Thursday, April 10, 2014


Vancouver won this division last season.  It was their first World Series appearance in franchise history.  Making it more dramatic they had to fight their way through every round of the playoffs to get there.  Rochester and Boston both forced them to a game 5.  Despit winning 87 games last season, Fresno missed out on the playoffs.  Again. That is the second straight season they have won 87 games and been denied.  It makes you start to wonder if there is some kind of curse in Fresno.  They also have not been to the playoffs in 11 seasons now.  St. Louis kept their usual on again, off again thing going.  They tend to make the playoffs every other season.  They have made the playoffs 4 out of the last 8 seasons.  So if the trend continues, they should be a shoe in for the playoffs.  Salem rounded out the bottom of the division for the third time in four seasons.

Vancouver Canucks
Owner: skplayer07(10th season)
Last Season-92-70(First Place)
Last 5 seasons-435-375(.537)
Draft Pick-29th

Defense is below average.  Speed and baserunning is about average.  This team has a ton of power on it.  They are going to hit alot of home runs this season. However they aren't going to hit for average.    Pitching staff appears to be about average or slightly above.    I don't really see this team winning 92 games again.  I'm not even sure I see this team making the playoffs this season.

Fresno Regulators 
Owner:Bobswagger91(13th season)
Last Season-87-75(Second Place)
Last 5 seasons-393-417(.485)
Draft Pick-24th

This team appears to be going all out this season.  They boosted their payroll budget by $20 million over last season.  Probably the strongest defense in the division.  Above average league wide.  Below average speed and baserunning on this team.  These guys are going to get on base ALOT.  Probably the best pure hitting team in the American League.  I guess we will see how much a lack of power hurts this team.  The pitching on this team is very impressive as well.  Not many weak links at all.  Expect this team to go far.

St. Louis Arch Angels 
Owner: Flucie(13th season)
Last Season-86-76
Last 5 seasons-415-395(.512)
Draft Pick- 20th
One of the weakest defensive teams in the American League.  Speed and baserunning is below average.  Alot of power hitters on this team.   Should land about in the middle for batting average.  Pitching on this team is very impressive as well.  Probably the 2nd best staff in the AL,  right behind Fresno.

Salem Volcanoes
Owner: jkenned(5th season)
Last Season-71-91
Last 5 seasons-370-440(.457)
Draft Pick-10th

Defense is below average.    Speed and baserunning is about average.  They have a fair amount of power hitters, but this team is going to strike out alot or hit home runs with no one on base.  Pitching is about average.

I think this division should be the best race in the American League.  I think in the end, Fresno will come out on top.  I predict the AL pennant runs through the AL WEST.  Top 3 finish within 5 games of each other and Salem will round out the bottom finishing around the .500 mark.
2. St. Louis
3. Vancouver
4. Salem

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