Thursday, July 19, 2012

Season 20 1Q Power Ranking

Top Ten Power Ranking

Notes City Rank Previous Rank Notes
Durham 1 N/A Best offense in Pine Tar. Solid Pitching.
Jackson 2 N/A Phenomenal pitching staff. Defending World Champs.
Scranton 3 N/A Well rounded team. Very good offense and pitching.
Nashville 4 N/A Always a great team. Lots of talent.
Kansas City 5 N/A Underdog team. Deep roster.
Charlotte 6 N/A Slow Start. Tough division.
Iowa City 7 N/A Solid pitching. Inconsistent team.
Texas 8 N/A 13-4 in 1-run games.
Annahiem 9 N/A Solid pitching. Weak division.
Pittsburgh 10 N/A Solid team. In the same division as Durham.

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