Saturday, December 19, 2009

Owner Hall of Fame: Season 10

Well, it's that time of year again: the owners of the 32 major league clubs will be voting one of their own into the Owner Hall of Fame. This year, however, there are a few tweaks to the system.

First, in order to qualify, an owner must have had his team for at least 5 years (unless no suitable candidates exist with 5 years' experience to round out the 5 nominees). Length of time with the league and amount of success are both factors for nomination-- owners who have taken their team to the playoffs many times, and those who have had success while in the playoffs, will be preferred, although exceptions may be made for owners who have only been to the playoffs a few times but have reached or won the World Series multiple times. Also, an owner must still be with his team at the time of the vote in order to qualify for nomination; bpdelia, for example, is not eligible for nomination even though he brought home 2 championships because he is no longer an active owner in the league.

Finally, last year's winner, Starbuckdc, will have the tiebreaking vote in case there is a deadlock, though unless there is a tie his vote still only counts as one. In the event of a tie, all active members of the Owner Hall of Fame will collectively get to cast a tiebreaking vote, and if there is still a tie after that has been done, the most current active winner get to cast the deciding vote.

Phew, well, now that all the ground rules have been covered, it's time to vote! You have until Sunday, December 27th, at 8:00 PM EST to cast your ballot, at which time the newest member of the Owner Hall of Fame will be crowned! Good luck to all our outstanding candidates.

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