Friday, April 11, 2014


NL North
Iowa City won the division again last season, making it the 5th time in 6 seasons that they have done so.  Last season Helena shocked the world when he won the World Series as a wildcard  team.  They did it in dramatic fashion taking Louisville, Iowa City, and Jacksonville to the final game in each series.  Fargo took third place last season.  It just goes to show how competitive this division has become.  Starbuck won the division title the first 13 seasons in this world existence, but has only won twice in the 13 seasons since.   Scranton finished in 4th place last season for the fourth straight season.  Hopefully this a sign that they are stock piling talent in the minors for a push in the next season or two.

Iowa City Hawkeyes
Owner: tk21775(12th Season)
Last Season- 95-67(1st Place)
Last 5 seasons-464-346(.573)
Draft pick-23rd

Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed or baserunning.  Their hitting looks to be one of the weaker teams in the league with very little power.  We'll have to see how much it hurts the team over the season.  Their pitching is again, one of the tops in the league.  They might have the two best relievers in the game on their team.  Keep an eye out to see how much their low medical budget hurts them.

Helena Copper Kings
Owner-Pinetaar(2nd Season)
Last Season-86-76(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-403-407 (.498)
Draft pick-19th

Defense is one of the tops in the league.    Average speed and baserunning.  Above average hitting with good power.  Their pitching might be one of the deepest in the league.  Their 5 best pitchers are all relievers.  I think their bullpen had a bad season last year and had they performed to their potential,  would have won the team more games.  

Fargo Wood Chippers
Owner- Starbuckdc(27th Season)
Last Season-83-79(3rd place)
Last 5 seasons-420-390(.519)
Draft pick-17th

Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed and baserunning.  Probably the best hitting team in the division.  Average power.    Pitching staff looks about average. 

Scranton Red Barons
Owner-Reggie988(5th season)
Last Season-70-92(4th place)
Last 5 seasons- 331-479(.409)
Draft pick-9th

Scranton appears to be in full rebuilding mode.  They trimmed about $8mil off of their payroll from last season.  Defense looks about average.  Not much for speed and baserunning.    Hitting isn't bad, and they have alot of good power.  Pitching staff looks about average.  I think they'll do better than last season's 70 wins.

 Like I said before, I think Helena's bullpen didn't perform very well in the regular season and think they will post a better record than last season.  Iowa is going to get hit with a devastating injury or two, and I think their hitting will be too weak to take the division.   Fargo should hover around the .500 mark again for third place, and Scranton will probably finish just a couple games below that for fourth.
1. Helena
2. Iowa City
3. Fargo
4. Scranton

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