Monday, June 18, 2012

Season 20 Owner Hall of Fame Candidates

Record (1148-958)
World Series Championships (1)
League Championships (2)
LCS Appearances (4)
Division Titles (8)
Best Record (112-50)

bnags has been around since way back in season 6. He started his time in Pine Tar as the owner of Houston Writ of Sepulture and the team went 63-99 for a last place finish in the division. Not happy with that, he picked the team up and moved them to Florida where they became the Pelicans for the next 2 seasons. With very little success in Florida they moved to Nashville in season 9 to become the Nala Bears, which has since been shortened to Nalas. That move was what got this owner kick started into putting together a top notch team. After the move the team climbed the ranks each year to where they are now, at the top. The past 6 seasons have brought 100+ wins each season and one World Series title with 2 appearances in the Series. This owner has built a power house team over the seasons and they are set up to continue that. With 8 straight division titles, bnags has proven dominance in the AL South and has been one of the top AL teams over that time.

Record (738-720)
World Series Championships (0)
League Championships (1)
LCS Appearances (1)
Division Titles (3)
Best Record (106-56)

While qtip32 hasn't had a ton of success, it has been amazing the steady climb that the team has made each season since taking over the franchise. The franchise in Trenton had never won the division title and had only 2 post season appearances before qtip32's time. Back in season 11, the first season as owner, the franchise struggled to a 58-104 record. Over the next 5 seasons the team would improve, but in season 15 they just missed out on the first post season appearance for this owner. In season 16 they got over that hump and even won the division. That started what is now a four season run of post season appearances. In season 17 the franchise went to their first ever World Series, but couldn't pull of the championship. Last season the franchise pulled in a franchise most 106 victories to continue the move up this team has had since the start of qtip32's tenure.

Record (646-488)
World Series Championships (2)
League Championships (2)
LCS Appearances (2)
Division Titles (4)
Best Record (112-50)

When bobbyj7 took over the Jackson franchise it was a mess. At that point the team had just one winning season in 12 seasons. Then bobbyj7 took over and slowly got this team in the right direction. The first season was rough as the team went 69-93, then the second season was a bit better at 83-79. It was in just the third season with the franchise that bobbyj7 took them to their second post season appearance by winning the division title at 97-65. In season 17 they won the title again and broke the 100 win mark. In season 18 they won 112 games and went on to become World Champs. They would then follow that up last season after winning 99 games in the regular season. This team has moved up quick look like they have staying power thanks to the ownership of bobbyj7.

This should be an easy voting season. I'm only nominating 3 owners and a no vote button. These 3 are the top deserving candidates and really there are others, but the accomplishments for them are a bit behind these 3. Best of luck to the candidates.

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