Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Get to know your fellow coaches

Got a lot of responses back on this.  I was pleasantly surprised..   I have already found my self yaaking back and forth with a couple of coaches. If you didn't get a chance to get back to me, then send me something now and I'll include it tomorrow when I do an edition of Arfy's Ramblngs.

  • Albuquerque Komodo Dragons     csudak  Name: Casey Location: 20 mins north of Boston Age: 31 Work: Sports Director for a YMCA Teams: All Boston teams Other: Semi-professional at food eating challenges
  • Boston Pilgrims  kjmulli  im 29, live in wichita, ks and am a table games supervisor for a casino. i grew up between maine and pennsylvania and my fav teams are red sox,  bruins, dolphins, and lakers (the lakers one is weird, i know). i pretty much spend my time and money partying and traveling (just got back from a 12-day trip to jamaica and pennsylvania).
  • Cincinnati Firestorm  jbburner  My name is JB. I am 51 and live in Chicago. I am a retired Wildland Firefighter. Favorite sports teams are the Cubs and Blackhawks and I also enjoy playing golf.
  •  Houston Roughnecks  bagwellbuff  -Arfy could have saved me the trouble, since we are Facebook friends, and pulled this off my page. Oh well, I'll indulge him. I am a 55 year old who strongly believes in Andy Dufrene's philosophy in Shawshank Redemption: Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.I am a graduate student in History at the University of Louisiana. I live in my native Cajun country of south Louisiana. Lafayette, La. is a cosmopolitan city with a music scene that rivals Nashville or Austin; you can't throw a stick without hitting a Grammy award nominee. After I get my Masters in May 2014, I plan to head to a PhD program. At this point, the University of Georgia is my top choice, since my lovely fiancee, whom I met my first-time around in college back in the mid-seventies, has a job with a downtown Atlanta law firm. Obviously, HBD is relaxation therapy for me and the nice people I have met playing this game are a bonus. About the name Bagwellbuff, my son is the Houston Astros fan and this was originally his name. A few years ago, I took over a GD team he lost interest in and kept playing under this username. I am proud of the Sim baseball championships and " Holy Grail" Tournament of Champions championship I won under my original username of timlan2057. My favorite sports teams are the St. Louis Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Rockets and Arsenal. I believe in loyalty and have rooted for all of these since 1967. I can't stand bandwagon fans who jump on and off. In summation, my WIS activity--especially in Pine Tar--is a nice niche in this exciting experience called My Life.
  •  Iowa City Hawkeyes  tk21775  Travis, 31, Iowa, Insurance Agent, Michigan Wolverines; coach sons' baseball team for the last 5 years
  •  Jackson Juggernauts bobbyj7  Name: Bob J Age: 45-50 Location: Upper Midwest Work: Technical
  •  Kansas City Hotsteppers  italianajt  No prob! Adam Tarantino (yes it is and NO I'm not related to Quentin). just turned 30 on 08/03. Live in Albuquerque, NM where I am a Compliance Officer for an Independent Broker/Dealer (investments) I also umpire Little League and NM High School baseball,  New York Yankees is my favorite MLB team and the Baltimore Ravens is my favorite NFL team. I just welcomed my second child, a boy, into this world on 07/28!!!
  •  Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's  Arfy* My name is Lauren.  Yes, I'm a dude.  I'm 40 and live in Walla Walla, WA.  Born in Cally, lived in Wisconsin and Montana most of my life.  I'm a salesman for Frito Lay Snacks Inc.  In my free time I enjoy Poker and Photography.   I grew up a Braves fan.  Also a HUGE Denver Broncos fan and also a big Boise State Bronco fan.   And on the 17th of August I will be nicotine free for one year, after spending 22 years of my life using! 
  •  Madison Melons  reggie988  Hey. My name is Nick. 32. I'm based in Bloomington, IN. I'm a tour manager for bands. I've been a Cubs fan since I was a little kid (I guess I've always been a glutton for punishment).
  •  Montreal Leaf Blowers  optistrat  I'll be honest, I'm resisting the temptation to give you a bunch of BS in the name of humor. In reality though, my name is Steve and I am 35 from Minnesota.  for work I publish Rat Rod Magazine which eats up most of my time. Aside from my work with cars, I love to root for all my local sports teams and consider myself a competition junky. If it's competitive, I like it.
