Thursday, January 15, 2015

S30 AL South Preview

AL South

Last season Nashville rose from the depths of the south to win their first division title in eight seasons.  In fact, it was their first winning season in eight seasons as well.  Florida finished second despite paying sub .500 ball.  It was their third straight losing season, and fifth season in a row that they missed the playoffs.  New Orleans finished in third last season, it was the first time in six seasons that they didn't have a winning record.  Tampa Bay finished on the bottom for the second straight season as they continue their rebuild.

Nashville Merchants (Blapo21 4th season)
Draft Pick- #26

Season 30 grades
Offense A
Hitting A+
Power A+
Speed C

Pitching B+
Starters B
Relievers B+

Fielding A

Florida Retirees (Soxfan_9 14th season)
Draft Pick-#10

Season 30 grade
Offense C+
Hitting B-
Power C
Speed  C

Pitching B-
Starters C
Relievers A-

Fielding C

New Orleans Zephyrs ( Fantasy Frea 9th season)
Draft Pick-#7

Season 30 grade
Offense C-
Hitting C-
Power C
Speed C+

Pitching D
Starters C-
Relievers D-

Fielding B+

Tampa Bay Thunder (rxw1 30th season)
Draft Pick-#4

Season 30 grade
Offense A-
Hitting A
Power B-
Spd&BR   A-

Pitching D
Starters D-
Relievers C-

Fielding D-


I don't see anyone denying Nashville from winning this division again.  In fact, they might be able to make a serious run for the AL pennant this season.  Tampa Bay has some real good hitters, but that pitching staff is really lacking.  I think Florida will end up in second place hovering around the .500 mark.  New Orleans and Tampa Bay should battle for the bottom.  It's a real difficult one to call.  I'm going to go with New Orleans only because of Tampa's very weak defense.

1. Nashville
2. Florida
3. New Orleans
4. Tampa Bay

Press Releases
Nashville- We are young, promoted some top notch talent, have more coming, could be the start of a nice run. Still pretty deep with prospects. Hope guys pan out.
Tampa Bay-This will be a rough rebuilding season for a Thunder franchise that is used to being in playoff contention each season. A great crop of prospects working their way through the minors will not be much help this season.

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