Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Arfy's Ramblings

Arfy's Ramblings

Just me posting  random stuff that I observe happening in Pinetar

Front runners so far for Cy Young

Ryan Wilkins, Alb 7-0, 0.62 ERA
Eddie Plant, Wichita 6-3, 1.91 ERA 5 CG
Tim Daubach, Seattle 5-4, 1.64 ERA
Chico Pineda, Texas 8-1, 3.18 ERA
Juan Sierra, Seattle  1-0 16/16 Saves, 0.00 ERA

Sticky Farquahar, KC 8-3, 2.25 ERA
Desi Gabriel, Nash 6-2, 2.05 ERA
Malik Sele, Milw 8-2, 3.15 ERA
Marcus Carr, KC 7-1, 3.45 ERA
Tex Wagner, Mil  11/11 Saves, 0.96 ERA

MVP front runners(Best hitters anyway)

Vicente Palmeiro, Alb  .345, 19hr, 51 rbi
Eugenio Canseco, Scranton .333, 15hr, 46 rbi
J.A. Stanley,Helena .300, 22hr, 53 rbi
King Ashburn, Phil .327, 14 hr, 45 rbi, 23 SB
Bartolo Ortiz, Wich .309 10hr, 40 rbi,  47 runs

Blaine Moore, Roch .408, .457 obp, 12hr, 47 rbi
Zip Sullivan, Mil .351, 18hr, 45rbi
Rubby Prieto, Sal  .284 24hr, 63rbi
Avisail Martin Sal .323 14hr, 48rbi
Roger Byrne Ind .324, 19hr, 39rbi, 58 runs, 16SB

How are last seasons award winners faring this season?

NL ROY- Neal Hartzell, Alb .305, 13hr, 34rbi
AL ROY-John Martin, Mil  .261, 2hr, 15 rbi
NY CY- Tim Daubach, Sea  5-4, 1.64 ERA
AL CY-Yoshinori Zhou Van  3-2 2.41 ERA
NL MVP-Benito Rodriguez Hel .345 6HR, 26rbi,
AL MVP-Roger Byrne, Indy,  .324, 19hr, 39rbi, 58 runs, 16SB

  • Blaine Moore from Rochester is the only player flirting with hitting .400 .  He is currently hitting .411
  • Carlos Zorilla from Oklahoma City has been intentionally walked 13 times this season.   Holy smokes! The next highest is 7.
  • Most pinch hits this season, Kevin Griffith's from Philadelphia.  He has 13 pinch hits this season. 
  • Best hitting pitcher this season(Minimum 15 AB's): Benny Villano from Seattle is hitting .367
  • Pitcher, Lee Coveleski from Milwaukee  has given up the most home runs so far this season with 18
  • Why is this guy even on a major league roster?  Al Galvez,   Helena, Career #'s:  25-90 record, 7.90 ERA, 2.11 WHIP
  • Just an FYI-  Don't put a left handed thrower at 2B.    Someone like King Ashburn  from Phillie looks more than qualified to play 2B with his ratings.  However because he is left handed he has 15 negative plays at 2B this season. 
  • Most errors so far this season: Alex Suzuki, Helena 21 errors so far this season at SS.
  • Philadelphia Moneymakers have turned way less Double Plays this season than any other team.  They have 57.  The next highest is 88.
  • Oklahoma City has the most blown saves this season so far with 11.

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