Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Season 21 NL East Preview

Philadelphia Moneymakers
Offense 1 Defense 1 Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Average .277 2 Fielding % .288 2 ERA 4.25 9
Home Runs 184 11 Double Plays 394 9 Opp. Avg. .266 9
Ops. .764 3 + Plays 36 12 Strike Outs 1184 2
Runs 759 9 - Plays 31 8 Saves 47 5
Steals 121 5 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slugging .425 6 1 1 1 1 1 1

Season 20 Record: 84-78 (NL East Champs)
Last 5 Seasons: 413-397

Season 20 was a rough year for the Philadelphia Moneymakers. Philly took a step back by only winning 84 games but they did claim the NL East title. Offensively, this is one of the top teams in the NL. The signing of Phil North is a great move. North brings a career average of .269 which isn't bad considering he's an above average fielder. Philly's pitching was descent last season, ranking toward the middle of the league.The big signing of  Matty Andujar will provide this team with the ace they've been needing. The Moneymakers have an outstanding defense even though statistically they were about average. Carmen Delahanty , Scott Watson, and Nate Carter, to name a few, are outstanding fielders and will continue to put up gaudy numbers defensively. Overall Philadelphia is a well rounded team and improved this offseason. I think this club has what it takes to win the tough NL East for the second straight year. If Philly can repeat as NL East champs, it will be the first back-to-back titles in franchise history.

Washington D.C Justices
Offense 1 Defense 1 Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Average .271 4 Fielding % .985 7 ERA 4.33 10
Home Runs 191 8 Double Plays 402 6 Opp. Avg. .271 12
Ops. .773 2 + Plays 74 3 Strike Outs 1048 14
Runs 773 2 - Plays 44 12 Saves 45 7
Steals 30 15 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slugging .432 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

Season 20 Record: 80-82
Last 5 Seasons: 381-429

Formerly the Kansas City Kardinals, this team had a good year in season 20. This offseason KC was taken over by Pine Tar Vet, vector21. Vector moved the team to the Nations Capital where they can start fresh. Washington has been on the rise for several seasons now. This was one of the hottest teams in the league last season but struggled after the All-Star break and finished in third place. The Justices had the offense last year, posting great numbers in team average, homers, Ops, runs and slugging. The promotion of Sherman Becker will add some power to an already potent lineup. Pitching may have been the down fall of this club. The rotation was solid at best. Management addressed this by signing former Scottsdale Scorpion, Raymond Simmons. The combo of Simmons and Bobby McCarthy will be a force if this team makes the playoffs. Washington has a solid defense but they had 44 minus plays which will lose this team some games in the future. Washington is a very good team and will compete with Philly for the NL East crown.  

Jacksonville Juice
Offense 1 Defense 1 Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Average .260 11 Fielding % .984 9 ERA 4.10 7
Home Runs 238 1 Double Plays 337 15 Opp. Avg. .264 8
Ops. .759 5 + Plays 37 11 Strike Outs 1124 6
Runs 772 8 - Plays 34 10 Saves 42 11
Steals 101 7 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slugging .430 3 1 1 1 1 1 1

Season 20 Record: 74-88
Last 5 Seasons: 456-354

The Jacksonville Juice had a very disappointing campaign in season 20 finishing with only 74 wins. This is only the second time in team history they finished with a record low of 74 wins. It's difficult to diagnose a problem with this team since they are a constant powerhouse in the NL. Offensively this is a strong team with  a bunch of good hitters. Andre Fleming is still crushing the ball and is a lefties worst nightmare. Allen Gruber provides some tremendous power out of the clean-up spot. Gruber had 41 home runs in season 20 setting a new career high. Jacksonville could improve the pitching. Finishing last season with a team ERA of 4.10 is solid but it wont get a team to the top of the NL's best division. Gerardo Morales was good last year but has yet to really develop into the ace Jacksonville needs. Bryant Clayton has been a major underachiever since becoming a member of the Juice back in season 19. Defense was a problem last year finishing toward the middle of the league in most categories. Management addressed this by signing Curtis Revere in the offseason.  Jacksonville is a team full of talent. Greygoose123 is a great owner who will have this team turned around in season 21.

Cincinnati Firestorm
Offense 1 Defense 1 Pitching
Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank Category Stat Rank
Average .271 5 Fielding % .985 6 ERA 4.73 12
Home Runs 202 7 Double Plays 360 13 Opp. Avg. .266 11
Ops. .760 4 + Plays 37 10 Strike Outs 1067 9
Runs 774 7 - Plays 25 6 Saves 59 2
Steals 54 14 1 1 1 1 1 1
Slugging .423 7 1 1 1 1 1 1

Season 20 Record: 82-80
Last 5 Seasons: 411-399

Cincinnati had a good season last year and looks to be heading in the right direction. This team has slowly been progressing for the last couple seasons and might finally become a contender in the NL. Rick Marshall and Freddy Cuddyer both had good seasons and should continue to be productive in season 21. Offense is not a problem for the Firestorm but a little more speed wouldn't hurt. This team has a great defense lead by Alex Alomar and Alfredo Rivera who are outstanding fielders. Rivera should be a Gold Glove candidate, he's that good. The downfall of this club was the pitching staff. Bud Donnels is a nice pick-up but i cant see him helping this rotation enough to make a difference. Cincy does have a great bullpen though. Wesley Landrum and Tom Milton are both solid arms for the late innings and will help win a lot of 1-run games. Season 21 will be interesting for Cincinnati. This team doesn't seem to have enough pitching to win 80+ games but somehow they always do.

The NL East is a tough division to pick a winner for since only ten games separated the last place team and the first place team. Philadelphia has a great team and will be tough to beat. Washington had a successful season last year and will be in the mix for the NL East title. I dont think Cincinnati has the pitching staff to win this division or a wildcard spot. If they can bolster their rotation via trade this year, they will be a dangerous team. Jacksonville looks like the best team in this division. I don't think Greygoose123 will have two bad seasons in a row with this team.

1. Jacksonville Juice
2. Philadelphia Moneymakers
3. Washington D.C. Justices
4. Cincinnati Firestorm

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