Friday, July 20, 2012


On the eve of Hall of Fame weekend in the MLB, I find it a fitting time to officially induct bnags into the Pine Tar Owner Hall of Fame. Our bi annual vote took place at the start of this season and bnags was elected among a deserving group of candidates. I congratulate bnags on this achievement as it shows where he stands among his peers.

As owner of the Nashville franchise since season 6 when bnags entered the league, they have moved cities and changed team names multiple times. Originally entering the league as the Houston Writ of Sepulture, bnags led the team to a 63-99 record and last place in the division. In season 7 the franchise moved to Florida and became the Pelicans. The losing ways continued the 2 seasons in Florida with a combined 89-235 and a couple last place finishes. In season 9 they moved to Nashville and took on the name Nala Bears. That was when things started turning around for this owner. They finished that first season their at 62-100 and that would be the last 100 loss season for the franchise. They finished 3rd and then in season 10 finished the same and improved to 71-91. Season 11 continued the upward trend as the team finished 2nd in the division with an 82-80 record. That was also the last time that bnags didn't win the division title. 

Season 12 started the run of greatness for this owner that eventually helped land him in the OHOF. At 90-72 they took the division title for the first of 8 straight. In season 13 they finished 96-66 and season 14 they went 110-52 for the teams first 100 win season. Season 15 was the big season for this owner. With 112 victories it was the last season of 8 straight that seen the franchise improve their win total. They also went on to win the World Series that season in what is surprisingly their only championship to date. Seasons 16 through 19 also were 100+ win seasons and division titles, but none have matched that season 15 championship. Having built a great team one can only expect that this franchise will continue it's winning ways for some time and may even take another World Championship.

Owner Interview
1. Who is bnags? Tell us something that may surprise us about you? Answer: I'm a 35 yr. old father of 3 lovely daughters who has been married for 12 years. I live in Northern Kentucky which is about 10 minutes south of Cincinnati. I work as a salesman for Watson's Pools and Spas. Something that may surprise is that I'm a much bigger NFL fan than MLB. I also play NFL Strat-o-matic face to face league if anybody has ever heard of it. 

2. How did you end up being a part of Pine Tar? Answer: Recruited by Domi from another league I was in with him. Don't hold that against me, lol, I don't know him personally.

3. Why the team name? Answer: Named after my dog Nala, a chow, who passed a few years back. Ironically my wife adopted another chow named Nala off craigslist.

4. Do you have a favorite MLB team and /or player and who?Answer: Cincinnati Reds. Favorite player all-time is Eric Davis. Favorite players currently Chipper Jones, Jay Bruce, and Drew Stubbs.

5. Do you have a favorite HBD player, who and why? Answer: Favorite HBD player is Heinie Rice. 

6. What is your favorite part about HBD? Answer: The realism of being a real GM, my dream job!

7. What is the part about HBD that you like the least? Answer: The turnover of owners that some leagues have. Thankfully we don't have that problem and have a great core of owners!

8. Are there any teams/rivalries that you use as a measuring stick for your team and what team(s) is it? Answer: Not really, I very competitive and just want to win the division every year. Once you are in the playoffs anything can happen. I love that because real baseball is the same way.

9. What's more important to a teams success in HBD, Offense, Defense or Pitching? Answer: I think balance to a team is most important. I try to keep my teams as balanced as possible.

10. What advice would you give a new owners? Answer: Don't be in a hurry to win now. Learn the game and build your team up slowly and sucess will follow.

11. Any comments you'd like to make about being made a part of Pine Tar's Owner HOF or comments in general? Answer: Just like to thank those that voted for me. I plan on staying a part of this world for a longtime and hope to have continued sucess!

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