Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Syracuse Snow Pirates win the World Series!

The Syracuse Snow Pirates have done it. They are the season 13 World Series champions. Winning the championship gives the franchise their first championship after making it to their first World Series. Owner prezuiwf, took over this team back in season 5, with the goal of making them year in and year out contenders, and this season it all paid off for this franchise.

It was not always winning and being on top for this franchise. Through their first 9 seasons, they made the post season just one time and never once made it to 90 wins. The only bit of success they seen was back in season 3, as a wild card team, they made it to the league championship series. Over the last 4 seasons it has been a different tune in Syracuse. Season 10 seen this team win 99 games and a wild card spot. The last 3 seasons, this team has won their division, won more than 100 games in each season, been to the LCS twice, and now the World Series and a championship.

Their run through the post season was nothing less than amazing. In the divisional series they swept Durham with scores of 4-0, 13-0, and 9-4. It was a very impressive showing offensively and defensively. While they displayed dominant pitching, the bat of Rob McNamara was very impressive in this series. He had 2 homers and 7 rbi's, with at least one rbi in each game.

In the LCS, they beat Ottawa, 4 games to 1. Two more shutouts in the series first 2 games and this team was imposing their force in another series. They outscored Ottawa 26-17 in the 5 games. Starters Cyrus Torres and Warren Hargrave, each had shutouts for the second straight series and each pitched in two of the victories, even though they only got credit for one win a piece. Closer Omar Gabriel, had 3 saves in the series pitching 4 1/3 innings of shutout ball and striking out 7 batters.  C Danny Milligan finished 10 for 22 with 3 homers, and 1B Ernest Buck finished the series 9 for 16 with 1 hr and 2 rbi.

The World Series may have been this teams most impressive showing of the entire season. In sweeping the Charleston Riverdogs, they outscored them 29-9 over the four games. Hargrave started 2 games and got credit for 2 wins, while pitching 13 innings of 1 run ball. Torres pitched 1 game of 8 inning 1 run ball for a victory. C Danny Milligan finished the series 8 for 16 and scored 8 runs from the leadoff spot. RF Rob Lee tossed in a 7 for 17 series. 1B Ernest Buck finished 6 for 16 with 6 rbi. LF Ismael Liriano finished 5 for 14 with 8 rbi. 2b Yorvit Ortiz went 7 for 16. They hit and they pitched and that is what won this team the championship.

Even though this team has a few key players that are getting up there in age, this is still a pretty young team. This is a team that has a shot at doing it all over again next season. This may be the next big dynasty beginning.

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