Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get to know your fellow coaches!

Get to know your fellow coaches!

A great way to make new friends.  I decided to put them in order of where people live.    Pardon me if my geography is a little rusty, since I'm not as familiar with the east coast.  Great turnout!   Heard from all except for one person.  I find these quite interesting as we learn what a diverse group we have here.  Seems Chicago and Boston are the most popular places to live here.   Thanks everyone for participating!

Sgmedia, Toronto Phantoms- I live about ten minutes east of Toronto.  My name is Derek, and I am a self-employed event planner, and stay-at-home father of two autistic kids. I also am a manager in the world of professional wrestling. My favourite sports teams are the Green Bay Packers,  Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argonauts, Toronto Rock, and Toronto Maple no particular order. My favourite hobby is spending time with my beautiful fiancee, who is carrying my third child (her first).

Csudak.  Albuquerque Komodo Dragons.  Casey Just north of Boston 32 Youth sports director I'm a homer, so I'll cheer for any Boston based teams I have 12 tattoos, at least 7 of them I regret.

Soxfan_9.  Florida Retirees.  Nick, 26, North East. Run a cafe, Boston Red Sox. Tired of my team sucking in this world,lol

Holleybard.  Kansas City Yardbirds.  My name is Michael. I'm 44. I live in Boston. I have the greatest job in the world: I'm a sportswriter and broadcaster.  I've written a few books on football and one on baseball. So, clearly, I'm obsessed with sports and have been that way for as long as I can remember. When I'm not doing that, I'm spending time with my wife and three kids.  As for sports teams, I root for all New England teams in professional sports. In college, I have a major soft spot for Ohio State football (I'm a native Buckeye).

JKenned, Salem Volcanoes.  Jason, 32 from Binghamton NY. I am a college professor of archaeology originally from Missouri who is a die-hard Cardinals fan. My research is focused on the organization of early farming villages in Mesopotamia around 5000 BCE.

Qtip32.  Indianapolis Valhalla Varauders.  I from Brooklyn Ny, where I'm a coach on my 8 year old sons baseball team. There is no place I'd rather be then on the filed having a catch with him. I'm a Yankee fan since the days I couldn't choose who was favorite Donnie baseball or Dave wWindfield.

Phillies26, Philadelphia Moneymakers.  My first name is John. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and I currently live in Clinton, MD which is right outside of Washington, DC. I'm 55 years old and I currently own my own Real Estate investing business. I love all of the Philadelphia sport teams.

Erichanville, Texas GalvestonWave, Obviously my name is Eric.  I am 37, live in Richmond Va, have a wife and a 2year old baby girl. Luckily looks like her mom, thank god. ;) Another baby on the way due March 4th. Will find out actually tomorrow if it is a boy or girl. Can't wait to find out!   I am a SEO(Search Engine Optimizer) which is nice because I get to work from home. I am also studying for the ACSM exam. Would like to start my own personal training business eventually. I love to workout at least 5 days a week. Love almost all sports.   I am a Atlanta Braves fan. Football I am a die hard Chiefs fan and a USC fan for college. Basketball, I am a Lakers fan and for College I go for Kansas Jayhawks. I moved around a lot. (Military) plus I was born in Kansas Fort Leavenworth.  I forgot to add that I also love to watch Movies and play Texas Holdem. Oh and I love Turkey Hill's Moose Tracks Ice Cream. Major Addict, might need to see counseling to get off of the stuff. lol If you need to ask me any questions feel free. :)

Starbuckdc, Fargo Wood Chippers, Joel wash dc 47 photojournalist. Love the Nats! Matt williams needs to go

Reggie988, Scranton Red Barons-   I'm Nick, 33, from Bloomington, IN.  I just recently returned to Indiana University to study Informatics, after spending the last few years as a tour manager for mostly indie bands. I've been cursed a Cubs fan since childhood, but at least the Colts give me a chance to root for a winner

Ghutton9, Seattle Strikers.  Glenn, 38, Kentucky.  I'm a project manager for commercial roofing. my favorite teams are the Cincinnati Bengals, Reds, UC Bearcats, and while not a huge bball fan,  I like to keep up with the OKC Thunder. My hobbies are this of course, but I also make time for my PS4 games, and my absolute favorite past time is weight lifting.

Skplayer07. Vancouver Canucks.  My name is Tyler and 26 years old.  I live in Hinesville, GA and I'm a Military Policeman on FT. Stewart, GA. I enjoy UK basketball/football and love the Cincinnati Reds/Bengals. I play a lot of softball on my off time, I enjoy fishing, and spending time with the family.

