Thursday, October 1, 2015


As most of you know, our league has very few Private World Rules. As I found out last season, some owners were not aware of our rules. Please, everybody take a look at the rules and try your best to follow them. These are not very hard to follow rules. We have only lost 1 owner since they were posted back on 1/21/13. I would prefer to keep all of our current owner since it makes my job easier, but if the rules are broken and the other owners of the world feel it's best, then I will have an owner removed for breaking them. As everyone has seen, this is a fairly easy world to fill. One of the reasons that it is easy to fill is due to our rules, and the awesome group of owners here. I should not have much of a problem replacing someone if I have to.

Last season was the third time that the win minimum was not met. The first time, the owner willingly left. The second time, it was barely missed and the owner was given another season to turn it around and they did without issue. This time it was missed by quite a bit and after discussions with other owners in the league and the owner that missed the win requirement, a probation was handed out. Like I said, I hate to lose a current owner and it seems that many of the other league owners feel the same way. The majority asked to give another season to the offending owner with the requirement being to reach the win total that would give them the minimum win requirement, which would be 71 wins. I myself have had a team in another world that failed to reach a minimum win requirement, so I have a bit of an understanding for this. I also know from that experience that this is a game that involves luck, both bad and good. Even putting a team together that can win 71 games will take some luck to reach that. I also would rather see a returning owner that is invested in the team and has a budget set up for it to be given a chance if every effort is made to achieve 71 wins. That is why I have given a couple extra stipulations as part of the probation. If the team has a player salary over $60 million this season, then I am allowing them 66 wins, and if the team has a player salary over $80 million I will allow 61 wins. At the same time, anything under 71 wins is still to be discussed among league owners to make sure that the salaries were not just bad contracts and that an effort was made to reach 71 wins. I feel like this probation is best for the owner involved and the league as a whole. If anyone disagrees with the latter part of that then feel free to trade chat me and I can go into it further.

Another thing I want to address that ties into this is possibly revising our rules and adding a couple of rules. I don't want a long list of rules, but a few owners have made suggestions about current rules and I've had some suggest adding rules. If anyone has any rules they would like us to vote on then send them to me. Even if it is something minor, I still want to hear them. I think we should always look at ways to make the league better. With the way things are all around HBD and the trouble commissioners are having at filling worlds, I think we really need to do what we can to protect our status as one of the best leagues. This will be covered more in the coming days. I want people to send in suggestions over the next few days and then I'll post them and how I feel about each early next week. Then we will vote on them.

On a brighter note, welcome to season 33 of Pine Tar. We have one new owner(godao), and one former owner returning(joekendall). Thanks to those two for filling our openings and making it quick and painless for me. I also want to thank the 29 other owners for returning and also for what each of you have done to help make this an enjoyable league for each other and myself. I want to give a special thanks to Arfy and horvie, for what each of you have done to help with the blog. It really helps set this world apart from the others and the both of you have added great articles over the seasosns and I hope you guys continue to do so for quite some time. Best of luck to everyone on continuing your goals with your team this season.

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