Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings

  • Maybe you need to fix this?  Two teams have more Caught Stealing than Stolen Bases offensively.    Those two teams are Colorado and Kansas City
  • Durham is hitting .312 as a team this season!  Holy smokes!  That's high!  The second highest team is Rochester, hitting .298
  • The Seattle Strikers are intentionally walked more than any other team.  19 times this season
  • Kansas City grounds into more Double Plays than any other team.  88 times.  New Orleans the fewest with only 17 times.
  • Worst bench of the year?  Has to be Seattle.  Their pinch hitters are hitting 10 for 60.  Ouch!
  • Kansas City if off to a rough start(13-40).  But at least they are leading the league in hitting against lefties.  .334 average
  • Worst defense ever?  Wichita, despite having an awesome team name, are struggling in the field this season committing 2 plus plays and 42 negative plays.
  • Jackson is 14-3 in one runs games this season.  Wow!
  • Oklahoma City is 5-0 in extra inning games!
  • Our current league leader in batting average?  Juan Latos from Nashville is hitting .395. I believe Nashville is taking offers on him as well.
  • I think I'm more impressed by Latos OBP at a whopping .496.  WOWWWW!!!!
  • Heine Rice from Nashville also has the longest hitting streak so far this season at 25 games!
  • Brent Summers from Dover is leading the league in Stolen bases this season with 28.  He has been caught only 3 times.  This guy is a monster as one season in the minors he stole 84 bases.
  • Gus Justice(New York) the worlds best leadoff hitter?  He's scored 53 runs so far this season!
  • Antone Wright from Montreal is leading the league in Pinch hits this season hitting 9 for 22.
  • I was told by 9 time champion Mike T that one of the best stats for evaluating a hitter is by RC 27.  In that case, Fergie Hill from Cincinnati is this years best hitter with a 13.147
  •  Brent from Oklahoma City paid big money to acquire Miguel Rivera, and now we know why.  He has the worlds best ERA at 1.35 in 53.1 innings.
  • Douglass Jennings from Los Angeles has given up the most hr's so far this season with 21.  That is surprising considering he is mostly a groundball pitcher.
  • My personal favorite stat:  +/- Fielding for Shortstops.  Chun Lim Li from Fargo has 9 positive plays, 0 negative and has only committed 4 errors all season.
  • And because I'm such a lover of the defensive shortstop: Most errors by a Shortstop:  Keith Williamson from Colorado with 16 errors so far this season.
  • A couple notable Box scores to check out::
St. Louis vs. Dover
Rochester vs. Los Angeles

  • Does anybody have any big rivalries in this world?  If so, send me a trade chat and tell me what makes the rivalry so special.  Maybe I'll dissect it and have a little fun with it.
  • Also, I like to know that people are reading what I write.  Send me a trade chat and let me know and I will be more likely to mention your team in future blogs.

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