Thursday, February 28, 2013

NL North Team Awards

I'm going to be going through each team and giving awards based on what I see. I figure it would be a pain to have everyone send me their personal picks. Plus that would be no fun for you guys since it wouldn't be a surprise. I'll start with the NL since I'm more familiar with them.

NL North

Iowa City Hawkeyes
MVP- 1b-Jose Alfonzo
I'm going with the young first baseman here. He can hit and he has good power. He's more of a doubles hitter, but he has put up good homerun numbers for playing in a park that favors pitchers. Throw in the fact that the guy can steal a few bases and scored over 90 runs and this guy drives the offense for this team. Defensively he doesn't play a tough position, but he has put up double digit plus plays and has only committed a couple errors.

Cy Young- Sticky Farquhar
Farquhar has had a great season. He may not lead the team in ERA, Wins, or OAV, but he's second in all of those among qualifiers. Add in that he has struck out 188 batters in 244.2 innings with 7 complete games and that is why he gets my pick for this teams top pitcher award.

Fargo Wood Chippers
MVP- 2b/rf-Zip Sullivan
Sullivan has led this offense this season. With his mid 30 homerun power and high .280 batting average, Zip has led the way. He also is real close to 120 RBI, and 90 runs. He also has some speed and a great OBP. Zip is an all around offensive force. He's also pretty solid in the field with his .982 fielding percentage at his prime position of secondbase.

Cy Young-Aurelio Ozuna
The rookie Ozuna made his debut this season and never looked back. This team needed this season 20 IFA signing to come in and make a splash and he did. He ended up leading the staff in Wins, ERA and OAV. He should only get better from here.

Trenton Thunders
MVP- LF-Benito Rodriguez
This was a tough one. Petrov could have very well taken this award as well, but I went with Rodriguez. Rodriguez has a rare mix of speed, power and on base percentage. He drives in runs and scores them among the best in the league. While a .283 batting average is good, a .383 OBP is even better. He's young and he should have many more seasons like this one ahead.

Cy Young- Ivan Carrasco
This was a tough selection for the opposite reasons of the MVP. The pitching in Trenton just wasn't very good this season. I went with Carrasco due to his 110+ innings pitched, .260 OAV, and 3.45 ERA. I know it wasn't much but he also led the team in saves with 8. His 7-1 record represented the best winning percentage on the team.

Montreal Leaf Blowers
MVP- OF-Rickey Masterson
Masterson has put up a great statistical season for this team. He has 30 homers 100+ runs, a chance for 100 RBI(99 with 2 games left), and 20 steals. He also is hitting a .282 with a .331 OBP. The guy has good speed, hitting and power.

Cy Young- Tom Leonard
Pitching wasn't this teams strength this season, but Tom Leonard sure did a good job at closing down games. He had 26 saves in 32 tries and posted a 3.38 ERA with a .226 OAV. He also struck out 34 batters in 32 innings. While his numbers aren't mind blowing, he was the rock of this pitching staff.

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