Thursday, February 12, 2015

Season 30 All-Star Blog

The Pine Tar Season 30 Midsummer Classic took place yesterday, as the National League defeated the American League by a score of 7-2.  Wichita's Bartolo Ortiz won MVP honors, thanks to a three-run double in the 6th inning.  Vinny Napoli (Seattle) was the winning pitcher, while Rock Randall (Vancouver) took the loss.  Homeruns were hit by Vladimir Molina (Texas), Eugenio Canseco (Scranton), and Harry Pizzaro (Albuquerque).  

Teams with the most All-Star selections:
Nashville Merchants - 7 (blapo21)
Albuquerque Komodo Dragons - 7 (csudak)
Salem Volcanoes - 6 (jkenned)
Seattle Strikers - 5 (ghutton9)
Scranton Red Barons - 4 (reggie988)
Boston Pilgrims - 3 (kjmulli)
Vancouver Canucks - 3 (skplayer07)
Cincinnati Firestorm - 3 (jbburner)

Teams with zero All-Star selections:
St. Louis Arch Angels
Florida Retirees
Tampa Bay Thunder
Fresno Grizzlies
Helena Copper Kings
Philadelphia Moneymakers
Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
Colorado Springs Night Watchmen

All-Stars by Division
NL West - 13
AL West - 9
AL East - 8
AL South - 8
NL East - 7
NL North - 6
AL North - 5
NL South - 4

*Links are posted - click on an individual player's name to open their HBD profile

First Time All-Stars – American League
P - Tex Wagner (Magnitude)
P - Desi Gabriel (Merchants)
P - Mike Franklin (Volcanoes)
P - Malik Sele (Magnitude)
P - Alex Espinosa (Merchants)
P - Yuniesky Segui (Merchants)
C - Dion Pagnozzi (Zephyrs)
2B - Wendell Werth (Merchants)
3B - Bonne Brow (Pilgrims)
LF - Stone Bennett (Valhalla Varauders)
LF - Marvin Rose (Merchants)
RF - Avisail Martin (Volcanoes)
DH - Phil Yamamoto (Merchants)

First Time All-Stars – National League
P - Ryan Wilkins (Komodo Dragons)
P - Danys Telemaco (Juggernauts)
P - Ray Henry (Juice)
P - Eddie Plant (DwArf'y Mojados)
P - Gustavo Santos (Red Barons)
P - Ivan Carrasco (Hawkeyes)
P - Trevor Dubler (Firestorm)
C - Sean Cousins (Komodo Dragons)
C - Salvador Gallardo (Strikers)
1B - Dicky Stanley (GalvestonWave)
3B - Nigel Martin (Roughnecks)
3B - Eugenio Frieri (Firestorm)
LF - Vladimir Molina (GalvestonWave)
CF - Bartolo Ortiz (DwArf'y Mojados)
RF - Harry Pizzaro (Komodo Dragons)

All-Stars Making Their 5th Appearance or Greater
P - Carlos Flores (Juice): 8th Appearance
P - Juan Sierra (Strikers): 7th Appearance
C - Bengie Trajano (Doormats): 6th Apperance
P - Rickie Metcalfe (Wood Chippers): 6th Appearance
P - John McNamara (Strikers): 5th Appearance
SS - Jim Hawpe (Red Barons): 5th Appearance
RF - Carlos Zorrilla (Prairie Dogs): 5th Appearance

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