Sunday, November 13, 2016

The rich history of Pinetar - Season 37

One of the best parts of Pinetar has been it's long time owners.  Entering season 37, we still have 4 owners that have been around since season 1.   And three of those owners are all in the same division-The NL EAST.  So let's look at the history of the NL EAST and how many DIV titles and WS titles each team has:

Team                                                                      DIV             WS
Jacksonville Juice(Greygoose123)                            18                 1
Cincinnati Firestorm(jbburner)                                    5                 0
Philadelphia Moneymakers(phillies26)                        5                  0
Other franchise(currently Atlanta/6 coaches)              8                  1

Coaches with most tenure
greygoose123       36
jbburner              36
Phillies26              36
rxw1                     36
ghutton9                30
alogman1               27
bobbyj7                 24
brentcnb                 24
tk21775                21
Arfy                       21
tmfran                     19
skplayer07              18
csudak                    17
skuff730                 17
jkenned                  14
erichanville             12
horvie78                11
Pinetaar                10
holleybard             10

Over 36 seasons, Pinetar has had 25 different coaches win World Series titles.   Only 2 coaches, Jkenned and prezuiwf have won 3 titles.  9 coaches have won 2 titles.    Only one team in the history of Pinetar has ever won back to back WS titles.  You have to go way back to season 16 and 17 when the Syracuse Snow Pirates(prezuiwf) accomplished that feat.  In fact, that is the last time the AL has won back to back titles as well.  The National League leads in World Series titles 19-17, against AL teams.

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