Thursday, August 7, 2014

Arfy's Ramblings, Season 28

  • Iowa City off to a horrible start.  They are currently 27-59.  It looks like it will be the first time in 10 seasons that they finish under .500
  • At it's current pace Dover will finish over .500 for the 11th straight season and Durham it's 10th
  • On the other end of the spectrum.  At it's current pace Wichita will finish under .500 for the 12th straight season
  • Off topic,  the most wins in a season from one team is Syracuse from Prezuf in season 11. He went 121-41 for a .747 winning percentage.  He did not win the World Series that season.
  • A late congrats to Colorado Springs for winning the World Series in season 27.  He beat Dover 4 games to 1.  It was Toe's second World Series win in Colorado.  His first was back in season 7.
  • Fargo 10-0 this season in his division so far
  • Iowa City 0-10 in his division this season so far
  • Seattle is 22-11 in one run games this season
  • Indianapolis is 8-1 in extra inning games this season
  • Garret Heiserman from Jacksonville has 8 Complete games pitched this season already.
  • Brendan Taylor is probably the most effectively used player this season.  One of the best pitchers, and has pitched in 51 out of 86 games.  The most from any pitcher
  • Seattle's Juan Sierra, is a perfect 33 for 33 in save opportunities this season.
  • St. Louis Bryan Holmes has been caught stealing more than any other player this season  He has 3 sb and has been caught 14 times.
Highest paid players in Pinetar
  1. RF COL Pedro Reyes $20m
  2. RF NO Sam Slotnik $18m
  3. P BOS Dusty Lindsay $16m
  4. 3B SEA Raymond Petrov $14.91 m
  5. DH VAN Armando Mota $14m
  6. P TEX Jesus Amezaga $12.5m
  7. SS FRE Jim Hawpe $11.48m
  8. RF CIN Alexander Williamson $11.1m
  9. 2B FRE Benny Navarro $11m
  10. 1B PHI Jojo Frandsen $11m
  11. P ROC Patrick Wilson $11m
  12. P TEX Al Manto $10.5m
  13. P PHI Kiki Hanrahan $10.2m
  14. P SEA Brendan Taylor $10m
  15. C NO Coco Stratton $10m
  16. LF ROC Saul Trevino $10m
Highest Scoring game for one team
Team        runs  date           opponent

NY              24   7/24           vs. Nashville
Scranton     21    7/23           vs. Alb
NY             19    7/22           vs. Nashville
Nashville   19     8/2            vs. Jackson
San Juan    19    7/9             vs. New Orleans
Alb            18    7/3             vs. San Juan
Scranton    18    8/4             vs. Jacksonville
Boston       16    7/18           vs Nashville
Vancouver  16   7/14           vs. Dover
Fresno         16    7/28          vs. Dover
N.O.            16    7/17          vs. Indy
Seattle         16    7/10          vs, Jacksonville

Minor League Love
Minor League teams that are having insane crazy good seasons so far
Wichita AAA 65-22
Red Barons HiA 69-18
Magnitude HiA 65-22
Arch Angels HiA 71-16
Val Varauders Rookie 18-2
Arch Angels Rookie 17-3
Yardbirds Rookie 15-4

Teams that probably need to give their minor league some attention.  Most of these teams have lost 10+ games in a row:
Jacksonville AAA L11
Fargo AA 11-76
Pilgrims AA 15-72
Fargo HiA 12-75
Fargo LoA 15-72
Zephyrs LoA 24-63
Pilgrims LoA 24-63
Texas LoA 27-60
Iowa City Rookie 4-15

With the all star game coming up I thought it might be fun to throw together an ALL ARFY team.    It would be the team I would put together if I could have anyone in the league.  Based on this season's stats that is.   I tried to use everyone at positions they have played this season or could easily play.  Here we go:

SP1-LOU Geronimo Estrada
SP2-SEA John McNamara
SP3-FRE Wilt Sizemore
SP4-FRE Magglio Figuereo
SP5-BOS Dusty Lindsey
Long Relief-Sea Brendan Taylor
True Setup-OKC Juan Ramirez
Closer-Sea Juan Sierra
C-  BOS  Matt Jaha
1B-BOS Vinny Hill
2B-DUR Fred Inge
SS-NO Benito Miranda
3B-COL Keith Williamson
LF-FAR Tony Cabalero
CF-SEA Sean King
RF-NY Gus Justice
DH-SAL Michael Pena
Infielder-TEX Bengie Romano
Outfielder-PHI Rickey Masterson
True pinch hitter-LOU Bartolo Duran 12-20 as a pinch hitter this season
Defensive SS-HOU Yusmeiro Julio
Defesive C-TEX Sammy Goya

Snubs with no place to put them(but deserve recognition)-
1B PHI Jojo Frandsen
1B  ROC  Russell Powell
LF  SEA Houston Graves
1B  HOU Howie Jay
RF OKC Carlos Zorilla
P TB Al Rosario
P SEA Freddy Butcher
P VAN Sticky Farqua
P DUR Victor Maranon
P CIN Keith Davis
P VAN Phil Linton

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