Friday, July 22, 2011

Season 16 draft review

I guess I should get on this now that most of the picks have signed. It was a pretty deep draft class with plenty of players that could play in the majors one of these days. There wasn't many impact players but it was still a good draft. I'll take a look at each teams draft in a series of posts and give my insight as to how these players should turn out.

Iowa City Hawkeyes
1(1). Sticky Farquhar(P) L/L, 18, Lincoln, NE
         While there weren't many impact players in the draft, the top overall selection should be. This is a franchise that is need of some good young talent and direction, and this pick should provide that for them. With real good stamina and durability, this guy should be able to pitch every 4th or 5th day without problem. He projects to have great control, and should be tough on right and left handers. He won't have good velocity, but should be a groundball pitcher. He should develop a real good 4 seam fastball an even better slider, a pretty good curveball and he'll even have a decent change up as a 4th pitch. If Farquhar develops like he should, then this pick could be the start of good things to come from this franchise.

2(33). Gary Graves(P) R/R, 22, Coral Gables, FL
          Graves is a pretty solid pick at this spot. Another starter for this team that should be a good #4 or 5 guy. Decent control, decent splits, great velocity, and good at getting the groundball. He should develop a good 4 seamer, with a decent slider, a below average change up for a 3rd pitch, but good 4th pitch curveball and 5th pitch sinker.

3(107). Russell Fleming(CF/2B) R/R, 20, Rochester, NY
            Projects to be a solid fielder in centerfield or a real good second baseman. Not much of a hitter, but could see time in the big leagues as a reserve and defensive replacement.

4(140). Francisco Valentin(SS)
5(172). Dusty Robinson(SS)

Chicago Wind Tunnel
1(2). Russell Powell(1B) S/R, 18, Courtland, AL
        Powell looks like he could develop into a very good hitter in the future. He looks like a pretty good fielder for firstbase, but that is likely the only position he could play. He lacks speed but should develop good base running skills. His projects to be a good contact hitter with a little bit of pop. He could be a 20 homer guy. He should hit lefties and righties very good and has an outstanding eye. He should easily be a 300 hitter. While I'm not sure he will put up hall of fame numbers, he should turn into a really good major leaguer and make his fair share of all star games.

1(52). Kyle Olsen(C)

2(76). Gus Castillo(SS) S/R, 18, Kansas City, KS
           Castillo was drafted as a SS, but I don't think he can develop into one. He's at best a solid 3B. He has a little speed, but not enough to be a base stealer. His hitting is below average. I doubt he'll make it to the big leagues if he even signs.

3(109). Christopher Darnell(RF) S/R, 22, Kansas City, MO
4(141). Al Bush(CF)
5(173). Howard Lary(P)

Austin Tumbleweeds
1(3). Harvey Merrick(C) R/R, 20, University City, MO
        Merrick was a solid pick at this spot. He has the arm to play catcher, but doesn't appear to have the ability to learn how to call a game. His contact and power are solid and he should hit pretty well against righties and lefties. He has a great eye which should make him a higher OBP player. He should develop into a 20 homer, .290 average and .350 OBP player that is best suited as a DH.

2(77). Ken Martin(P) R/R, 20, Arecibo, PR
          I could see this guy contributing in the big leagues one day. He has the stamina to be a starter but the durability to only be a spot starter. He won't develop the control to be a great pitcher, but he should be good against left handed hitters and real good against right handers. His velocity isn't good, but he should be a decent pitcher at forcing groundballs. He should develop a good 4 seam fastball, a great slider, and decent change up, curveball and forkball out pitches. Not a bad pick in this spot at all.

3(110). Ed Perez(P) L/L, 21, Greenville, MS
            Perez may likely never be a solid major leaguer, but he has most of the tools. He should develop real good stamina, control, and a couple good pitches. What will hold him back is he doesn't pitch good to either righties or lefties and has bad velocity.

4(142). Nate Ryan(P)
5(174). Bo Corcoran(P)

Colorado Springs Night Watchmen
1(4). Pedro Reyes(RF) L/L, 19, Palmyra, VA
        For a team that doesn't have many picks in the first five rounds after losing them with free agent signings, this team had to go big early. They did just that with this pick. Reyes should develop into a real good right fielder for this team in the field. He projects to have unmatched contact, and awesome power. He'll hit lefties real good but may struggle against righties, but being a left handed hitter will off set that. His eye is real good as well. He has decent speed and base running projections as well but won't steal many bases. I think he'll be good for 40 homers, .300+ average, and .380+ OBP in his career. He should be a perennial all star in his career.

4(143). Alex Cairo(P)
5(175). Charlie Peterson(CF)

Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
1(5). Clay Vernon(P) R/R, 18, Lithonia, GA
         Vernon was a very nice grab in the 5 spot here. He should turn into a very nice #2 or 3 starter in his career and for most teams a #1. He should develop pretty good stamina and durability. His control will be good but not great and he will pitch good against lefties and should be even better against right handers. He should develop great velocity and will be a pretty good groundball pitcher. He should also develop a real good 4 seamer, but a below average 2nd pitch sinker. His 3rd pitch split finger fastball is decent and his curveball is below average for even an out pitch. Overall, he should have a pretty good career and was a nice find with this selection.

3(112). Don Hatcher(3B) R/R, 21, Caguas, PR
            Not a bad pick for the 3rd round and this deep into the draft. He has a solid glove and decent arm for 3rd base. He doesn't have much speed. He has just below average contact projections and not much power. He will have good AB's against righties and lefties, but doesn't have much of an eye at the plate. Hatcher could see some time in the bigs, but will never be a regular.

4(144). Gus Moreno(CF)
5(176). Henry Rivera(2B)

That's it for today's review of the draft's opening rounds. I'll try and get the next 5 up soon so stay tuned into the Pine Tar blog to see how each team did with the draft this season and see how I feel about your top picks.

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