Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pine Tar News

With another season winding down, I figure it's time to do another league update. Another fun and exciting season is just a couple weeks from being over. A couple things I want to go over are the league rankings, replacement owners and the league Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame
While I know that the world has only been around for a fairly short time, my concern is that their aren't very many owners that even care enough about it to vote. The whole thing is obviously cosmetic and really means nothing in overall value to the league. It is another thing that adds a little bit of fun to the game though. To have one of your players in the hall is about the same as having one of your players win the MVP or any award. In my personal opinion, I see at least three players that I feel like are worthy of making the Hall of Fame.
 OF Bob Wood, played 11 seasons and was a very well rounded player. He was a member of the 40-40 club once, had 5 seasons over 40 homers with a 61 home run season. He hit 385 homers in his career and stole 275 bases. He also had 9 seasons of 100+ rbi's and had 203 in season 6. He also had 8 seasons of 100+ runs scored. He was a 4 time all star and a one time silver slugger left fielder.
SP Rich Meyers, played 11 seasons and was a very good starting pitcher in that time. He finished his career with 170 wins and only 55 losses. He also had a dynamite ERA of 3.08 for his career. He never had a season with double digit losses. He was a two time Cy Young winner and six time all star.
RP Moises Bennet, only played 6 seasons but was dominant in his short time. He saved 244 games and only blew 26 saves in that time. He pitched 311 games and had a 2.94 ERA. The thing that stands out with Bennett is that he won the Fireman of the Year award 3 times, was an all star 5 times, and won a world series ring twice. In the post season he had 17 saves in 20 opportunities. He pitched 22 games, but had a 6.48 ERA in those games.

Next Season
As of right now, I haven't heard from anyone that they are not returning. If you are reading this and don't plan on returning, then let me know now. This is very important, so that I can find a replacement asap. These days, it is tough to find new owners that are willing to take on teams. Most people in the game that already have teams are not looking to add teams and new owners that have never played are really hard to find. Of course, I would love it if everyone was returning. That makes for a much better league and each team actually would have a direction. With new owners, you just don't know what you get and if they will do the right thing with the team. We have a great group of owners and it is very hard to find a world with so many good owners. If everyone stays then we will roll over to a new season just a few days after the World Series. That is why I need to know if anyone is leaving. I'd like to be able to do that after this season.

World Ranking
1.Syracuse Snow Pirates 93-36, 1st place AL North
2.Nashville Nala Bears 86-43, 1st place AL South
3.Atlanta Red Tide 84-45, 1st place AL East
4.Ottawa Otters 79-50, 2nd place AL North
5.Seattle Strikers 75-54, 1st place NL West

also receiving votes, Fargo Wood Chippers, Cincinnati Firestorm, Milwaukee Cream Citys

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