Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Owner Hall of Fame nominations

tk21775(Iowa City Hawkeyes)
Pine Tar Record/ 1068-876(12 Seasons)
7 Division Titles/ 1 Wild Card
2 NL Championships
1 World Championship

tk21775 came into Pine Tar and took over one of the tougher rebuilds. The previous owner was consistently at the bottom of the league, but didn't sign draft picks and didn't sign any notable IFA's in the previous few seasons. The owner also had traded away really good players or just let them walk in free agency with little return. Almost the entire team that tk21775 has built was his from the ground up. Even more impressive, he took a team that had never made the post season and won the division title in just his 3rd season with the team. Now rather than being a bottom feeder, this team is a regular among the best teams in the NL and have made the post season in 8 of the past 10 seasons. I know that this is a rehash of his previous nomination post, but these are really good reasons for voting for tk21775.

alogman1(Durham Doormats)
Pine Tar Record/ 1566-1350(18 seasons)
7 Division Titles/ 3 Wild Card
2 AL Championships

alogman1 has been in control of this franchise for a long time now. While things weren't always great, the team did always have a plan. Once that plan started to take hold, it put Durham among the elite teams in Pine Tar. Unfortunately that hasn't worked it's way into a World championship. That shouldn't take anything away from this franchise owner though. 8 straight post season appearances and four 100 win seasons speak for themselves. Also worth mentioning is that this team never dropped below 66 wins during the time it took alogman1 to rebuild the franchise and get them into position to win all of those games. This is another owner that shows Hall of Fame qualities and should get consideration for the way the franchise has been run in these 18 seasons.

Flucie(St Louis Arch Angels)
Pine Tar Record/ 847-773(13 seasons)
7 Division Titles
1 AL Championship/ 1 World Championship

When Flucie took over this team, they hadn't sniffed the post season since back in season 1. They'd won 108 games combined over the previous 2 seasons before he came in. His first 2 seasons were rebuild seasons and then his third season he won the division title. It was the start of a run that seen the team take the division in 3 straight seasons and 5 of the next 7 seasons. Season 23 was the top of the pyramid for this team and owner. They won a franchise record 97 games, won the AL title and then went on to take the World Championship. In the seasons since that they have won 2 more division titles and lost in the ALCS last season. Flucie has the fewest career wins among this seasons inductees, but this is a championship owner that pushes for a division title every season.

tmfran(Dover Dinklebergs)
Pine Tar Record/ 973-647(10 seasons)
8 Division Titles/ 2 Wild Cards
2 AL Championships

tmfran made it onto the last ballot and it was mentioned about what was done in the short time while in control of this franchise. Well, now it's been 10 seasons and tmfran has only made an even better case for enshrinement. Dover has made the playoffs in all 10 seasons and has even been to 2 World Series. Although they haven't won a World title, this franchise has been ranking near the top of the AL in all 10 seasons with tmfran at the helm. It's been a pretty impressive run and should make a strong case for enshrinement.

Phillies26(Philadelphia Moneymakers)
Pine Tar Record/ 2231-2143(27 seasons)
5 Division Titles/ 4 Wild Cards

OK, I know, Phillies26 hasn't won a World title or a league championship. Only making the playoffs 9 times out of 27 seasons may not be very impressive either. While those are major accomplishments that can get an owner into the Hall of Fame, Phillies26 adds something that isn't shown on the standings or career accomplishments. Phillies26 is the type of owner that makes Pine Tar such a great league. Phillies26 has been around since season 1 and has always fielded a competitive team. There has only been one season that the franchise has drifted below 74 victories. In 18 seasons they have won more than 80 games. The franchise has many times been the victim of being in a division with a really good team ahead of them. As a clear sign of this owner being Hall worthy, Phillies26 has the most victories of any owner that isn't in the Hall yet.

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