Thursday, August 21, 2014

Owner Hall of Fame Induction

Owner Hall of Fame Interview

First, I'd like to welcome tk21775 to the Pine Tar owner Hall of Fame. tk21775 has been a great and valuable member of Pine Tar for 12 1/2 seasons now. The Iowa City franchise was a tough one to take over when he joined the league and it was going to be tough to fill, but tk21775 was up for a challenge and took on the team. It was quite possibly the worse mess of a franchise that I've seen in my time in Pine Tar, but tk quickly turned it around and made them respectable. It's owners like this, that make Pine Tar such a great world. There were some well deserving candidates that tk21775 beat out this season for the nomination, but I feel like the voters made the right choice by electing tk21775 to the owner Hall of Fame.


As the newest member of the owner hall of fame how does it feel to be recognized by your fellow owners as a hall of famer? 

It feels pretty neat given this is a fictional game and you've never met any of the owners in person before. Just being nominated with the write-up was an honor.

Can you describe how your time in Pine Tar has been?

Pine Tar has been great to be a part of, a reason I still am today. I'm in all hop's worlds which are extremely well run and this is one of the few that I will remain a part in outside of his worlds until I retire from HBD. It's a great group of guys, well run, no drama, and competitive.

 What is it that makes another owner stand out as a good HBD owner, in your eyes? 

What makes a good owner I think in this game is communication. It's hard to get to know all owners but when trading it's nice when an owner will explain why they rejected. I've met some guys I do fantasy football with through trade chats or am friends on FB now because of just chatting with them throughout the season. We might not see eye to eye on something but a quick trade chat helps explain why.

What are your short term and long term goals with Iowa City?

Goals look to be long-term now for Iowa. I traded my 1st #1 pick this season, Sticky, since he was going to go FA and that started a downfall I didn't expect for 2 seasons or so. Once the floodgates opened I decided to trade my vets while I could get something in return so Iowa City will probably be rebuilding for the next 2 or 3 seasons. All depends on the FA pool. When I first started I had zero prospects to trade, Hank Rolling was the only ML player that was decent, but 2 seasons out I saw the potential for a huge FA talent and managed to make sure I had a few draft picks and Int'l signed but the cap space yet to sign those FA.

Is there anything that you can think of that could make Pine Tar a better world? 

Pine Tar I think is one of the elite worlds WIS has to offer. The blog is hands down one of the best, owners are great and competitive. Trading is a little difficult in this world compared to some but that's not a bad thing either. 

Any advice for other owners on what they can do to get into the Hall of Fame? 

Advice is just to play your game and have fun. It's easy to bail out for a team that looks better on paper and maybe they are but you won't find a world better than Pine Tar. If you stick with your rebuild, whether it works or not, I think you'll enjoy your time in this world. 

Any closing statement? 

Closing statement, same thing: enjoy and have fun. Reason I enjoy WIS is that there is interaction amongst owners, some that I've struck up friendships outside of WIS and have consulted on different matters such as football and actually my business. Shout out to ghutton who does a great job running Pine Tar and was well deserved to get into the Hall of Fame as the owner right in front of me. I don't think people understand how hard it is to line up owners so that rollover goes the same day when so many owners are cutting back and making sure you get the quality owners that remain in Pine Tar. You sir are thet rue HOFer for all the work you put in behind the scenes and still have great success with your team! I'm just fortunate you took a chance letting me join all those years ago.

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