Sunday, March 6, 2011

Owner of the year-Season 14

Sorry guys about the lack of blogging lately. It's been a busy few months on the personal level and I've just struggled for time. Season 14 was another great season here in Pine Tar and quite truthfully, I'm kind of bummed that I didn't get more info on here about it. It really was quite a fun and shocking season for the world. Scottsdale winning the championship was just amazing to me. Fargo finally not winning the division? What the heck happened in the NL North? The NL South didn't have one team with a losing record and was a dog fight. Syracuse reeling off 115 wins, and Nashville wasn't too far behind with 110. Both had amazing seasons. Atlanta surprised the heck out of me with 104 victories. Just an amazing season for the world. With that being said, we need to vote on owner of the year. I'll keep the rundowns of each owner brief and to the point.

prezuiwf-Syracuse Snow Pirates(115-47, AL Champs)-prez continues to be an amazing owner and could possibly rack up a few of these awards. After winning the championship in season 13, the team returned to the World Series only to be upset by Scottsdale.

radkison-Atlanta Red Tide(104-58, AL East champs)-After 7 straight seasons without making the playoffs, this owner took his team to the top of the division and racked up 104 wins. That was a 27 win improvement over the previous season.

bnags-Nashville Nalas(110-52, AL South champs)-Nashville has improved in victories each of the last 7 seasons and made the biggest leap in victories last season by besting the previous season by 14 victories.

ewd330-Ottawa Otters(98-64, Wild Card, ALCS runner up)-ewd330 has Ottawa consistently around 100 victories each season and being a contender. 3 straight ALCS appearances and last season losing out to a very good Syracuse team.

moosedrool-Helena Ass Hats(92-70, NL North Champs)-Last season moosedrool steered this team to the top of the division to end a 13 season strangle hold by Fargo on the division title. The 92 wins put up last season was a 34 game improvement over season 13.

jbburner-Cincinnati Firestorm(93-69, NL East Champ)-jbburner led this team to their most wins in team history last season. They won the divison for the first time since season 5.

Starbuckdc-Fargo Wood Chippers(87-75, Wild Card, NLCS runner up)-Just when this owner made it look like there was no we to be included on this list, Starbuckdc goes on to make the NLCS and prove everyone wrong. They may not have won the division but they did finish runner up for the league title.

vector21-Scottsdale Scorpions(88-74, NL West champs, World Champs)-Taking over a team in turmoil back in season 11, vector21 has improved the team record every season since. 88 wins may not have been eye popping, but this team went on to win the World Championship.

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