Thursday, October 30, 2014

Arfy's Ramblings

Arfy's Ramblings....  Season 29

  • Arfy's Ramblings is just me rambling off observations I have seen in the Pinetar World.  Enjoy!
  • I guess Boston didn't like my projection for him for the season.  He is using it as motivation and is currently on pace to win 121 games this season.
  • Probably jinxing myself.  But Russell Powell (Louisville) currently has a 21 game hitting streak.
  • Julio Silva(Oklahoma City) has the longest so far this season at 23 games.
  • FYI- Tomas Carrasco has the Pinetar record at 38 games.  I couldn't tell you what season though.
  • Nobody ever looks at triples.  Benito Rodriguez(Toronto) is leading the league with 8 this season.
  • Carlos Zorilla(Oklahoma City) and Benny Navaro(Fresno) lead the league in Intentional Walks as a hitter with 16 a piece.
  • In case you are wondering....I don't spend time looking at who leads in home runs and rbi's and such.    Those are already posted on the main page from time to time, so I'm not gonna repeat it.
  • Ed Jodie(Scranton) leads the league in Pinch hits with 14, however Darrin Wells(Jacksonville)  has one of the best pinch hit averages this season as he is 9 for 18 pinch hitting this season.
  • Sticky Farqua(Kansas City) leads the league in Quality Starts with 12.
  • P.T. Rosa(Texas) has the most negative plays at any position with 11.
  • kjmulli at Boston said before the season that he would be disappointed if he didn't score 1000 runs this season.  He is currently 2nd n the league with 372 runs.  That puts him on pace for 942. 
  • There are currently two players in the league whom are competing for the all time career batting average.  Vinny Hill(Boston) is hitting .336 career and Matt Jaha(Boston) is hitting career .333.  The all time average is held by Randy Posednik with a career .339 average.  He did in only 5 seasons fyi.  The minimum amount of plate appearances for this record is 2510.
  • In case you missed it Sam Slotnick(New Orleans) passed Hall of famer Will McCarthy on the all time HOME RUN list last season.  Slotnick now has a career 690 home runs at the age of 35.    McCarthy sits second at 669.
  • Slotnick is also the all time strikeout leader.  He currently sits at the top of the list with a career 1954 K's.  Second on the list has 1901.
  • Kevin Griffiths(Philadelphia) moved into #2 on the all time career pinch hits list.  He currently has 97.  The all time record is 169 by Vic Diaz
  • Moises Olmedo(Boston) has won the Cy Yound award the last two seasons.  Currently he is 5-2 with a 3.33 ERA.
  • New York Damage Controllers are 0-6 in extra inning games this season
  • Boston Pilgrims are an impressive 12-3 in one run games this season
  • Need to fix your minors?  Team with gosh awful horrible records.  Probably need to fix pitching staff:  BostonAAA 5-59, FargoAAA 8-56, Florida AA 10-54, FargoAA 11-53, FargoHiA 13-51, NO LoA 12-52,  VanLoA 13-51, ColoLoA 12-52, 

Hall of Fame Spotlight
This is who we voted into this years Hall of Fame:
Cyrus Torres
He became our 20th member into the Pinetar Hall of Fame.  Perhaps the best pitcher to ever come out of this World.  He was selected in season 6 as the seventh overall pick.

Top 20 owners in Pinetar wins
*-No longer in Pinetar

1. Starbuckdc Fargo 2536
2. Greygoose123 Jacksonville 2497
3. rxw1 Tampa Bay 2480
4. Toe64 Colo Spring 2398
5. Phillie26 Philadelphia 2335
6. jbburner Cincinnati 2304
7. Ghutton9 Seattle 1980
8. bnags Nashville 1727*
9. Alogman1 Durham 1685
10. jquick1 Milwaukee 1487*
11. Bodean Wichita 1476*
12. bobbyj7 Jackson 1420
13. Roundfrog Dover 1366*
14. prezuiwf Kansas City 1306*
15. kjmulli Boston 1265
16. bjohara1 Houston 1228*
17. qtip32 Indianapolis 1217
18. brentcnb Oklahoma City 1214
19. tk21775 Iowa City 1164
20. Moosedrool  Toronto 1143*

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