Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Am I the only one that goes through the career records to check them out periodically? Maybe I am, and maybe that proves how big of a stat nerd I really am. Maybe I'm not and there are other big stat nerds out there like myself. Well since I had the season story lines article written up and lost it all, I just couldn't bring myself to go back through a write it all again, but I figured I needed something to put up in it's place. This should be somewhat interesting, especially for those that don't check the records out or just don't have the time.

First off, I didn't realize how good of a player Will McCarthy has been. Earlier this season he became Pine Tar's career leader in homeruns by passing Lloyd Patrick who had 641. He's now up to 654 with time to improve it. It also looks like during the AM cycle on 2/13 with a 2 run homer he became the first player in Pine Tar to reach 2000 RBI's.

Also this season, Rafael Cervantes, became the first player to 100 career triples. Also, during the AM cycle on 2/13 he passed up Eric Presley to become the all time stolen base king of Pine Tar with 702.

In a not so prestigious milestone, Ivan Silva became the all time leader in losses by passing up Barry Gibson's old record of 159.

The last one of note is Ebenezer Brett passing up Warren Hargrave as the all time wins leader. He's old and likely to not reach the 300 mark, but he is only 28 away.

I'm sure there are other milestones that I just can't see from looking through these lists of top 5's, and I do know that there are some that are close to being hit and could by the end of the season. I just figured I'd post these to give you guys something to read about for now.

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  1. McCarthy, Hargrave, Cervantes, and Silva were all part of Tampa Bay's run of 4 World Series appearances in 5 years so I got to see each of them 3 cycles a day. Hargrave leaving as a Free Agent without giving me a shot to resign him is still my Shaq leaving Orlando moment!! - RXW1