Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arfy's Ramblings

Great races to watch down the final stretch:

Wichita and Cincinnati are tied for the division lead.  Wichita has a more difficult schedule left.  Loser should still be a lock for the wildcard.

Milwaukee has a 2 game lead over New York.  New York has a more difficult schedule as they have to play Salem 4 times.  They also finish the season against each other with a 3 game series.  

Whoever loses the AL East race is not a shoe in for the Wildcard.  Fresno currently trails New York by 1 game.  Fresno has a lighter schedule than New York.  St. Louis trails Fresno by 2 games

And now on to rambling......
  • Wichita has a 83-68 record so far this season, but appears to really struggle on the road witha 40-37 record in away games.
  • What kind of roll is Salem on?  Vancouver is in second place in the division with a 87-64 record.  AND THEY ARE 29 GAMES OUT OF FIRST PLACE!  Holy smokes!
  • Salem is 32-13 in 1 run games this season
  • Boston is 16-23 in 1 run games.  There's a head scratcher for a first place team
  • What kind of season is Rochester's Blaine Moore having?  The man is hitting .374 and included a 27 game hitting streak this season.  39 hr and 138 rbi's.  Wow!
  • Other crazy numbers:  Salem's Rubby Prieto,  59 hr, 153 Rbi
  • Houston's Tony Tatis, 81 sb.  only 2 cs.
  • Can you believe that the league record for SB in a season is 166 by Brandon Cline back in season 5.
  • Pitcher with the most wins on a losing team?  Jamie Snow of St. Louis is 15-5 this season.
  • Fargo's Clint Green leads all hitters with 176 strikeouts.  He has 38 hr and 94 rbi's though.
  • Indy's Flash Redman is 1 for 14 stealing bases this season.  Ouch!
  • Vancouver pitching staff  has 11 complete games this season(There are 5 teams that have zero)
  • New York Damage Controllers lead the league with 146 errors this season.
  • Tampa Bay looks set to receive the #1 pick next season.  They have 56 wins.  The next closest has 62 wins.
This is the WTF are you thinking section:  (also known as the tanking section)

  • Why is Ross Glover even on a ML roster, Tampa?  Second straight season with an ERA over 6.
  • New Orleans Woody Castillo, second straight season with an ERA over 7. 
And a final tip of the cap to long time owner Starbuckdc.  Did you know Fargo won his division the first 13 seasons there?

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