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Last season Boston ran away with the American League.  And then got beat in the first round.   First off, I just have to say.  I know how it feels.   Brutal.  Moving on though, it was Boston's 4th straight playoff appearance, and have made the playoffs 6 of their last 7 seasons.  Durham just missed out on the playoffs, which is a tough pill to swallow for a team that won 87 games.    On another note, that was Durham's 10th straight winning season.  Indianapolis, although they only won 74 games seems to be heading in the right direction as they posted their best record in the franchise's last 7 seasons.  And Rochester rounded out the bottom losing 100 games.  Rochester appears to be having an identity crisis as that team won 98 games, just two seasons ago.

Boston Pilgrims
Owner: kjmulli(15th season)
Last season-104-58(1st Place)
Last 5 seasons-490-320(.605)
Draft Pick-33rd

Great defense.  Very strong speed and base running.  Offense appears about average, but really lack power.   Had the best OBP in AL last season.   There pitching is very strong however.  Last season  Boston posted the best WHIP in the AL.  I don't anticipate another 100 win season in Boston.

Durham Doormats
Owner-Alogman1(20th season)
Last Season-87-75(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-463-347(.572)
Draft Pick-18th

Above average defense.  Below average speed and baserunning.    Average hitters with above average power.  Durham had the highest AVG and SLG last season.    A strong pitching staff.  Should be right about on par for another 87 win season.

Indianapolis Valhalla Varauders
Owner-qtip32(5th season in Indy, and 17th season in Pinetar)
Last Season-74-88(3rd Place)
Last 5 seasons-293-517(.362)
Draft Pick-11th

Average defense.  Good speed and baserunning.  Offense might be the weakest in the American Leauge with no power.    Pitching is very weak.  It's going to be a long season in Indy.

Rochester Retards
Owner-wylie715(9th season)
Last season-62-100(4th Place)
Last 5 seasons-407-403(.502)
Draft Pick-5th

Defense is slightly below average.  Average speed and baserunning.  Offense is very weak, they might make up for some of it with average power.  Pitching is below average.    Not a good outlook for the Retards.


Rochester Press Release: there's very little I like about my team, and a lot I don't like. we suck!

Boston Press Release: Got the back to back AL Cy Young award winner in Moises Olmedo. Added a big bat in the offseason in Boone Brow to go with Vinny Hill and Matt Jaha in the middle of the order.  Honestly, if I don't score 1,000 runs with this lineup I will be disappointed. Still have arguably the best bullpen in the world. Ready to win 100+ games and lose in the ALDS again! Haha


I think it will be a close race between Durham and Boston this season.  Maybe within a game or two.   I believe the wildcard will come from this division as well.   Indianapolis and Rochester  are lacking too much to compete for the division.  I think it will be a good race between 3rd and 4th place though.

1. Durham
2. Boston
3. Rochester
4. Indianapolis

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