Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where'd They Come From?

As I've been playing around trying to rebuild my franchise, I keep wondering if it is better to put more of my budget into the amateur draft or international free agents.  Another regular season is "in the books", so I decided to take a look at when and how the MVP and Cy Young finalists were acquired.  Below is a breakdown and some observations.  Feel free to comment if you have any input.

AL MVP Finalists:
Vinny Hill (Boston): S19 Draft – 4th Pick, drafted by Hartford – acquired by trade
Raymond Petrov (Dover): S14 Draft – 4th Pick, drafted by Trenton – acquired by FA signing
Billy Haynes (Durham): S14 Draft – 17th Pick, drafted by Durham
Bo Long (Fresno): S19 Draft – 17th Pick, drafted by Salem (Fresno)
Russell Powell (Rochester): S16 Draft – 2nd Pick, drafted by Chicago (Rochester)

NL MVP Finalists:
Carlos Zorrilla (Oklahoma City): S18 Draft – 3rd Pick, drafted by Oklahoma City
Keith Williamson (Colorado Springs): S20 Draft – 5th Pick, drafted by Colorado Springs
Jo-jo Frandsen (Iowa City): S18 Draft – 1st Pick, drafted by Vancouver – acquired by trade
Jin-Chi Yamamoto (Oklahoma City): S23 Draft – 3rd Pick, drafted by Oklahoma City
Joakim Valbuena (Iowa City): S20 IFA – $13.1M, signed by Trenton – acquired by trade

AL Cy Young Finalists:
Moises Olmedo (Boston): S21 IFA – $19.5M, signed by Boston
Butch Simmons (Kansas City): S11 Draft – 11th Pick, drafted by Atlanta – acquired by FA signing
Rock Randall (St. Louis): S15 Draft – 1st Pick, drafted by St. Louis
Nash Casanova (Boston): S15 Draft – 6th Pick, drafted by Boston
Tim Daubach (Fresno): S21 Draft – 3rd Pick, drafted by Los Angeles (Fresno)

NL Cy Young Finalists:
Aurelio Ozuna (Fargo): S20 IFA – $32.9M, signed by Montreal – acquired by trade
Julio Valdivia (Scranton): S26 IFA – $21.9M, signed by Scranton
Preston Reese (Albuquerque): S20 Draft – 289th Pick, drafted by Louisville – acquired by FA signing
Orlando Nieves (Colorado Springs): S13 IFA – $16.5M, signed by Nashville – acquired by trade
Brendan Taylor (Iowa City): S17 Draft – 2nd Pick, drafted by Iowa City

-75% of players were taken in the amateur draft, 25% of players were international prospects.
-Of the 15 players drafted: 14 were taken in the 1st round, 11 were taken within the first six picks.  The only player NOT drafted in the first round was Preston Reese, who is a diamond in the rough.
-60% of the players were acquired before Season 20, 20% were acquired during Season 20, and 20% after Season 20.  Interesting that Julio Valdivia was just picked up as recently as last season!
-60% of the players are currently playing for the same team by which they were acquired. 
-Average signing bonus for the five International Free-Agents was $20.8M.

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