Friday, April 11, 2014


This is one of my favorite divisions to watch, because almost every season it is decided within 5 games.  Greygoose and Jacksonville usually end up coming out on top.  But they have been surprised from time to time.  Jacksonville has won the division 14 of the last 17 seasons, and last season was no different winning the division by 5 games.  Unfortunately, that' s where it ended losing in the NLCS for the 2nd straight season.  Philadelphia had to be happy about last season's 87 wins.  It was their first playoff appearance in 6 seasons.  Wichita took 3rd last season, which broke a 5 season streak of taking dead last.  But unfortunately that franchise hasn't made a playoff appearance in 16 straight seasons.   Cincinnati finished on the bottom of the division for the first time in 13 seasons and jbburners lowest win total in 15 seasons.

Jacksonville Juice
Owner: Greygoose123(27th season)
Last Season-92-70(1st place)
Last 5 seasons- 421-389(.520)
Draft Pick-51st

This team appears to be commited to winning now.  They upped their payroll by $10 million this season.  Probably the best defensive team in the league.  They are near the top in speed and baserunning.  They have plenty of hitters with good power.  They should score alot of runs this season.  Pitching staff is slightly below average.  Probably won't win 92 games again.

Philadelphia Moneymakers
Owner: Phillies26(27th season)
Last Season-87-75(2nd place)
Last 5 seasons- 380-430(.469)
Draft Pick-27th

Above average defense.    Good speed and basrunning.    One of the best hitting teams in the league, but they lack power.  Probably the deepest pitching staff in the division.

Wichita DwArf'y Mojados
Owner: Jibe(4th season)
Last Season-74-88(3rd Place)
Last 5 seasons-340-470(.420)
Draft Pick- 12th

I am told this team is in rebuilding mode.  I guess it should be obvious with their $11.7 million payroll.  (Half of that is from a player he traded to Louisville).  This team is going to be a huge threat in the future.  So the rest of the division has now been warned.  Unfortunately, this season is going to be a different.  Wichita is going to look like a $11.7 million franchise.  Their defense looks average.    Speed and baserunning are average.  Now we are done with that word, average.  This team really lacks hitters.  One of the worse in the league.  And they have no power.  Pitching staff is by far far the weakest league as well.   Can you say #1 draft pick?

Cincinnati Firestorm
Owner:jbburner(27th season)
Last Season-74-88(4th Place)
Last 5 seasons-387-423(.478)
Draft Pick-13th

This team has an awesome shortstop.  But after that it kinda falls on it's face as one of the weaker one's in the league.  Average speed and baserunning.  They have a few good hitters, but really lack any power.  Pitching staff is below average as well.    I would say they will probably win less games than last season.

 Between Jacksonville's defense and their good power, it should be enough to hold off Philadelphia.  It should be close again though.  Both teams should have wins in the upper 80's.    Cincinnati has too many weaknesses.  I think they are going to finish in the 60's range for wins.  And Wichita will probably have wins in the 50's.  Anything more than that would shocking. 
2. Philadelphia
3. Cincinnati
4. Wichita

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