Thursday, July 16, 2015


Last season Nashville continued their young assault on the AL South, winning their  third division title in a row.  Unfortunately the playoffs have not been kind to Nashville as they lost in the DCS for their third straight season.  Huntington placed second last season winning 83 games and having their first winning season in the last 3.  El Paso finished in third place.  This was that franchises 5th season in a row under the .500 mark.  And Tampa Bay rounded out the bottom, taking fourth place for the fourth straight season in a row.

I ranked all teams in each category.  The AL teams are ranked separately from the NL teams.  16 teams obviously in each league.

Tampa Bay Thunder
Owner: (32nd season)

Offense- 3rd

Pitching- 11th


Press release-The Thunder, one of the original Pine Tar franchises, looks to pull out of their recent skid and find their way back to the playoffs. The young crop of talent is finally starting to make its way to the ML level.The FA signings for Season 32 was limited to role players as the young ML players continue to develop. The offense will still be focused around 3B Junior Yang and DH Ron Atkins. The defense continues to improve with the addition of Nick Denham  at 2B. The core pitching staff returns with the addition of prospects SP Gio Esposito & RP Casper Corbin. The strength is in the relief staff. The question will be can management be patient while #1 Pick Bert Jordan and Alcides Iglesias continue  development in AAA. I look for the Thunder to pull out of the cellar into wild card contention. Last season they made in the WC hunt until dropping off after the All-Star break. They are still a season or to away from competing for the division.

Nashville Merchants
Owner: Blapo21(6th season)




Press release-Alright, we have been moderately successful the past few years in the regular season only to flame out in the playoffs early. We are still you and getting better. This should be the best team we have had. As far as hitting we have to be one of the better teams in the league. We can really hit the ball, outside of catcher we are loaded at the plate. Starting pitching is solid. We don't have a big time ace, but 1-5 we are above aver average. I really like the pen, the back end of Goya and James are as good as any in the league. We don't have starter on the team older than 30 and only one arm over 30 so hopefully we can go on a run in the next few years. Prediction: 102-60

El Paso Arfydillos
Owner: Buffalo_rob(3rd season)




Huntington Drunkin' BArfys
Owner: Nyaggie98 (2nd season)





Nashville seems to be the clear favorite here.  Barring injuries, they should easily win 100 games again this season.  I think this franchise is the favorite to win the American League, they just need to figure out how to win a playoff series.    A task many owners, including myself, have struggled with  looking for the answers.   Although Tampa Bay still lack in pitching, I think they are going to start making a move up in the division winning 75-80 games.  El Paso lacks in many areas, however I know Rob is a coach that can figure out how to get more out of his team than most.  I think he'll finish around the 70 win mark again.  Huntington won 83 games last season, but I don't seem them doing it again this season.    Their hitting is lacking.  Although their pitching might be average, their weak defense is going to hold this team down.  I expect it to be this franchises first last place finish in 14 seasons.

1. Nashville
2. Tampa Bay
3. El Paso
4. Huntington

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