Tuesday, December 29, 2009

rxw1 - The Newest Owner Hall of Fame Inductee!

Congratulations to rxw1, this season's inductee into the Owner Hall of Fame!

One of the league's original owners, rxw1 has been the mastermind behind the Tampa Bay Thunder for 10 seasons. The team's humble beginnings saw a lukewarm first 4 seasons, marked by a surprise 91-win season and the first of several trips to the World Series (an epic 7-game loss to fellow Hall of Famer Starbuckdc's Fargo Wood Chippers). The Thunder's fortunes have fared much better over the past 5 seasons, however, with the team finishing 1st in the AL South each of those seasons and boasting an unprecedented 3 straight World Series appearances (including season 8's sweep of the Charleston Riverdogs for rxw1's first World Championship). The Thunder have gotten off to a comparatively rocky 43-38 start this year , but they currently sit atop the division once again and have shown few signs of slowing down despite growing divisional competition.

Welcome, rxw1, to the Owner Hall of Fame, an honor you have clearly earned.

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