Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arfy's Ramblings

First off, let's meet two more coaches who got back to me yesterday
  • Colorado Springs Night Watchmen  toe64  Tom, 49, Northwest Illinois area, Insurance, all Chicago teams - Blackhawks, Bears, Bulls, prefer the Cubs but will cheer for the White Sox when not playing the Cubs. Enjoy time with the family, golf, volleyball, zombie shows and movies.
  • Dover Dinklebergs  tmfran  Toby, 36, fan of All St. Louis sports teams. Rams season ticket holder. Still a little bit of a cardinals football fan, even though the broke my heart as a boy just learning to love football. Bill bidwell is a ****. I work security for a large corporation in stl. Married with two kids. I gave up fantasy baseball when I found hbd.
At first this was a list of All-Star snubs.  But then I decided I wanted to include everybody.  So this list is the best player on each team that didn't make the all star team.

Sam Sanders LF Alb hitting .314, 21 hr's, and 66 RBI's.
Matt Jaha DH Bost .319 avg, .429 obp, 13 hr, 71 RBI's
Alan Wilson RF Char  .298, 20hr, 61 Rbi's.
Fergie Hill 2B Cin  .304, 33 hr's, 85 rbi's
Alberto Blasco RP Col 20 of 21 saves, 3.00 ERA in a hitters park
John Pong 1B Dov .325, ..422 obp, 19hr, 85 rbi's
Billy Haynes 1B .329 avg, .404 obp, 23 hr's, 66 rbi's
Ismael Duran P Far 11-5, 2.97 era, 1.12 whip
Carl Esposito 1B Hou .285 avg, 25 hr, 73 rbi's.
Rondell Kirwan RP Iowa City 7 for 7 saves, 1.53 ERA, 0.95 whip, lacks innings(29.1)
Rube Clark P Jackson 11-5, 3.44 ERA, 1.15 WHIP
 Rich Pierce 2B Jacksonville .292, .400 obp, 28 SB, 81 runs scored
Ivan Uribe C Kansas City .329 avg, .397 obp
Yusmeiro Veras RF L.A. .290 avg, 35 SB, 70 runs scored
Vic Rijo 1B Lou .329 avg, .397 obp, 20 hr's, 66 RBI's
Fausto DelaVega LF Mad .309 avg,  19 hr's, 64 Rbi's
Clay Jeter P Mon 11-4,  1.29 whip
Apollo Fltecher RP Nash 13 for 13 saves,  1.78 ERA, 1.78 Whip
Sam Slotnik RF N.O. .294 avg, 27 hr, 70 rbi's
Storm Mahoney RF NY 24 hr, 65 rbi's
Miguel Rivera P OKC 6-1, 1.66 ERA,  0.87 WHIP
Kevin Griffiths 1B .303 avg
Russell Powell 1B Roch .358 avg, .444 obp.  Sreiously?  These are Wade Boggs #'s.
Jack Rooney RP Salem  2.83 ERA, He lacks innings
Vasco Tejada RP San Juan 3.47 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, lacks innings
Benny Navarro 2B Sea .362 obp,  26 hr, 22 SB, 88 runs scored
Aurelia Canseco C STL  .309 avg, 18 hr, 61 rbi
Kevin Yamamoto 2B Syr .307 avg
Robert Wallace RF TB 29hr, 74 rbi
Rickie Halama 3B Van .314, 21 hr, 55 rbi
Andres Jacquez P Wichita 1.97 ERA, 1.16 whip, lacks innings

Interesting Numbers

  • If you start at the top of the list in innings pitched and work your way down to find out the first pitcher to have more Strikeouts than Innings....the answer is Alex Martis from Houston..  He has 111 Strikeouts in 102 innings
  • The 'I won't give up on you' award has to go to New York and pitcher Timo Lee .  In his two seasons with New York he has given up 165 Earned Runs in 174 innings.  Yes, that is an ERA of 8.53 in two seasons
  • The top two players in infield hits this season,  both play for Seattle.JJ Decker and Clyde Nathan.
  • Right Fielder Anthone Wright leads all pinch hitters this season hitting 11 for 26 as a pinch hitter.  That is a .423 average for those keeping track at home.
  • Most innings played this season without an error?  Goes to Jose Alfonzo from Iowa City.  At first base he has played 95 games, 866.2 innings without an error.
  • Tampa Bay leads the league in Balks with 5.  I wonder what goes into determining that?
  • Vancouver Canucks are 1-7 in extra inning games
  • Miguel Gonzales of Durham was the first pitcher in our world to get to 500 saves.   He started the season at 499.
  • Cyrus Torres of Seattle might be the first and only pitcher to get 300 wins in our world.   He currently sits at 293.

In this part, I'm going to jump back a few seasons back and look at some transaxtions.  Then we can evaluate how that panned out.

  • Season 12 the top player in International Free Agency was Kansas City Outfielder, Jose Borbon .  He was igned for 17.5 million dollars by Nashville's Bnags.  Borbon has been traded 3 times   He has never hit over 19 home runs and has only hit over .300 once.  He has never won and Major league awards.  I would have to call this one a bust
  • Season 13   First pick in the amateur draft goes to Las Vegas.(Currently St. Louis).  Stuart 11 selects SS Lou Jeffries with the first pick.  I look at his career and see that he only hits 30+ home runs once, only has 100 + rbi's once and has a .269 career average.  Now that I look, I see that he has over 100 runs scored twice and has had quite a few career stolen bases(316).  Was this a good pick?  At first glance I said no, it might be a wash though.  Just and FYI 3B Jared Glynn was selected second that season. 

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