Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Owner Hall of Fame Candidates

There will be 5 candidates listed this season for induction to our owners Hall of Fame and 1 open spot in the case that you think nobody is deserving. Below are the 5 candidates to be voted on along with my reasoning for nominating them. Keep in mind that there are many owners that qualify, but I had to choose the 5 that best fit the criteria. And with that, here are the candidates up for election.

Record (932-850)
World Series Championships (1)
League Championships (1)
LCS Appearances (3)
Division Titles (6)
Best Record (112-50)

bnags has been around since way back in season 6. He started his time in Pine Tar as the owner of Houston Writ of Sepulture and the team went 63-99 for a last place finish in the division. Not happy with that, he picked the team up and moved them to Florida where they became the Pelicans for the next 2 seasons. With very little success in Florida they moved to Nashville in season 9 to become the Nala Bears, which has since been shortened to Nalas. That move was what got this owner kick started into putting together a top notch team. After the move the team climbed the ranks each year to where they are now, at the top. The past 4 seasons have brought 100+ wins each season and one World Series title. This owner has built a power house team over the seasons and they are set up to continue that. With 6 straight division titles, bnags has proven dominance in the AL South and has been one of the top AL teams over that time.

Record (1319-1111)
World Series Championships (0)
League Championships (0)
LCS Appearances (2)
Division Titles (0)
Best Record (104-58)

jquick1 came to Pine Tar back in season 3 with the Milwaukee Cream Citys. Running a team that is consistently good is tough to do. The worst season this team has had under jquick1 was 75-87. While most teams try to rebuild to become good, this team has gone about it differently. This nomination isn't about championships, this nomination is about an owner that has found ways to stay competitive over a long period of time without the benefits of a top draft pick or trading away all the good players they have for the future. While they weren't a playoff contender early in jquick1's tenure, they did compete and have only finished last in the division twice. Over the last 7 seasons though, this has been one of the tougher teams in the AL. If not for being in the toughest division in Pine Tar, then this team could have easily won multiple division titles over this time. Over the last 10 seasons they have posted two 100 win seasons, 4 more 90 win season with another season of 89 wins. They have twice made the ALCS, but each time came up short of the World Series. A .543 winning percentage is nothing to ignore with this owner.

Record (1135-809)
World Series Championships (3)
League Championships (4)
LCS Appearances (5)
Division Titles (7)
Best Record (121-41)

The numbers for prezuiwf speak for themselves really. Besides that, prez has also been a contributor to Pine Tar in other ways. 'prez', led the charge earlier this year in getting Pine Tar voted fan favorite league in HBD in the league chat with the original suggestion to get our owners to vote. prez was also the original blogger for Pine Tar before having time issues and turning the reigns over to me. I'd be willing to say that without prez originating this blog that there would be no blog or it may have ended up being a plain old boring blog like quite a few of the other HBD leagues out there. On to the owner resume. Back in season 5 prez came aboard and took over an average franchise. Over the first 5 seasons of prez's run the team had it's share of struggles, but was also right on the verge of busting through. Season 10 the team started to take off and hasn't looked back. Now part of 8 straight division titles and 3 world championships in that time, this team has been the class of the AL. 6 out of the last 7 seasons have produced 100+ win teams. What makes it even more respectable is the fact that this has been done in a division that regularly produces 3 playoff teams. It's hard to ignore this owners accomplishments in the seasons since taking over the franchise.

Record (1430-1324)
World Series Championships (0)
League Championships (0)
LCS Appearances (0)
Division Titles (3)
Best Record (94-68)

Phillies26 has been nominated this season in part due to longevity and also in part to the fact that the team is always competitive. 17 seasons and the team has never won less than 74 games. That is an impressive feat, especially when so many HBD worlds experience tanking owners trying to make long term power houses. To have an owner that is always trying to win and doing it for 17 seasons is what makes Pine Tar such a great world to be a part of. Without the owners like this then we'd be just another HBD world with the haves and the have nots. It may not look special and I'm sure Phillies26 would like better results, but in any given season a team like this could take the championship. If there is anything you can count on here, it's that you will have to battle this team to the end every season.

Record (1088-1018)
World Series Championships (1)
League Championships (1)
LCS Appearances (3)
Division Titles (1)
Best Record (95-67)

moosedrool was an original owner in Pine Tar with the Wichita Sand Gnats back at the start. Without much success there moosedrool took a few seasons away from the world. With a return in season 5 with Helena Sleeping Giants, moosedrool instantly made the team a contender and regular post season entrant. After season 6 the team then changed their name to the Ass Clowns and remained that until season 14 when they became the Ass Hats. Season 9 was the big season for this owner. In a division with quite possibly the best team in Pine Tar, Fargo, the team got past the second place division finish to go on and win the World Series. From seasons 6-9 the team posted 90+ wins each season, but finished second in each. Actually that was a run of 6 consecutive 2nd place finishes as they just couldn't knock off that pesky team from Fargo. While the team has struggled more recently they have still remained competitive in every season of the owners time here except one bad season back in season 13. This is another owner that continually is going to challenge each and every opponent and will be counted on to be competitive every season.

Best of luck to all of the owners I've selected and I believe this is going to be a tough season to vote someone in to the OHOF.

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