Saturday, August 22, 2015

S32 All-Star Blog

Pine Tar's Season 32 All-Star game took place this past week with the American League trouncing the National League by the score of 9-2.  Milwaukee's Buddy Berry was named the Most-Valuable Player, as his 3-run homer in the 6th inning gave the AL an insurmountable lead.  Aurelio Osuna (Salem) was the winning pitcher, while Roberto Lopez (San Juan) suffered the defeat.  Homeruns were hit by Berry, Roger Byrne (Chicago), Cristobal Izquierdo (Salem), Brian Woolf (Salem), and the NL's Eddie Tomlin (Colorado Springs).  Salem's Izquierdo had an outstanding game, going 3 for 3 with a homer, 3 RBIs, and 2 runs scored.  

Teams with the most All-Star selections:
Salem Volcanoes (jkenned) - 8
San Juan Dw'Arfy Mojados (jibe) - 6
Scranton Red Barons (reggie988) - 5
Nashville Merchants (blapo21) - 4
Milwaukee Magnitude (horvie78) - 4
Seattle Strikers (ghutton9) - 3
St. Louis Arch Angels (Flucie) - 3

Teams with zero All-Star selections:
New York Damage Controllers
Dover Dinklebergs
Durham Doormats
Tampa Bay Thunder
Omaha Oracles
Wichita Tornadoes
Cincinnati Firestorm
Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's

All-Stars by Division
AL West - 13
NL North - 9
NL East - 9
NL West - 8
AL North - 6
AL South - 6
AL East - 5
NL South - 4

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First Time All-Stars – American League

First Time All-Stars – National League

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