Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Season 27 AL North Preview

AL North
Dover has owned this division over the years.  They have won 5 straight division titles and taken their team to the ALCS for 3 of the last 4 seasons.  What is maybe even more impressive is that tmfran has taken Dover to the playoffs all 9 seasons in Dover.   Kansas City is under new ownership.    The fans of Kansas City are happy to keep a team in town and welcome the new ownership.  Now they are ready to start winning some games.  Kansas City has finished  last place in the division for 4 straight seasons now.  Milwaukee led by owner Horvie is in his second season now.  They will chalk up last season's poor performance to 'the learning curve' and move forward.  Milwaukee has gone 9 straight seasons without a playoff appearance.  New York showed  a vast improvement last season posting their first winning record in 8 seasons, just missing out of a  playoff spot.

Dover Dinklebergs
owner-tmfran(10th Season)
Last Season- 96-66 (1st)
Last 5 seasons- 502-308 (.619)
Draft Pick- 25th

Dover has put together maybe the best defense in the American League.      They are going to need that strong defense.  I think their pitching is going to be lacking this season.  They have many pitchers with control issues.  I would predict them for the battom half  of the AL in ERA.    They have many good hitters.  Good speed and baserunning, but really lack power.  I think we might see a decline this season over last season's 96 wins.

Kansas City Yardbirds
Owner-Holleybard(1st Season)
Last Season- 51-111 (4th)
Last 5 seasons- 324-486(.400)
Draft Pick-1st

Kansas City has nowhere to go but up after many seasons in the cellar.  Their defense is one of the weaker ones in the American League.    They have a good number of sluggers on their team, but I'm afraid this team might see a record number of strikeouts this season.    Speed and baserunning is slightly below average and their pitching is most likely going to finish near the bottom lacking any real depth.  It looks like it might take a couple of seasons to get his own players in place here and work on turning this franchise around.

Milwaukee Magnitude
Owner- Horvie78(2nd Season)
Last Season- 70-92(3rd)
Last 5 seasons-376-434(.464)
Draft Pick-8th 

It looks as if 2nd year head coach Horvie has worked on trimming some of the fat away from this club and possibly shifting more towards a rebuilding year.  He has budgeted $20 million less on this franchise over last season.  One of the strongest defensive teams in the league.  But what he has in defense, he lacks in offense.  He has a few good sluggers, but I believe this club is going to finish near the bottom in hitting on the season. 
 Average speed and baserunning and pitching is  really lacking and depth.

New York Damage Controllers
Owner-skuff730(8th Season)
Last Season- 85-77(2nd)
Last 5 seasons-361-449(.446)
Draft Pick-18th 

After last season's 85 wins, Skuff really looks to be making a push for the division and possibly the American League.  Defense is about average.  They have one of the fastest teams on paper in the American League.  They also might be one of the best hitting teams in the American League this season, and hit for plenty of power.  I believe the Achilles heal for this team, this season, is going to be the pitching staff.  Although it might be the best one in the division, I think it's still to going to finish around the middle of the pack in the stats column.

I really think New York is going to have a breakout season and possibly contend for the American League pennant and possibly win the division by 10 games or more.  Dover will have a solid season, but I think age is catching up to them.  I see Milwaukee and Kansas City finishing near the bottom.of the American League.

1. New York
2. Dover
3. Milwaukee
4. Kansas City.

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