Monday, October 12, 2015


tmfran(Dover Dinklebergs)
Pine Tar Record/ 1323-1107(15 seasons)
9 Division Titles/ 2 Wild Cards
2 AL Championships

This is the third time tmfran has been on the ballot. When tmfran came into Pine Tar the Dover franchise took off. They went to the post season in 10 straight seasons and twice went to the World Series. They were one of the toughest teams in the AL during that stretch. The franchise has taken a different turn over the past 4 seasons though and they have been rebuilding for what they are hoping will be another long stretch of success.

kjmulli(Boston Pilgrims)
Pine Tar Record/ 1578-1338(18 seasons)
7 Division Titles/ 2 Wild Cards
1 AL Championships
1 World Championship

kjmulli took over a team that had very little success in this league. Things started slow for this owner as they had just one winning season in kjmulli's first 7 seasons as owner. Then things turned around. They won 100+ games in 6 of the next 8 seasons and won a World Series in that time. They also went to 9 playoffs in 10 seasons.

jkenned(Salem Volcanoes)
Pine Tar Record/ 873-585(11 seasons)
5 Division Titles/ 0 Wild Cards
3 AL Championships
2 World Championship

jkenned took over a franchise that had toiled in mediocrity for quite some time. When jkenned came in the team struggled for a few seasons with 4 last place finishes in the division in 5 seasons. Two of those last place finishes were with winning records. Since then, the team has reeled off 5 straight 100+ win seasons with a high of 124. They've also been to the past 5 AL championships and 3 out of the past 5 World Series while winning 2 of them.

bagwellbuff(Houston Roughnecks)
Pine Tar Record/ 950-832(11 seasons)
4 Division Titles/ 1 Wild Cards
2 NL Championships
1 World Championship

bagwellbuff put up quite an impressive run when he came into the league. He took over a franchise that had been decent for the previous 4 seasons, and turned them into a threat to win it all. After winning 101 games in his first year they missed out on the NLCS. They came back the next season and not only made it to the NLCS, but won it and went to the World Series. The third season for this owner seen them make it back to the World Series and win it all. The following season bagwellbuff led the team to the most victories in franchise history with 106 wins, but they fell short in the playoffs. That is when they started a rebuild. During the rebuild the franchise has remained competitive and their worst finish was with 68 victories. Last season the team turned things around and started their winning ways again with 95 wins.

Arfy(Houston Roughnecks)
Pine Tar Record/ 1439-1315(17 seasons)
4 Division Titles/ 4 Wild Cards
0 NL Championships
0 World Championship

Arfy may be a surprise on this list based on the lack of post season success, but he's actually the owner that was nominated the most. Arfy started his career in Pine Tar with 3 bad seasons, but then turned things around impressively with a 94 win season and a wild card berth. That started a string of 8 seasons in which they won between 85 games and 95 games. Then after a 73 win season the team put together a run of 95, 95 and 96 wins. Only once has the team even made the NLCS though. This is one of the hardest luck owners in Pine Tar when it comes to the post season. They've had some impressive teams that ended up one and done. Besides all of that though, this owner deserves to be in the Hall of Fame especially due to what he does for the league. His work on the blog is one of the things that helps make it so much fun here. From helping out with the season previews, or doing the Arfy's Ramblings, it's always going to be something worth reading. Besides that, he's always a good sport when others are having fun on the world chat at his expense.

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