Wednesday, April 16, 2014


NL South
Last season Louisville ran away with this division.  This was the first division title since Arfy came on board at Louisville.  It was also their 8th season in a row with a winning record.  Jackson finished second at 82-80.  This was the third straight season that they didn't make the playoffs.  Houston finished 3rd, ending their streak of four straight division titles.  It also snapped their streak of 6 winning seasons.  Texas rounded out the bottom by finishing in last place for the 5th time in the last 7 seasons.

Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
Owner: Arfy(12th season)
Last Season-95-67(1st)
Last 5 seasons- 449-361(.554) 

An aging team that is cutting back in payroll for the 2nd straight season.  Above average defense.  Speed and baserunning is about average.  Above average hitting with average power.  One of the best pitching staffs in the entire league.  Especially their starters.  

Jackson Juggernauts
Owner: Boobyj7(15th season)
Last Season- 82-80(2nd)
Last 5 seasons-408-402(504)

A team in the process of rebuilding.   They have cut payroll for the fourth straight season.  Average defense.  Above average speed and baserunning.  Hitting is average with slightly  below average power..   Pitching staff is average as well.  

Houston Roughnecks
Owner: Bagwellbluff"The professor"(6th season)
Last Season-80-82(3rd)
Last 5 seasons-486-324(.600)

This team appears to be scaling back over previous seasons.  The weakest defense in the division(below average).  Surprising since defense is usually one of Houston's specialties.  Average speed and baserunning.     Hitting is average with average power..  Pitching staff is average

Texas GalvestonWave
Owner: erichanville(3rd season)
Last season-63-99(4th)
Last 5 seasons-379-431(.468)

One of the strongest defenses in the league.    Average speed and baserunning.    Hitting is average and power is average.  This team has really improved it's pitching staff.  One of the strongest in the NL.

Louisville should run away with the division again.  Their pitching staff should carry them.    As far as hitting goes, I think you could switch around the hitters for Houston, Texas, and Jackson and would probably finish with the exact  record.  With that being said, Texas has a stronger pitching staff than the other two teams. They should be able to take a wildcard spot.   Houston and Jackson is a real tossup.  Either team could finish 3rd.  Both team most likely will finish with wins in the 70's.

1. Louisville
2. Texas
3. Houston
4.  Jackson

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