Friday, June 3, 2011

Owner of the Year-Season 15

Time to vote for the owner of the year for this past season. Once again, I had to go through and decide who to include and who to leave out. There are some owners that got left off the list that had good seasons, but I didn't want to go over 10 choices. The list leaves off some owners that made the post season and has an owner that didn't, but I had good reasons. I'll explain why I think each owner that was included is on the list.

prezuiwf (Syracuse)
Being included on this list is routine for prez. Each season, putting out one of the best teams in the world. Once again, Syracuse was a force in Pine Tar. Finishing 109-53 was good for the second best record this season. The team did miss out on a third consecutive World Series appearance, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this team dominated for 162 games of the regular season. In what is the best division in the league, pulling off a 100 win season and another division title is once again impressive.

jquick1 (Milwaukee)
jquick1 may have finished 3rd in the division this season, but that didn't stop them from making it to the ALCS. This team finished 88-74, and finished 3rd in the division, but this is a brutal division. jquick1 can be over looked sometimes being in such a tough division and never winning the division title, but this owner has produced in the post season. 2 of the last 4 seasons jquick1 has been in the ALCS and has now made 5 straight post season appearances. Just another something to keep in mind when voting.

radkison (Atlanta)
radkison has now ran the team in Atlanta for 5 seasons and has brought this team back to prominence. After posting an impressive 104 wins a couple seasons ago, they followed it up with 95 wins this season. Winning the division by 19 games, radkison has dominated the division for the past 2 seasons now. They haven't taken that next step in the post season yet, but that shouldn't deter you from voting for this owner that has got this team on the map. The team is right up there as one of the best in the league.

bnags (Nashville)
bnags has done something very impressive in this world, and it's not the fact that they are the current World Champs. Nashville has now improved their record for 8 straight seasons. With 112 wins this season, I think they can possibly do it again next season. What a run for this franchise? Now having won 4 consecutive division titles the team finally reached the top of the mountain and added that World Championship. Any other reasons to vote for this team? This is one heck of a team that bnags has put together.

bobswagger91 (LA)
In his first season running this franchise, bobswagger91 found a way to get them into the post season for the 3rd time in franchise history. They improved the win total from the previous season by an impressive 24 games and won the division for just the second time in franchise history. With an 88-74 record, it may be the lowest total of teams to make the list, but based on the history of this franchise, it is very worthy of some votes.

Starbuckdc (Fargo)
A season after not winning the division for the first time, this team took it's place atop the division once again. Surely the most impressive franchise in league history, this owner continually finds ways to make a mark in the league. The runner up for the Championship, this team participated in their 5th World Series this season. At 90-72 during the regular season, Fargo didn't look like the team to beat in the post season, but everyone should have known better. 10 times this team has made the NLCS now.

qtip32 (Trenton)
This is the only team on the list that didn't make the post season. With a record of 89-73, the team improved their record by 28 games this season. It was also only the second time in franchise history that they finished second in the division and third time posting a winning record. qtip32 has done a great job at setting this team up to challenge for the division title. They finished 1 game behind Fargo this season and was very close to making sure that Fargo didn't even have a chance to make the World Series. A pretty good season any way you look at it.

greygoose123 (Jacksonville)
This team appeared to be on the decline a couple seasons ago, but they came back and improved their record by 19 games this season and finishing 93-69. Making it back to the top of the division once again after a 1 season layoff, this team has now won 9 division crowns and 5 of the last 6. They fell just short of the World Series, losing to Fargo in the NLCS. It was their fifth trip to the NLCS. greygoose123 did a great job again this season in getting this team back into the upper class of the league.

bobbyj7 (Jackson)
In his third season bobbyj7 got this team to win just their second division title and second post season appearance. Improving 14 games from season 14 they finished 97-65 for a franchise best record. Taking over a franchise that has seen many owners through the seasons, bobbyj7 seems to have brought some stability to this embattled franchise. This is another owner that is well deserving of some consideration as owner of the year.

ghutton9 (Seattle)
Seriously, do not vote for me. The only reason I included myself was because I had to. After having the best regular season record in the NL with a 98-64 record, this team once again disappointed in the post season. Getting handled by Fargo in the DCS was enough to not include me, but I didn't feel right about it after getting the #1 seed. Still a good season, but their are many more deserving candidates.

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