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Last season New Orleans won this division pretty easily, as he was the only team to even finish over .500.  They have won the division 2 of the last 3 seasons and have 6 winning seasons in a row now.  Florida, previously in San Juan finished 2nd place.  That marked the second straight losing season for the franchise.  Just a side note, this franchise has never won the division.  Nashville finished tied for 3rd last season.  It was actually the first time in 7 seasons that they didn't finish in dead last.  Tampa Bay finished tied for third last season.  It broke a streak of 9 straight winning seasons.

New Orleans Zephyrs
Owner: Fantasy Frea(8th season)
Last Season-88-74(1st Place)
Last 5 seasons- 439-371(.542)
Draft Pick-32nd

Defense is one of the strongest in the AL.  Good speed and baserunning.  Hitting is slightly below average, and their power is about average.  Probably one of the weakest pitching staffs in the league.  I don't see this team winning 88 games again this season.

Florida Retirees
Previously San Juan Pollos Hermanos
Owner: Soxfan_9(13th season)
Last Season-75-87(2nd Place)
Last 5 seasons-412-398(.509)
Draft Pick-14th

Defense is slightly above average.  Good speed and baserunning.  Offense is slightly above average.with average power.  Pitching is not too impressive,  below average.  I would expect to see them finish right around the record they did last season.

Nashville Merchants
Previously Nashville Nalas
Owner:Blapo21(3rd season)
Last Season-69-93(T-3rd)
Last 5 seasons-287-523(.354)
Draft Pick-6th

Defense is slightly above average.    Not very good speed and baserunning.  Their offense is probably one of the strongest in the AL.    Slightly above average power.  And their pitching is very strong.    It's about time this team finished tanking.  Should be a great season in Nashville.

Tampa Bay Thunder
Owner:rxw1(29th Season, A Pinetar original)
Last Season-69-93(T-3rd)
Last 5 seasons-434-376(.536)
Draft Pick-7th 

Defense is about average.  Above average speed and baserunning.  Offense is slightly above average but they have alot of power in the lineup.  This team should score alot of runs. Pitching is slightly above average.  I don't see this team having another losing season.


I asked Fantasy Frea, You don't look as strong as previous seasons. Are you taking a step back this season?  His response: I didn't mean to, but I ran out of funds. I meant to decline the options on Slotnick and Stratton, but I got busy and when I finally got on it was to late.

I also spoke to Soxfan_9.  You changed cities from San Juan to Florida. What was the reasoning behind your change? His response: My team was terrible in San Juan with a team that should have competed most seasons. Just wanted a new start and Retirees seemed fitting with Florida.

I also spoke to Blapo21 about moving.  You changed your team name from the Nala's to the Merchants. Does this team name change have any meaning behind it?  His response: My favorite downtown easygoing restaurant when I'm in Nashville

Tampa Bay Press Release: Season 29 looks to be a rebuilding year for the Thunder after only their 4th losing season in team history. I like to rebuild in flight, so we will added some youth on offense by adding a great young talent in Daniel Acosta and Ron Atkins then look pickup addition players in trades & International talent. With the #7 pick in the draft and some you pitchers making their way to the show, the Thunder should be ready to reload and contend quickly.


I believe we are about to see the changing of the guard here in the South.  With probably the best pitching staff and the best lineup, I don't see anyone beating out Nashville.   Nashville might even be good enough to compete for the AL pennant this season.   Tampa Bay has a good strong team, but not quite in the same category as Nashville.  I think the biggest question mark in this division will be who will finish in 3rd.  I go back and forth on this one, and it could go either way.  I expect these teams to finish somewhere in the 70-75 win mark.

1. Nashville
2. Tampa Bay
3.  New Orleans
4. Florida

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