Sunday, May 3, 2015

Arfy's Ramblings

Where I just point out stuff I noticed when I look more in depth at Pinetar.   I usually avoid the obvious stuff like best batting average or most home runs, because everyone always looks at that.   I like to point out negative stuff that you may not have realized about your team.  That way you fix it and make competition better for this league.

Best record- Texas Galveston Wave 40-19 .678     PACE-109-53
Tanker award- Helena Copperkings   18-41 .305     PACE- 49-113

Tony Tatis Houston, 30 SB, 0 CS
Longest hitting streak this season- Rafael Unamano Vancouver 24
Worst baserunner-Eugenio Canseco Scranton 2SB, 9 CS
Best pinch hitter-Shouhei Uehara Scranton 12-28 .429
Most GIDP as a hitter-Phil Shibata, TB  20
Most intentional walks by a hitter- Carlos Zorilla OKC
Most strikeouts batting- Texas 488
1 team has not had anyone intentionally walked this season- Durham
Most Complete games pitching-  Vancouver 6
Most solid bullpen-Milwaukee Magnitude 21 for 22 save opportunities.

Top 5-  You probably didn't even know that these players made the list for top 5 single season records in the last couple of seasons
Rubby Prieto- Salem  home runs in a season  #3 with 64 homers  season 30
Cliff Gray - Jackson   infield hits in a season  #2 with 66 infield hits season 29
Cliff Gray- Jackson infield hits in a season #5 with 58 infield hits season 30
Vinny Hill- Boston hitting strikeouts in a season #1 with 28 SO's season 29(min 502 ab's)
Tim Daubach- Seattle ERA in a season #3 with 1.98 ERA season 29(min 162 ip)
Brendan Taylor Seattle ERA in a season #4 with 2.00 ERA season 29

Why are these players on a major league roster??? Plugging ANY other player in should give you same results.

Al Galvez  Helena P  Career #'s:  Whip: 2.09; ERA: 7.65; OBP: .430
Alex Flores Indy P  Career #'s:  Whip:1.89; ERA: 6.81: OBP: .404

Minor league teams that probably need your immediate attention

AAA       Boston 7-51
AAA       Vancouver 12-46
HI A        Kansas City 12-46
HI A       Boston 7-51
LOW A  Texas  8-50
LOW A   Boston 16-42
LOW  A   Vancouver 16-42

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