are ready to start winning some games.  Kansas City has finished  last place in the division for 4 straight seasons now.  Milwaukee led by owner Horvie is in his second season now.  They will chalk up last season's poor performance to 'the learning curve' and move forward.  Milwaukee has gone 9 straight seasons without a playoff appearance.  New York showed  a vast improvement last season posting their first winning record in 8 seasons, just missing out of a  playoff spot.

Dover Dinklebergs
owner-tmfran(10th Season)
Last Season- 96-66 (1st)
Last 5 seasons- 502-308 (.619)
Draft Pick- 25th

Dover has put together maybe the best defense in the American League.      They are going to need that strong defense.  I think their pitching is going to be lacking this season.  They have many pitchers with control issues.  I would predict them for the battom half  of the AL in ERA.    They have many good hitters.  Good speed and baserunning, but really lack power.  I think we might see a decline this season over last season's 96 wins.

Kansas City Yardbirds
Owner-Holleybard(1st Season)
Last Season- 51-111 (4th)
Last 5 seasons- 324-486(.400)
Draft Pick-1st

Kansas City has nowhere to go but up after many seasons in the cellar.  Their defense is one of the weaker ones in the American League.    They have a good number of sluggers on their team, but I'm afraid this team might see a record number of strikeouts this season.    Speed and baserunning is slightly below average and their pitching is most likely going to finish near the bottom lacking any real depth.  It looks like it might take a couple of seasons to get his own players in place here and work on turning this franchise around.

Milwaukee Magnitude
Owner- Horvie78(2nd Season)
Last Season- 70-92(3rd)
Last 5 seasons-376-434(.464)
Draft Pick-8th 

It looks as if 2nd year head coach Horvie has worked on trimming some of the fat away from this club and possibly shifting more towards a rebuilding year.  He has budgeted $20 million less on this franchise over last season.  One of the strongest defensive teams in the league.  But what he has in defense, he lacks in offense.  He has a few good sluggers, but I believe this club is going to finish near the bottom in hitting on the season. 
 Average speed and baserunning and pitching is  really lacking and depth.

New York Damage Controllers
Owner-skuff730(8th Season)
Last Season- 85-77(2nd)
Last 5 seasons-361-449(.446)
Draft Pick-18th 

After last season's 85 wins, Skuff really looks to be making a push for the division and possibly the American League.  Defense is about average.  They have one of the fastest teams on paper in the American League.  They also might be one of the best hitting teams in the American League this season, and hit for plenty of power.  I believe the Achilles heal for this team, this season, is going to be the pitching staff.  Although it might be the best one in the division, I think it's still to going to finish around the middle of the pack in the stats column.

I really think New York is going to have a breakout season and possibly contend for the American League pennant and possibly win the division by 10 games or more.  Dover will have a solid season, but I think age is catching up to them.  I see Milwaukee and Kansas City finishing near the bottom.of the American League.

1. New York
2. Dover
3. Milwaukee
4. Kansas City.