Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Owner Hall of Fame

The newest member in the Owner Hall of Fame is prezuiwf. Congrats on the election. It looks like it was a landslide vote on prez's behalf and I think the credentials back up the election. Now I'll re post what was said about prez and the reasons for the election.

prezuiwfRecord (1135-809)
World Series Championships (3)
League Championships (4)
LCS Appearances (5)
Division Titles (7)
Best Record (121-41)

The numbers for prezuiwf speak for themselves really. Besides that, prez has also been a contributor to Pine Tar in other ways. 'prez', led the charge earlier this year in getting Pine Tar voted fan favorite league in HBD in the league chat with the original suggestion to get our owners to vote. prez was also the original blogger for Pine Tar before having time issues and turning the reigns over to me. I'd be willing to say that without prez originating this blog that there would be no blog or it may have ended up being a plain old boring blog like quite a few of the other HBD leagues out there. On to the owner resume. Back in season 5 prez came aboard and took over an average franchise. Over the first 5 seasons of prez's run the team had it's share of struggles, but was also right on the verge of busting through. Season 10 the team started to take off and hasn't looked back. Now part of 8 straight division titles and 3 world championships in that time, this team has been the class of the AL. 6 out of the last 7 seasons have produced 100+ win teams. What makes it even more respectable is the fact that this has been done in a division that regularly produces 3 playoff teams. It's hard to ignore this owners accomplishments in the seasons since taking over the franchise.

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