Saturday, March 10, 2012

Owner of the Year-Season 18

I just realized that this was missed the past 2 seasons, but it shouldn't have been. So it's that time again. Time to vote for the owner that you think had the best season in season 18. There are many things that should be considered in this vote and I've decided to make a case for each owner on the ballot. It's your choice to decide how strongly to judge each owner on each thing I've listed.

TK21775(Iowa City Hawkeyes)-TK added 29 wins from the previous season to this was embattled franchise. He led them to the their first division title and post season appearance. They came up short in the post season, but that shouldn't deter anyone from voting for this candidate.

greygoose123(Jacksonville Juice)-Once again this franchise took the division title. They had the franchise's fourth 100 win season. It was another outstanding season for this owner.

bobbyj7(Jackson Juggernauts)-For the second season in a row this owner led the team to a 100+ win season. Not only that, but they won the World Series for the first time in franchise history. Obviously the likely favorite for the award with such an outstanding season.

douglaslee(Charlotte Bad News)-This owner finds himself in this poll for an awesome turnaround during the season. The team did have a really good season with 93 wins, but at midseason they didn't appear to be a team that could make a run in the post season. With a flurry of mid season deals douglaslee put this team in prime position to make a run and they did. It all ended in the NLCS, but it was a great season none the less.

tmfran(Dover Dinklebergs)-In the first season as owner of this franchise tmfran led them to the division title that has long been held by Syracuse. The team won 100+ games for the fourth time in franchise history and set a franchise record with 103. It wasn't meant to be in the post season, but they had an outstanding regular season.

blues_bros(Pittsburgh Psychics)-Another first season owner to excel last season was here in Pittsburgh. After the franchise declined in victories each of the previous 3 seasons, blues_bros came in and stopped the bleeding in a big way. He led the team to 101 victories for the franchise's second 100+ win season. Another team that quick exited in the post season, but had a great season overall.

bnags(Nashville Nalas)-Realistically bnags has a case for owner of the year in each of the past 6 seasons. Last season was just the same. With 109 wins it was the fifth consecutive season of 100+ victories. Not only that but they are the AL champs and was a part of a great World Series in which they came up short. That shouldn't deter anyone from voting for this great owner.

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