  •  Nashville Nalas  bnags  Brandon, 36, Hebron, KY(10 minutes south of Cinnati, OH), Bengals, Reds, KY Wildcats. Fan of all sports, but my favorite by far is the NFL. Whatif is actually my second favorite fantasy sports behind Strat-O-Matic. Website is, check it out!
  •  New Orleans Zephyrs  Fantasy Frea  My name is Nathan, 35 years old,      I live in Jacksonville, IL where I just been promoted to store manager for a US Cellular agent store. I am all sports fan pretty much. My favorite teams are the Cubs, Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks. I have 2 kids an 8 year old and a 2 year old both girls.
  •  New York Damage Controllers     skuff730  Al-Amin, 28, Anchorage, AK. I am a TSgt in the US Air Force and a IT student. Favorite Sports teams are the Saints, Braves, SEC Football, NJ Devils.
  •  Rochester Retards       wylie715  my real name is Mrk. I'm 56 years old, married with a 16 year old daughetr and twin 12 year old sons. I live in northern california, near SF. I work as a customer service advisor for a company that makes automobile accesories.  Up untll recently I drove a limo. My favorite baseball teams are the Yankees (I grew up in NY) and the Giants. I like the 49ers in football, the warriors and Knicks in basketball, and don't really care too much about hockey.
  •  Salem Volcanoes       jkenned  Fair enough. Jason, 31 Binghamton, New York. I am from Missouri originally so I bleed Cardinal red and am close to building a shrine to Willie McGee in my office (well not really but I did just buy a McGee powder blue jersey). 3:09 PM     I am a doctoral candidate in Near Eastern Archaeology focusing on prehistoric ceramics and food consumption at several sites in Turkey and Syria.  I have worked in Jordan, Syria, Turkey as well as at several sites in the US but I am currently making ends meet while working on my dissertation as a shift supervisor at UPS.  HBD and GD have given me a great distraction from my dissertation but have probably extended my stay in graduate school by at least 6 months to a year,  but it was worth it. By this time next year I hope to have everything finished and to be starting my career as a professor of archaeology and celebrating my first world series win in HBD. Lofty goals I know but it helps to set high bars. 
  • Seattle Strikers  Ghutton9  Glenn. 37. Sit at a computer all day. Cincy reds, bengals, bearcats. Interesting info- I love to lift weights, I play rec league soccer, I used to play a whole lot of softball in competitive tournaments but have kind of given it up.
  • St. Louis Arch Angels       Flucie  If you don't mind don't use my last name. St. Louis Cardinals fan since 64, Dallas Cowboys fan since 66, and Born an ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE fan.Roll Tide  Phillip, age:  60 Alabama Retired Correctional Supervisor. Worked over 25 years in Correctional facility. Work the highest rated facility (Max), also worked in the biggest facility in the state over 2000 inmates. Worked Segregation,( Were the inmates stays when they get in trouble.) I play this game to relax or pass the time.
  • Tampa Bay Thunder   rxw1  Robert  - 46 - Orlando, Florida. I am a Sr IT Leader at Disney (Been there 20+ years). I coach Pop Warner Football and Little League Baseball for my kids. My favorite teams are the Mets & the Raiders (yeah I know they both suck!). I signed up for WIS in 2003 & won a SimBaseball World Series in my very first WIS season. How is that for luck?
  • Vancouver Canucks        skplayer07  Tyler, 25, Ft. Knox, KY/Afghanistan, MP US Army, Cincinnati Reds/Bengals. I am a crazy sports fan, everything I do usually revolves around some type of sport. (Side note:  he is also Ghutton9's brother)
  • Wichita DwArf'y Mojados  jibe  Name, Jim. Age 45. Location N. Minnesota, 20 miles from where the Mississippi river starts.  Work, we run an online sales for fruit plants imported from Canada. website, We also have 5 acres of fruit orchard planted for future sales of fruit. I also will still do carpentery work.  Fav sport teams, Minnesota Gopher football and Minnesota Twins. Used to love the Vikings but too many heartaches and a bad coach named Brad Childress made them not so loveable. Married, no kids, 1 stray dog that hangs around.    (Side note:  This guy poops Championships, so look out!)

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