Rxw1.  Tampa Bay Thunder.  Robert / Live in Orlando, Florida / 47 / I am an IT Executive / Favorite teams are Mets,
Raiders, & Magic / Something of interest is I won the WS in my very first SimLeague Baseball League in 2003 - been playing WIS ever since. Right now I am only playing Hardball & Gridiron Dynasty.

Greygoose123, Jacksonville Juice.   My name is Jim. I am from the Chicago area. And I work in Information Technology.  Over the years my interest level in sports has waned. And now I mostly follow Soccer. I equate playing WIS HBD to being a parent of young children. It can be infuriating and unexplainable. But if your patient, it can be rewarding.

jbburner, Cincinnati Firestorm.  My name is JB. I am 52 and live in Chicago. I am a retired Wildland firefighter. The Cubs and Blackhawks are my favorite sports teams and I love to play golf!

Toe64.  Colorado Springs Night Watchmen.  Tom, Illinois, 51, Insurance, all Chicago sports teams

Horvie78. Milwaukee Magnitude.  Matt - 33 years old. I am a high school math teacher and live in the suburbs of Chicago.  My favorite sports teams are Chicago Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks, Notre Dame football, and DePaul basketball. I am fairly new to HBD so that is a major hobby right now, along with drinking craft beer.

Fantasy Frea.  New Orleans Zephyrs.   My name is Nathan, 36 years old, I live in Jacksonville, IL with my wife and 2 girls (a 3 year old and 9 year old).  I work as a sales associate for a privately owned cell phone agent. I am a huge Cubs and Bears fan ( finally got to see my first game at Wrigley this year), but I also like the Bulls and Blackhawks but baseball and football are my favorite sports.  My main interests is during the summer and fall I play softball. Occasionally when my kid doesn't steal my Xbox to play Mindcraft I will play some Madden football.    Most of the the time I do this though. I have been playing WIS for a long time. Thought about quitting a few times but it was a big time killer when I had been going through chemo that I just never did and probably won't either.

tk21775, Iowa City Hawkeyes, Travis, 33, from Iowa.  Insurance, Michigan Wolverines fan, Iowa, spend most of my time coaching/watching my 4 kids in sports

Jibe, Wichita DwArf'y Mojados,  Jim Age: 46 I live 20 miles from where the mighty Mississippi river begins in Minnesota. where you can walk across. Occupation: We have a nursery specializing in edible fruit plants with a U-Pick fruit operation. I also farm small scale. Do carpentry and have rental properties. I am married and no rug rats. Serial number: 000-00-0000.  Also my favorite team is the Minnesota Twins, ugghh, and major league baseball. Followed closely by Minnesota Gopher sports and college football.

Bobbyj7, Jackson Juggernauts.  Bob, Live: Minnesota, Age: over 40, Job: work in the financial industry, Sports teams: Twins, Gophers, Timberwolves, Interests: family, fishing, traveling

Tmfran.  Dover Dinklebergs.  Toby, 37 live in St. Louis. Follow all St. Louis teams. Work for Monsanto, which is headquartered in STL.

Flucie.  St. Louis Arch Angels.  Phillip, I live in the Great state of Alabama, I'm 61 years old, Retired Correctional Supervisor,    I worked at the highest security facility, worked at the biggest facility in the state and work at community facility (work release) St.Louis Cardinals fan since 1964, Dallas Cowboys fan since 1966, Alabama Crimson Tide fan since I was born.

Bagwellbluff.  Houston Roughnecks.  My name is Tim. I am 57 years old.  Baton Rouge, LA.   I am a former ordained Pentecostal minister, now an agnostic. I was in management in the automobile industry before I retired to get my PhD in History in 2009.  I am currently in the History PhD program and am a graduate teaching assistant at LSU. My favorite pro sports teams are the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Houston Rockets, and Arsenal.  No St. Louis roots; I've rooted for the Rams since 1967, and wish they'd move back to Los Angeles.) Why the name "Bagwellbuff" for a Cardinals fan? My son is the Astros fan and after helping him with some GD and Sim League baseball teams,  I just took the name over when he moved on from WIS. My original username, under which I played a little GD and a lot of Sim League baseball-including a coveted Tournament of Champions trophy--is timlan2057.

kjmulli. Boston Pilgrims.  'm a 30-year-old pit boss at a casino in the old wild, wild west -- Dodge City, Kansas. I was born in New York and grew up between Maine and Pennsylvania,  with short stays in Florida and New Hampshire as well. I've been around but I'm an East Coast guy at heart. Growing up in Maine, I'm a Red Sox and Bruins fan (and somehow, Dolphins for football). No mater where I'm living,  I make it back to Fenway at least once a year and last fall I ponied up a large amount of cash to go to Game 6 of the World Series to see Boston clinch it at home for the first time in almost 100 years, and I would pay double to do it again.

