Thursday, August 14, 2014

Arfy's Ramblings Season 28

Serious Injuries to major players:
Cin P Willie Crawford
KC P Sherman Stevens
Roch LF Saul Trevino
MIL P Derrick Jacquez

Let's play 2 and a half:
Texas and Fargo go 21 innings(click for link)

Durham's Vasco Nieves hit's 4 homers in one game

Rule 5 draft
Let's take a look at the last 5 players who were selected first in the rule 5 draft and see how they are doing

S28 2B NASH Victor Guillon  .292 8 hr 32 rbi's  From San Juan
S27 P  KC  Elmer Hartgraves currently in AAA  from Indianapolis
S26 2B NASH Bubbles Conger .257 27hr 55rbi's From KC
S25 P INDY Dwight Sneider  221G, 351inn, 1.56whip, 5.53 era career From San Juan
S24 C MAD Albert Goldberg  .268 115 hr, 269 rbi career From Rochester

International Signings:How many players have gotten more than $20 mil  contracts.  Let's look:
S28    2
S27    2
S26    3
S25    2
S24    1
S23    0
S22    0
S21    0
S20    1

Best hitting pitcher this season- OKC Angel Osuna 9 for 31, .290 avg, .180 career hitter

List you don't want to be on:
Most K's for a hitter- SS Phil Alex Lyons 115
Worst Pinch Hitter- 1B Dov John Pong 3 for 31 .097avg
Most BB's for a pitcher- Nas Al Galvez 118 BB's
Most hr's for a pitcher- Bos Heinie Green 27hr's
Most L's for a pitcher- Jackson Joakim Alvarez 3-15 record
Worst defensive shortstop- Iowa Russell Fleming 0 +, 9 -, 22 errors in 43 games
Most minuses at any position- Fargo 1B Junior Shigotshi, 19 minuses

Quick rundown of each division:
NL North

Scranton has caught Fargo.  These two teams were on the bottom last season.  It will be fun to see who ends up taking this division.  I'm going to put my money on Fargo, only because the owner has more experience.  ARFY'S PICK:  Fargo takes division, Scranton just misses playoffs

NL East
Cincinnati appears to be running away with the division as Philadelphia appears to be slipping around the .500 mark.  ARFY"S PICK: Cincinnati takes division

NL South
Texas has led pretty much the entire season.  Louisville closed the gap for a while, but then slipped back down.  Arfy is making some major moves to try to climb back into it.  ARFY'S PICK: Texas takes division for second straight year.  Louisville misses playoffs

Seattle is having a VERY good season.  I don't see that changing.  Oklahoma City and Colorado are duking it out about 7 or 8 games behind Seattle.    Both very good teams
ARFY'S PICK- Seattle takes division AND WORLD SERIES, Oklahoma City and Colorado both make wildcard

AL North
Dover has a 5 game lead over New York.  Although Dover hasn't had a impressive season, they are still getting it done
ARFY'S PICK- Dover takes division

AL East
Boston in complete control of their division, 8 games over Durham.  Durham is having a great season, but Boston seems to be unstoppable.  ARFY's PICK-Boston wins division 2nd straight season, and loses in World Series.  Durham gets a wildcard slot

AL South
New Orleans dominating division.  It's the only team over .500  ARFY's PICK-New Orleans wins division

AL West
Probably the most talented division in all of Pine Tar.  Again!  This is always an exciting division to watch.  St. Louis current leads with Fresno one game behind and Salem two and a half games behind.  Salem has been really hot lately closing the gap and have made some moves for a stretch run.  Salem will play both St. Louis and Fresno the last 6 games of the season.  ARFY'S PICK-St. Louis wins division for 2nd straight season.  Fresno makes a wildcard and Salem misses out on the wildcard on the very last day.

  • Two best pitching staffs in Pinetar are St.Louis and Fresno.  Very unusual for the American League to have the best pitching staff .  How unusual?  The last time an AL team led the league was in season 17 when Kansas City(Syracuse at the time) led the league with a 3.22 era.  Season's 3, 7, and 11 are the only other season a AL teams has led the league.  And the AL has NEVER had the top two teams
S18 Jackson Juggernauts led by longtime owner bobbyj7.  Jackson won a league best 112 games that season.  It was his first HBD World Series victory.  His pitching staff was led by 20 game winner Aubrey Simmons.  The rest of his staff consisted of pitchers Dusty LindsayRube ClarkBobby Ray Ingram, Brant Clayton, Raymond Dewitt,   Vic MatosDesi Alvarez,  Ubaldo BennettWesley LandrumStone Faulkner.  His lineup consisted of: C Paul Fischer1B Max Morales, 2B James Glass,  SS  Michael Katou3B Jeff MooreLF Hipolito MatosCF Scott Harvey,  RF Jared Glynn.  How many of these players have played for you over the years?   I know I picked up a couple of them.  This team wasn't the strongest offensively, although they put up good numbers.  Jared Glynn had 45 hr, 138 rbi's.  Hipolito Matos was the only other player to hit 100+ rbi's.  He had 31hr, 115rbi's, and hit .299.   6 players on the team hit 20+ home runs.  Jeff Moore had a really solid hitting season hitting .300 and including a 20 game hitting streak in there.   This team was just powered by a really strong pitching staff and obviously great managing.  We look forward to seeing you at the top again someday Bobby.  But not too soon, since I'm in your division.

I always enjoy your feedback.  What do you like?  What don't you like?  Send me a trade chat and just say something!

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