Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Season 24 Owner Hall of Fame Nominations

tk21775(Iowa City Hawkeyes)
Pine Tar Record/ 699-597(8 Seasons)
4 Division Titles/ 1 Wild Card
2 NL Championships
1 World Championship

tk21775 came into Pine Tar and took over one of the tougher rebuilds. The previous owner was consistently at the bottom of the league, but didn't sign draft picks and didn't sign any notable IFA's in the previous few seasons. The owner also had traded away really good players or just let them walk in free agency with little return. Almost the entire team that tk21775 has built was his from the ground up. Even more impressive, he took a team that had never made the post season and won the division title in just his 3rd season with the team. Now rather than being a bottom feeder, this team is a regular among the best teams in the NL and have made the post season in 5 of the past 6 seasons.

alogman1(Durham Doormats)
Pine Tar Record/ 1190-1078(14 seasons)
6 Division Titles/ 1 Wild Card
1 AL Championship

alogman1 has been around for quite a while now. Having won the division title in his first season in the league, alogman1 then suffered 8 losing seasons in a row although he did win a division title during that time. It was a long rebuild and the team didn't bottom out in order to do it. Once the rebuild was finally done things paid off and led to the team winning the division for the next 4 seasons and breaking the 100 win barrier 3 times over the next 5 seasons, all resulting in post season appearances. That first World Series has been elusive, but the team is a threat to win it every season now. It's rare that owners will stick around for long rebuilds, but when they do and things pan out then that shows the owners commitment to the world.

Flucie(St Louis Arch Angels)
Pine Tar Record/ 720-738(10 seasons)
5 Division Titles
1 AL Championship/ 1 World Championship

When Flucie took over this team, they hadn't sniffed the post season since back in season 1. They'd won 108 games combined over the previous 2 seasons before he came in. His first 2 seasons were rebuild seasons and then his third season he won the division title. It was the start of a run that seen the team take the division in 3 straight seasons and 5 of the next 7 seasons. Last season was the top of the pyramid for this team and owner. They won a franchise record 97 games, won the AL title and then went on to take the World Championship. The overall record for Flucie isn't great, but this owner wins titles(division and World).

ghutton9(Seattle Strikers)
Pine Tar Record/ 1539-1215(17 seasons)
11 Division Titles/ 2 Wild Cards
1 NL Championship/ 1 World Championship

I really don't like putting myself on here, but I was told that I should. Just being the commissioner of the league makes me feel like I'm a part of this already and this is to reward the owners that make it such an enjoyable league. If you want to vote for me then go ahead, but I think the honor is better served to someone else.

tmfran(Dover Dinklebergs)
Pine Tar Record/ 589-383(6 seasons)
4 Division Titles/ 2 Wild Cards
1 AL Championship

This is a newer owner in the league, but he qualifies and what he's done in his short time here is hard to overlook. He took over a once great franchise that had been on hard times for the previous 7 seasons. In his first season in the league he led the team to 100 victories and the division title. The next season seemed to be a step backwards with 92 wins and a wild card berth, but then the team went on to win the AL title. The feat hasn't been matched since, but the team has won over 100 games in 3 of the past 4 seasons. Since taking over the franchise tmfran has 4 seasons with 100 victories in just 6 seasons in the league.

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