Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Owner Hall of Fame welcomes newest member

In what ended up becoming a vote decided by a tie breaker, owner greygoose123, has become the newest member elected to the Pine Tar Owner Hall of Fame. greygoose 123 had some very stiff competition for this election, that left some very deserving owners waiting for another year. After all the votes were in, there was a tie between two great owners, greygoose123 and bjohara1. That meant that we had to go to the tiebreaker in which the three current members had to make a tough vote. One of those members even said that he wished he could just vote for both of them. Unfortunately the rules stated that only one member could be elected each season. The highest honor among owners was then awarded to none other than now Hall of Famer greygoose123.

greygoose123, is one of the owners that makes this world so great. Having been around since the inaugural season, this owner has put together a very impressive resume. This Hall of Famer has put together a record of 1211-895 through 13 seasons, and has won the south division 8 times. The fans in Jacksonville have been given a competitive team every season. The only season without a winning record was way back in season 3 when they still won 78 games. They have reached the 90 win plateau 8 times and 100 wins 3 times. Jacksonville has been to 3 World Series and has brought home 1 World Championship.

This my friends is a Hall of Fame owner. Congratulations to greygoose123 on becoming the 4th member of our Owner Hall of Fame.

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