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Last season Texas had a great season.  They won 96 games and took the division by 12 games.  They squeaked by Oklahoma City in the Wildcard round, but then got swept by Scranton in the DCS.  That was Texas 5th straight winning season.  Louisville finished second last season with 84 wins, just missing out on the playoffs.  They have finished with a winning record for 12 of the last 13 seasons.  Houston finished third place, just missing out on a missing season by one game.  They have not had a winning season in the last 6.  Jackson finished at the bottom of the division for the 3rd time in the last 4 seasons.

I ranked all teams in each category.  The AL teams are ranked separately from the NL teams.  16 teams obviously in each league.

Jackson Juggernauts
Owner: Bobbyj7(20th season)




Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's
Owner: Arfy(17th season)




Press Release-  Louisville is officially in "Rebuilding mode".  However, we are dedicated to winning in Louisville still.  We have cut the team budget, but we still spent plenty of money in free agency.  The plan is to re tool through International signings.  We have many veterans available for trade on the trade block if the offers are fair.

This team lacks power.  We have maybe 2 power hitters and that's about it.  But we are going to get on base- A LOT this season!  The plan is to take many pitchers deep in the count and wear them down.

For pitching, we have two pretty good starters.  One mediocre starter, and two starters that aren't very good.  The bullpen we have Banks, which will put in many innings 120-150.  He will get a lot of hitters out.  And then we have a bullpen of solid pitchers.  No one great, but no one horrible either.  We're  expecting about 84 wins this season.

Houston Roughnecks
Owner:Bagwellbluff(11th season)



Defense- 4th

Press release: The Roughnecks are still a work in progress. We are in full "contending" mode. We have question marks. Our starting pitching should be good, but will our bullpen be worthy of a contender? We should hit well for power, but do we have enough people to hit for average? We should have a winning  record. I predict 85-77. It may not be enough for a wildcard, but we hope to in this season in a good position to address further needs next preseason, and I hope to bring the patient fans of Houston another title contending team in Minute Maid Park.

Texas Galveston Wave
Owner: Erichanville(8th season)




Press release- Okay well I am not too sure what to think of my team overall. The big question mark will be the pitching. Lost two starters due to old age and did not pick up any starting pitchers in free agency. This is definitely the weakest part of this team.

Relief pitching is average with one new key addition of Rickie Metcalf who will act as a setup man with the old existing crew. I feel like they will not be dominant but just good enough to get my starting pitching out of a few jams.

Offensively I think this team is great. Especially with the new key addition of Keith Williamson. I feel like this team is like a three headed snake, with Williamson, Dicky Stanley, and Bubbles Conger. Not too mention Alan Wilson with some gas still left in his tank as well.

Defensively my team has gotten better with the additions of Nick Erickson at CF who can cover a lot of ground which my team was lacking last season and Hank Herndon at SS, who is easily an upgrade over the prior SS for the Wave.

I am guessing my team will be .500 and if the pitching can come away with some surprising games we can easily get into the 90's in wins again. Will be curious to see how it all plays out.


Texas is a solid B+ team.  A lot of this season will depend on how their starting pitching staff holds up.  Regardless, their hitting should be able to carry the team to another division title and into the playoffs.    Houston has a pretty good rotation, one of the best.  Unfortunately I don't think their hitting isn't going to be enough to carry them very far.  I think they'll the make the wildcard though.  Louisville is about average, but their defense is really lacking.  They might be lucky to hit the .500  mark this season.  Jackson should bring up the rear.  I don't think they'll be too far behind Louisville.    I would put them at 72-75 wins.

1. Texas
2. Houston
3. Louisville
4. Jackson

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