Friday, August 17, 2012

Season 20 3Q Power Ranking

Top Ten Power Ranking
Notes City Rank Previous Rank Notes
Durham 1 1 Best record by 8 games. This team might score 1000 runs this season.
Jackson 2 4 Well-rounded team that has been on a tear since the All-Star break.
Nashville 3 7 After a slow start Nashville has been finding ways to win and will be a tough out in the playoffs.
Seattle 4 N/A The pitching staff has been dominating, maybe the best in Pine Tar. Rucker is running away with the Cy Young.
Scranton 5 3 Scranton continues to win games but is struggling in 1-run games. Might be looking to upgrade the bullpen heading into the playoffs
Trenton 6 6 Still one of the best teams in Pine Tar. This team needs to finish strong to become a 1 seed.
Texas 7 2 31-11 in 1-run games. I can't remember a team ever doing that. It's going to be tough to jump Jackson though.
Dover 8 5 This will be the team to watch in the playoffs. Dover has been flying under the radar all season but they are the reigning AL Champs.
Charlotte 9 9 Charlotte has been underachieving all season. Looking for a wild card spot.
Kansas City 10 10 Kansas City has slowed down since the break but still should win the NL East.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Season 20 All-Star Break Power Ranking

All Star Break- Top Ten Power Ranking
Notes City Rank Previous Rank Notes
Durham 1 1 Best record in Pine Tar by 6 games. Outstanding Offense. Solid Pitching.
Texas 2 8 Best Record in NL. Well rounded team, 25-8 in 1-run games.
Scranton 3 3 Very good team. Could be 1st but 1-5 in extra inning games and 12-11 in 1-run games hurts.
Jackson 4 2 Strong team with the best offense in the NL. Four game series with Texas after the break.
Dover 5 N/A Struggled in the first half but has momentum going into the break with wins over Pittsburgh and Nashville.
Trenton 6 N/A Loads of talent who underachieved so far. Fairly Easy remaining schedule.
Nashville 7 4 Great team but killed by injuries. Still can make some noise in the playoffs.
Tampa Bay 8 N/A Struggled in close games, still in contention.
Charlotte 9 6 In the best division in Pine Tar. Expected Pct. of .588. Needs a big second half.
Kansas City 10 5 KC is a legitimate contender. They continue to get it done.