Thursday, February 6, 2014

Arfy's Ramblings Ep. 15

Anatomy of a World Series Champion

There have been many different arguments on how to build a WS Champion.  So I'm going to break it down and we will look at the last 3 WS Champs.  Maybe this will help you open your eyes to new ideas on how to build a winner.

Season 25 Boston Pilgrims(101-61)(Avg:2nd, Ops2nd,Sb3rd, Whip7th, Qs25th, IRS16th, Fld2nd,+- 7th)

Starters(pos, Player, age, transaction)
C Danny Guerrero 35 FA
1B Pedro Martinez  23 Trade
2B Norberto Cruz 31 FA
3B Bernard Charleston 31 FA
SS Miguel Garces 23 IFA
LF Mateo Nunez 28 Trade
CF Tito Raburn 30 Trade
RF Enos Jones 35 Trade
DH Matt Jaha 26 Drafted
Ben Cam Stubbs33 FA
Ben  Greg Parrot 25 Drafted
Ben Rodney Daal 31 FA
SP Moises Olmeda 25 IFA
SP Hipolito Owen 26 IFA
SP Ivan Carrasco 31 FA
SP Jaquin Torres 31 Trade
SP Diego Valbuenna  33 FA
RP Nash Casnova 28 Drafted
RP Gerry Redding  24 Drafted
RP Jimmy Griffiths  32 Trade
RP Hades Phillips 27 Drafted

Season 24 Houston Roughnecks(99-63)(Avg26th,Ops16th, SB17th,whip5th,qs19th,irs6th,fld1st,+-1st)

C Barney Taft 32 FA
1B Carl Esposito 32 Trade
2B Ruben Paleaz 29 FA
3B Julian Prieto 28 Trade
SS Yusmeiro Julio 27 Trade
LF Elijah Martin 28 FA
CF Ugueth Gonzales 29 FA
RF Teddy Lemon 32 FA
Ben Rex Billingsley 36 FA
Ben Vic Diaz 37 Trade
Ben Wellington Ruiz 28 Rule5
Ben  Endy Figuero 24 Trade
SP Alex Martis 33 Trade
SP Walter Heredia 33 FA
SP Chris Kirk 33 FA
SP Carlos Nieto 34 FA
SP Diego Benitez 30 Trade
RP Ruben Molina 32 FA
RP J.P. Santos 35 FA
RP Tony Moreno 32 FA
RP Scott Millwood 33 FA

Season 23 St. Louis Arch Angels( 97-65)(avg14th, ops9th,sb3rd,whip7th, qs8th, irs15th, fld24th, +-28th)

C Aurelio Canseco 27 Trade
1B Bryan Holmes 25 Rule 5
2B O.T. Harper 26 Drafted
3B Lou Jefferies  31 Drafted
SS Robin Risley 33 FA
LF Neil Roberts 28 Drafted
CF Jim Carter 30 FA
RF Miler Hunter 25 Drafted
DH Calvin Pecina 22 Drafted
Ben Joe Keough 26 Rule 5
Ben Lefty Moehler 33 FA
Ben Yadier Cora 27 Drafted
SP Rock Randall 26 Drafted
SP Vinny Napoli 27 Trade
SP Al Rosario 30 Trade
SP Jim Kelly 31 Drafted
SP Sean Shipley 25 Drafted
RP Jamie Sato 27 Trade
RP Chico Guerrero 33 FA
RP Wilkin Ontiveros 29 FA
RP Phillip Crawford 28 Drafted

yr Team           30-    30+    Draft Trade  FA IFA  Rule5
25 Boston       10        8         5       5       7    3        0
24 Houston       7        13       0       7      13   0        1
23 Stl Louis     14        5        10     4       5    0         2

Boston  won using a balanced approached.  They used some of their own players and also went out and obtained some free agents.  They built their team around hitting.  They hit for average, hit for power, and had alot of speed.  They also built their team on solid defense and just got by on the pitching they had.  They proved it was enough.
  Houston has shown that you don't have to necessarily have a young team to win.  They have also shown that you can build your team straight out of free agency.  They didn't have hitters or a stellar roation.  They built their team around a rock solid defense and  a sturdy bullpen that wasn't going to choke games away.  In this end, it was a winning combination.
  St.  Louis  built everything from scratch.  They raised their own through the draft and although they didn't excel in any particular category, it was enough to bring home a championship.
  By analyzing the data, I believe these three teams have shown that there is more than one way to skin a horse.

All time team records
(How they finished and currently leader with their pace)

Batting Average
.324 S1 Colorado Posse(87-74)
.294 S26 Durham Doormats(39-44)

Home Runs
389 S1 Colorado Posse(87-74)
273 S26 New York Damage Controllers(48-35)

1326 S1 Colorado Posse(87-74)
1001 S26 New York Damage Controllers(48-35)

Stolen Bases
485 S5 Portland Cascades(80-82)
283 S26 Louisville ARF ARF ARF(47-36)

2.82 S22 Seattle Strikers(106-56)  "only team ever with a sub 3 era
3.53 S26 Iowa City(52-31)

1.10 S22 Seattle Strikers(106-56)
1.23 S26 Iowa City(52-31)

1289 S23 St. Louis Arch Angels(97-65)
1196 S26 Vancouver Canucks(46-37)

Plus Plays on Defense
133 S19 Boston Pilgrims( 76-86)
87   S26 Dover Dinklebergs(47-36)

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