Brentcnb.  Oklahoma City Prarie Dogs.  Brent. I was not born in Oklahoma but have lived in the land of hot and windy basically all of life. I enjoy sports, having played high school football.  I played baseball up until I was 15 but did not have the opportunity to play after that age. That may be just as well as I was a passable fielder, OK pitcher, but a pretty lousy hitter. I have 2 kids and work in the health profession.

Wylie715.  Rochester Retards.  My name is mark. I'll be 58 years old on 10/28. I have a 17 year old daughter and twin 13 year old sons. I am a customer service advisor for a company that makes automotive accessories.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My favorite sports teams are MLB: Yankees & Giants, NFL: 49ers, NBA: Warriors. I grew up in NY but have lived here for 26 years.

Blapo21.  Nashville Merchants.  Tyson, Chehalis WA, 34, Mariners, UW, Gonzaga, EWU

Arfy, Louisville ARF ARF ARF ARF's .  Lauren, age 41. I'm a Pastafarian, and love to talk about it.    I live in Walla Walla, WA, and am a Sales Rep for Frito Lay Inc.    I grew up in Montana, but also lived in Wisconsin for a number of years. I'm a Braves fan, Boise State, and also a diehard Denver Broncos fan!  I love watching movies, Facebooking( and  playing on the Xbox(Arfy3123).  Feel free to add to me on either!

Skuff730.  New York Damage Controllers.  Al-Amin, I currently live in Anchorage, AK. I am 30 yrs old.   I do IT up here. My favorite sports teams are, the NFL: Saints, NBA:knicks, baseball: Mets, college football: Bama. I like PC games, SWTOR, Diablo, etc. and I enjoy playing NCAA 14 on PS3. Also, if you have steam: swizzkillz is my name, hit me up.

dlmose.  Fresno Grizzlies.  My name is Dave. I'm about 8 years older than dirt. Most of the 4 years I spent in the military were overseas so when I got out I went to work for an Engineering & Construction company and spent 30 more years overseas. We built refineries, pipelines, off shore platforms and the like in places like Saudi Arabia,  Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Australia, Pakistan, and some others. Even built a gold mine on a place called Lahir Island, Papua New Guinea. I retired about 10 years ago and since I was single (as in divorced for the 4th,  or was it 5th) time, I plopped my old *** down in Bangkok determine to live out my days drinking fairly bad beer, eating spicy food, chasing some of the most beautiful girls on the planet and spending every penny in my bank account.  As fate would have it, before I ran out of money, I met a sweet young li’l brown girl whose family owned quite a bit of land and she made me an offer I couldn't refuse, "upgrade their rice farms." Oh, and for reasons unknown,  marry her. Now my rice framing abilities are bout equal to my success in marriage (I once was paying child support in 3 currencies). However comma, I have never been one to let ignorance get in the way of speculation so here I am,  all grown up, married, again, and farming rice in SE Asia. I still love baseball, primarily a Cards fan that grew up in Little Rock listening to Harry Carey call their games on the radio.  I got the first transistor radio in my neighborhood and there were 5-10 kids in my driveway every night (that the travelers weren't in town) hanging on his every word.  Stan Musial and Red Schoendienst were my heroes. Harvey Haddix came up when I was 8 or 9 and immediately became the hero of the neighborhood. Even adults joined us in the driveway on the nights he pitched.  The minor league baseball team in LR was the Travelers in the Southern association and sold out most games. Us kids would go out to the park during BP hoping to get a ball that you could turn in and get into the game free. The fences had "  knotholes" drilled into them, all between about 3and 5 feet high. My gang would climb the 2 big oak trees behind the LF wall and sit on the limbs. I still remember those limbs were worn as smooth as glass by generations of kid’s butts.  Both of my older brothers sit on them and they are 14 and 8 years older than me. It was such a pure and beautiful game then. It's grossly different now and not as rewarding in my opinion. Everything is about money.  George Brett would be laughed out of town today and I still don't know how they tell the difference between 49.5 and 57 million? Sorry, didn't mean for this to turn into a Russian Novelette but I couldn't find a spot to shut ‘er down.

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